Knee Pad Nymphos 7


Knee Pad Nymphos 7


88 Mins.

Dave Cummings Productions

DIRECTOR: Dave Cummings

THEMES: Oral Sex, Older Men With Young Girls, creampies

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Jenny Lynn, Vandalia, Tayla Rox, Drew Hurlie, Kimmy West, Aimee Tyler, Isis, Shakespeare, Summer Haze, Mimi DeVille, Dave Cummings.


Dave Cummings is back with his usual collection of women, young old and in between. He’s got a camera, a whole bunch of mirrors and a hard on waiting for these women. The style is interesting, the set ups are kind of fun and Dave thrives on the pro-am atmosphere. I’m not nearly as particular about women in porn as a lot of the people who read my reviews, but even with my rather broad view of beauty, some of the girls Dave shoots don’t quite measure up. If you like girls that you probably won’t see in a lot of other movies, then this one looks to have a few of those and there are a couple of cuties to enjoy.

Dave introduces us to Mimi Deville who is his current girlfriend. The first scene has Jenny Lynn playing a nurse though. They don’t do much with the nurse thing, but she does tell him she’s going to check his pulse as she wraps her mouth around his dick. She gives head like she’s checking the oil and doesn’t really add much energy as she gets on top of his dick. Jenny isn’t bad looking, but she isn’t so gorgeous that she can get away with a rather low energy fuck. Some of this scene is hot with Dave’s POV camera, including a little internal pop.

Vandalia is a young woman with a lot of curves and a whole lot of body ink. Dave met her in Vegas and had her watch while he fucked Felecia Fox. Now it’s Vandalia’s turn to suck cock. With her clothes off, there is even more ink to show. This girl is going to make it in porn only as a tattoo fetish girl because there is nothing else about her that is anything more than average. The POV shots are nice and she moans a lot as she sucks him off. This angle doesn’t give tat lovers a chance to enjoy her body art, but it offers us the best view as she strokes his cream all over her lips and chin.

Tayla Rox is the first really cute girl of the movie and Dave is careful to use the mirror to show us her superb young backside. She’s a pretty young thing who goes right after his meat with her hungry mouth and really makes me wish we could see more chicks like this in the flick. His dick is too thick for her to take it all the way down, but she makes up for that with a lot of attention to the head and of course every time Dave shoots her butt, the eye candy factor goes way up. Tayla mounts Dave and pushes her little pussy down over his rod. Her energy is better during the oral, but a girl with a body like this should have a nice career ahead of her. After a short ride, she gets back down on her knees and sucks Dave’s dong until he explodes in her mouth.

Drew Hurlie is another cute girl with way too much in her back, but a really sweet little body. It takes a while to get a good angle because the camera is actually too close to really enjoy her cute face. When Dave shoots his load in her mouth, it’s clear that Drew just doesn’t dig the taste of his load.

Kimmy West is a young girl with soft skin and a huge gap between her front teeth. She gets right down on her knees and takes Dave into her mouth. This young brunette looks like she might be a pretty successful amateur or even a web girl thanks to some cute boobs and what seems to a pretty nice body. (We never get a really good shot of the whole thing.) Dave bends her over and we get a pretty good look at her ass as he fucks her from behind. He shoots a POV internal that just doesn’t work that well.

Aimee Tyler is the fourth straight cute girl in the flick and is probably the biggest name in the flick. Dave pimps her web site wile the pretty brunette has her mouth full of his meat. Considering she is such a hot chick, it’s sad that we end up seeing a very short blowjob with a decent facial.

Dave and Isis discuss the virtues of older women in porn. She says she is in her mid-thirties and I don’t have any problem with the age thing. , but she just isn’t all that great looking. I’m sure that there are plenty of guys out there who do want to see older, more attainable women in porn. (I feel that way about some of the younger babes) The problem is that we go from four young cuties to an older woman who just isn’t all that impressive in looks or skills. Dave rises to the occasion and rewards her with a load of hot cream.

Shakespeare is a cute little black girl who gets down on her knees and sucks his dick. She showed some personality before the sex, but with her mouth on meat, the girl just seems to go blank. Dave talks to her a bit, getting some response from the thin little sister, but she just can’t quite get into things in that position. They move onto the bed where she seems a bit more comfortable and she even smiles as she pushes her pussy down over his dick. She could use a trim down there, but Shakespeare has a nice pussy that gets filled with a sticky creampie.

JD drops a plumbing estimate off while Dave is shooting. He wants to hang around and watch, so Dave hands him a camera so he can help watch Summer Haze work with Dave. She likes him so much that she agrees to do both guys. The blonde has pumped up tits and lips that she uses while giving both guys head. Once they are done with her mouth, the guys start working her pussy. JD takes her from behind, using her thick hips to get good leverage while Dave waits around. He puts the blonde nurse on top and lets her ride. They both shoot big loads all over her lips and face.

That leaves Dave’s girlfriend Mimi for the final scene. She also has an awful lot of tats on her body that can be scene even as she knees and sucks his dick. Dave uses the mirrors extensively during her blowjob and then again as she takes a short ride on his dick. Mimi sucks his load out of his prick after a very short scene. Perhaps we are going to see her in a longer scene later.

When Dave uses really cute girls his movies still work on most levels. There are a couple of cuties in this movie and they are kind of lumped together so it’s a good time to perk up when Tayla shows up. Some of the shorter scenes don’t work as well any more since Dave’s movies aren’t coming out as frequently. I think I liked them better when they were teases for girls we could see in full scenes a few weeks later. A lot of the women in this movie are strictly pro-am level so I would assume that Dave is shooting for that audience these days. If you like your women in a great variety of sizes, shapes and ages, then this is the line for you. Now if I can just get Dave to work on a line of all cuties, then I’d be really enthusiastic.

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