Ass Eaters Unanimous



Ass Eaters Unanimous


133 Mins.

Evolution Erotica


THEMES: Oral Sex, Ass Licking




STARS: Kinzie Kenner, Cherry Lane, Alaura Eden, Allura Bond, Felicia Fox, Shayna, Brijaye, Renee Pornero, Gen Padova, Melissa Arroyo, Sergio, Tony Sexton, Dez, J. Monty, Andrew River & Frank Towers.


This is the second movie I’ve seen from Tom Byron’s Evolution Erotica and the DVDs are really impressive. In addition to the main disc with the full movie, we get a second disc filled with extras. (More on that later) As for the movie itself, it looks great picture wise and seems to be the sort of all-sex adventure that Byron has perfected. The whole ass eating thing has really picked up momentum of late. I’m not really big on it personally because it tends to not make great porn. I’ve been over this recently, but just look at it this way. Some things feel great but don’t necessarily look good on camera. This one of those things. When you have a hot chick licking your ass, it’s great. When you have to watch it on screen you end up with a pretty girl and a whole lot of HMA (Hairy Man Ass) on screen. That doesn’t mean I’m totally against a movie that features a lot of rimming, I just watch it half-expecting to cringe at any moment because Joe Porn Stud hasn’t properly cleaned that area. It’s a real bone kill when poor Miss Porn Girl has to combat dingle berries along the way.

Renee Pornero is the kind of girl who can do just about anything. She’s nearly naked when she hooks up with Sergio. As the brunette is busy giving him head, she positions himself so that she can easily slide down and lick his asshole. It doesn’t really take away from the blowjob even though she spends a whole lot of time tossing salad. Still, after about ten minutes of this I’m really glad to see her ass take center stage. Having her ass licked makes Renee hot and she thanks Sergio by letting him stroke onto her happily waiting face.

Felecia Fox is best known for her great tits, but she’s about to lick Tony’s lucky asshole today. She starts sucking his dick first and that gives us time to check out her all-natural body. The messy blowjob is great because Felecia just seems to love what she does so freaking much. After a short ass-licking, she goes right back, keeping his dick in her mouth for most of the time. Most of the rimming comes when he bends over and she spreads his cheeks. That treatment earns her a bit load that Felecia takes with a big smile on her face.

Alaura Eden always looks good and I love her the tight shorts she wearing in this scene. What a great ass she’s got. I always love the way she uses her eyes and the energy with which Alaura attacks a hard prick. Dez enjoys her body for a while and puts that perfect behind of hers up in the air so he can lick it. She returns the favor during a great blowjob and they pull of some nice rim-job 69. In addition to the extensive rimming, we get another fine oral scene from the always shot Ms. Eden. She finally ends it by taking a great load on her face and tongue.

Gen Padova has been impressing the hell out of me lately and watching her start her scene by trying to deep throat a nice big, black cock is great. She does a little interview, but we can’t really understand what she’s saying because of the dick in her mouth. Gen literally goes nuts on his pole, drooling all over it and giving us great hand action. Showing the same enthusiasm for his asshole, she rubs and licks it until she just can’t stand to let his cock stay out any longer. This is almost all blowjob and it’s fucking hot. The guy shoots a big load right in her eyes and then spanks her with his prick.

Merissa Arroyo has been away fro a while I think. She’s got a hot body and a nice face. Sergio parts her cheeks and woks his tongue way up in there. After a lot of attention and some tight finger play, Merissa turns around to put her full lips to good use. She has a bit of a bitchy attitude (on purpose) and that only makes it hotter to watch as she slaps his dick against her face and totally worship his prick. When she licks his ass, she even uses her fingers to work him to a sticky climax on her face.

Brijaye is a girl I’ve never seen before with beautiful blue eyes and a thick accent. This outdoor scene features some deep strokes and a whole lot of tongue play. This pretty girl has tiny tits, pert nipples and is probably the type of girl who can fuck really hard. She only takes about half of his dick in her mouth, but makes up for it with great enthusiasm and a willingness to ram her tongue way up into his asshole before taking a load on her face.

Kinzie Kenner is a really cute young thing with slightly messed up teeth. She really looks co-ed fresh so it’s going to be fun to watch this girl get down and dirty. Just watching her give head is a nice treat. She has great eye contact and looks like such a pretty young thing that you just have to want to watch her swallow cream. It’s mostly Kinzie’s ass that gets licked through most of the scene, but she doesn’t seem shy about burying her face in his ass either. His cream shoots across one eye and leaves her half dripping with cum.

Cherry Lane, Allura Bond & Shayna round out the cast. They all do pretty much the same stuff. Lots of oral sex, lots of ass licking from both girls and boys and facials for everyone. The obvious appeal in this flick if the rim-action, but the oral sex is really well shot and this would make a great blowjob movie. There are plenty of good looking girls in the movie and they all know how to suck dick well on camera. With so much ass licking, this movie is going to be perfect for those people looking for some tongue-in the bum action.

The bonus disc has some interesting stuff on it. There is a behind the scenes reel and a cumshot recap. For rimjob lovers there is also a special real of ass licking pulled from the Tom Byron Class-X collection. (Evolution is going to remaster and re-release all of Byron’s Extreme titles.) There is also a nicely put together slide show from this movie with more ass licking fun.

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