Shane’s World 33


Shane’s World 33


106 Mins.

New Sensations


THEMES: New Girls, Orgies

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Calli Cox, Boo, Ashley, Flick Shagwell, Annabelle, Natasha, Fiona, Tony, Kurt, Texxx, Clark


Shane’s World movies have always been a lot of fun to watch. Way back in the day, Shane led us on adventures with her hot friends and a new chapter in gonzo porn was written. For the past few years, SW has been trying out different women in the role of ring-leader for this sexual circus. When Calli Cox came on board, the fit was perfect and she’s been helping the movies get even hotter ever since. Calli is the perfect blend of fun, sex appeal and mischief. She is great to watch in her scenes, with outstanding energy and when she’s got her clothes on, Calli knows how to keep things moving. She heads up this latest party with some very hot young friends, a fair amount of alcohol and a whole lot of sex.

Calli is out with Alexis and Tony for a happening party. They don’t stay long and the young couple can’t wait to get into bed. Alexis is a very cute blonde with tiny tits and big, stiff nipples that stand up as Tony licks her inner lips. He just starts working on her ass when she turns around to give his cock some attention. She gives good looking head, working the tip of his dick with long tongue strokes. They pick up the pace a bit when he starts banging her tight little hole. Alexis becomes much more vocal and keeps playing with her nipples as he goes to town. Some of the best footage comes in cowgirl as she grinds her hips to show off her ass. Throughout the scene, Alexis is very vocal and I love the way she looks up at him waiting for his load. Tony shoots most of it down her chest, but Alexis manages to get some of it on her tongue.

Calli pays her pal Tex a visit, picking him up and taking him to see Natasha. This sexy little blonde has braces, but it doesn’t even slow her down when it’s time to suck cock. The camera moves in tight as she sucks and strokes that hard slab of beef. This girl has had a lot of practice working a dick with her metal encrusted mouth. Tex finds more metal down between her pussy lips, but is doesn’t stop his cock from hitting bottom after only a few short stokes. Natasha rides his dick, showing off her body and her unfortunate blobs of bright ink on her back. The view is much better when she’s on her back, taking every inch of meat Tex has and moaning loudly. He pulls out and shoots all over her tummy, leaving the cute blonde out of breath and well-fucked.

Since SW fans were so fond of Boo, they have dusted off her first time on camera and added it to this collection. She has her hair in pigtail braids and is wearing glasses. She strips down to her bra and panties while shyly talking about her sex life. Losing the glasses she starts stroking and eventually sucking his dick. After getting off to a slow start she gets into the action a bit and seems more intent on really giving him a good blowjob. He moves her onto her back where his cock slides easily inside of Boo’s tight twat. By the time she gets on top, the cute young thing seems almost totally oblivious to the camera and is just grinding away to get his dick in deeper. He pounds her in doggy for a while before shooting a big load all over her buns. Boo is cute here, but she got a lot better by the time she joined the gang for her first road trip.

Calli introduces a segment called “drunk sex.” She bartends for Clark and Fiona and even has an officer on hand to give out sobriety tests. After downing several shots, Clark lies back and lets the cute blonde lick her way down his belly to his waiting meat. They settle in for some good looking 69 as Fiona tries to take it all into her mouth. The doggy looks really good as she pushes back, fucking him as hard as she can in this position and arching her back invitingly. I like the reverse cowgirl footage, but it’s easier for him to pump her in mish. Fiona holds her mouth open and lets him shoot a load right into her mouth.

Now it’s time for the big Shane’s World party. The gang starts off with a game of spin-the-bottle with a twist. Kurt Lockwood is up first and has to try to shove both of Calli’s feet into his mouth at once. He fails miserably, but has a good time. Annabelle is the first girl to get naked and she has a perfect freaking body. She shoves fingers into her pussy and seems to be having a great time. Going down on Calli, she learns how to do another girl from the experienced Ms. Cox. Everyone gets into the act eventually and there is really no form to this orgy-style scene. Calli leads some hot cock sucking, sharing the dick with Flick Shagwell who is nearly as good. When he starts fucking Calli, the others sort of join in, sucking her tits and keeping her busy. Flick gets it next, fucking side by side as Ashley and Annabelle take turns. By now it’s a six-person free-for all with Calli stealing the show. She grinds on Kurt long enough to squirt all around his cock and then gets slammed hard from behind. It’s hard to follow any one girl when the action moves around this much, but Annabelle looks great whenever she’s on camera. She really gets off riding dick while Calli is still trying to suck everything in sight. I prefer sex that is a little less group oriented, but at least all four chicks in this scene are hot and fun to watch. Flick gets a big nut on her belly while Ashley shares a huge facial with Calli for the finale.

This movie has a little less structure than recent SW flick. It seems like a free-for-all with the big sex party at the end. As much as I don’t like group action, I can’t help but enjoy this one. Annabelle is a really cute girl who shines even when she is surrounded by the likes of Calli and Flick. Boo’s first scene is interesting to watch, though she has gotten much better since this one was shot. I really enjoyed Natasha’s scene as well. She is a babe I will be looking for in the future. If you like the fun, light-hearted SW style, then you’ll enjoy this collection of scenes. It earns some extra points for Calli’s squirting as well.

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