Young Ripe Mellons 3


Young Ripe Mellons 3


140 Mins.

Red Light District

DIRECTOR: Vince Vouyer

THEMES: Big Tits, Natural Tits




STARS: Paullina, Avalone, Jennifer Luv, Mandy Taylor, Britney Speers, Neveah Ashton, Tony T, Randy Spears & Erik Everhard.


Few things in life are as pleasing to the eyes as a great set of tits, especially when they are real. Vince Vouyer has been bringing us natural racks for a long time. I think he keeps them hidden away in a special bunker somewhere. When new girls come to RDL, Vince passes the cute ones along, but holds the naturally endowed babes back so he can ration them out a few at a time. It can’t be easy to find so many naturally busty girls, but we can all hope that Vince is helping to start a trend. This cast has only one girl I’ve seen before, Neveah Ashton, and she is a real cutie. The rest of the girls are brand new, including a couple of young ladies with familiar names, Britney Speers and Jennifer Luv. (Don’t you know that the real Brit and Jenny Love would sell millions of copies?)

Vince and Tony T are so hot to shoot Britney that they drive all the way to Vegas. The 19 year old girl looks nothing like the pop singer she takes her name from, but she’s hot huge breasts and a cute giggle. In fact, she even had those 34d babies reduced down from triple-D’s. It’s her first scene and Vince is willing to share her with Tony. With two dicks already hard in her hands, she goes down on Vince. It’s a bit of a struggle for her to get much of his cock in her mouth and Tony only gets about half of his in there. The blowjob is short and not all that impressive, but we’re here to see tits anyway. When Brit mounts Vince, she is able to bounce her rack up and down while Tony tries a bit too hard to be an aggressive stud. They settle in to some good fucking as Vince takes her from behind and Britney manages to smile and talk a bit. They decide to try a little anal and the young blonde gets her pretty cheeks split. We get some good footage of the long strokes and of her face as she happily takes A2M. Since this position doesn’t show off her boobs, Brit gets into RCA and shakes those things. Now that she’s had all three of he cherries broken on camera, Brit takes some DP and tells us all that she’s a slut. They lay her out in piledriver and show off her legs for a while and finally dump a couple of loads in her eager mouth. This huge titted young girl really grew on me as the scene progressed and I’m ready for her to hit me one more time.

Jennifer Luv also looks very little like the celebrity we all want to see, but she’s very pretty with great skin, a hot face and a firm nineteen year old body. This leggy girl is Peruvian and has been sucking dick since she left private school at fifteen. During the interview, she shows off her stretchy pussy lips. She can twist them around each other three times and pull them way down. That might turn some people on, but I’m much more interested in the rest of her body and her lively dick-sucking lips. Vince may have been intrigued by her pussy, but he puts her mouth to the test first. Jennifer is a very good cock sucker and her pretty face only makes things hotter. If her lips are a bit stretchy, Jennifer’s pussy is still nice and tight. Vince works it slowly at first, but gets her spread wide in reverse cowgirl where get not only great looking shots of her body, but really hot fucking. I like the doggy shots, but for a good view of Jen’s ass, cowgirl stands out. She rides until he shoots deep into her pussy for a creampie finish.

Neveah is a bright eyed girl with honey-blonde hair, a super hot ass and a great smile. She shows off her buns while crawling around in super tight shorts. The tease footage leading up to her scene is really fantastic and she does a lot of tit shaking to really show off that fine set. The interview is pretty good as she talks about an unsatisfying initial sexual experience at age 13. As much fun as it is to watch her show off, it’s time for the fucking to begin. Tony is joined by Randy Spears to give her a mouth for each boob. She has a big smile on her face as Randy explores between her thighs. There isn’t much doubt that this girl has sucked her share of cocks in her young life. Watching her work two at once just proves that. Randy moves down and has a really good time with her hot little box while Tony keeps his thick rod buried between her lips. Spears fucks her really hard and encourages her to give even better head. For such a new girl, Neveah really has great energy and knows who to look good for the camera. Her body is nearly perfect, making every angle look fantastic. Her looks and energy area great and to make things even better, she talks dirty pretty damn well. Randy shoots a big load on her face and it stays there as Tony pounds away. His cum leaves her a total mess and Neveah wins high praise for an outstanding scene.

Avalone and Mandy Taylor do a lot of tit bouncing before they even sit down on the couch. Mandy is a twenty year old from Wisconsin and she teams with the French brunette. Their tits are definitely impressive and on display as Erik Everhard and Tony play with the girls. Mandy gives good looking head while Avalone’s primary skill seems to be tit fucking. Tony does his best to keep up, but Erik is in full power-fuck mode as he takes the blonde from behind. Even when the guys switch places and go for some side by side reverse cowgirl, Mandy manages to outshine her partner. (Though that thick accent Avalone has makes “fuck my ass” sound pretty damn hot.) The anal action is pretty intense and the French bitch even gets fucked in both holes at once. In this area, she’s better than her American counterpart, but that kind of figures doesn’t it? Mandy is willing to let them rub dicks inside of her pussy and then takes the fist shot of cum right into her mouth. Enjoying her protein, she swallows the second shot right out of Avalone’s ass.

Cover girl Paullina is the last girl of the movie and she may be the best looking overall. It’s her first time doing dick on camera so Vince is going to pop her on-screen cherry. He talks to her for bit before letting her show off those lovely boobs. Paullina seems pretty comfortable on camera and gives good eye contact as she strokes his shaft into her mouth. She doesn’t take it very deep, but uses her hands well and seems to have a good time. He bends her over and pulls her pants down just enough to slide into her tight pussy. They roll over and her tits bounce as he pounds her from below. The energy is very good and Paullina’s body looks great from every angle. Some of the best footage comes with the young babe in doggy. Vince bands her hard and she shows off that hot little hole. They finish off a great scene with a huge load shot all over her mouth and tits.

This is a really good collection of natural racks. Beyond the breast appeal, these are some very good looking young women. Paullina is a perfect closer for this movie. She is great looking with a fantastic body and great sexual energy. Britney probably has the best tits of the bunch and she has some good energy by the end of the scene. Jennifer is super cute and I really want to see her in other movies. Neveah has everything going for her, body, face energy and that little something that just makes you want to blow a load every time you see her. All of the sex is well shot with enough boob footage to fit the theme of the movie, but enough good old fashioned fucking to keep is all watching. It’s another really solid all-sex movie from Red Light and another great collection of naturally busty young beauties.

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