Black on Black Crime 3


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Black On Black Crime 3


110 Mins.

Devil’s Films


THEMES: All-Black, Big Dicks, Big Tits, Midgets

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Lola Lane, Jocelyn, Nautica Binx, Blackberry, Lovely Lexi, Kohl Myner, Mark Anthony, Lil’ Pimp Hand, Dominico, Wesley Pipes.


This latest effort from Devil’s Films highlights not only their latest black on black action, but also the next big thing in porn. Lil’ Pimp Hand may be only a few feet tall, but he’s packing a full sized slab of meat and is ready to use it. He joins some other well hung black studs in this movie as they lay the wood to some hot sisters. It’s really nice to see porn taking serious issues on from time to time. Dealing with Black on Black crime in such a straight-forward manner is bound to shed some light on things we often forget. I’m sure that we’re going to see a lot of very important, issue-oriented stuff in between the huge black hooters, ebony fuck sticks and that hot anal action.

Officer Lola Lane tracks down Lil’ Pimp Hand and gives chase. The busty cop catches him quickly and cuffs him. Lola notices the sizable bulge in his pants and checks it out. The angle is pretty bad and she doesn’t really give much of a reaction when she gets her hands on his rod. As she sucks, Lola gets into the action, dropping to her knees With the huge hootered cop on her knees, Lil’ Pimp trash talks her a little bit. This is an interesting angle, but it isn’t played out very well. He sits back and gives her something to ride. Lola is down to her stockings and bra, with her huge tits spilling over as she bounces. When she turns around, that huge ass is right in the center of the shot as she wiggles on that stiff pole. Lil’ Pimp puts her on her hands and knees and takes her ass. She’s clawing at her cheeks, taking every inch as he drops a few pig’s her way. Lola turns around and lets him shoot all over her tits. Pimp shoots all over the place, including a shot right on the lens. This is a pretty hot scene, but the cop thing really doesn’t materialize the way it could have.

Jocelyn is a thin little thing who is hired by Wesley Pipes to clean house in a bikini top. Apparently she decides to steal everything from the home while he’s gone. He and his friend come home and she has to come up with some way to keep them from calling the cops. The skinny girl looks dwarfed by the cock in her hand as Wes waits his turn. She sits on a pole so big that it looks like it might split her in two. After having not enough dialog in the first scene, this one suffers a bit from too much verbal diarrhea from Pipes. Jocelyn seems to have a really good time with Kohl’s monster pole even if it stretches the shit out of her slit. They turn her over and we get some really good shots of her body as they keep fucking her. Wes pulls out and shoots his load on her face, with Kohl not far behind. Pretty Jocelyn is a rather low-energy fuck, but she’s cute and gets her face messy.

Nautica Binx is giving Mark Anthony a massage. Not very subtle, she just flat out offers him something more. He rolls over and lets the pretty young girl slip her mouth over his thick head. Devouring his dick, Nautica slides into a 69 and gives a super looking blowjob. They both seem quite hot for each other and by the time they start fucking and really ready to go. After spooning for a bit, she gets on top and does some great hip work as she pumps his long pole. From this angle, Nautica looks fantastic and provides some of the most enthusiastic fucking that we’ve seen all movie. She keeps it up in reverse cowgirl, bouncing her perky titties for the camera as she impales her ass on Mark’s prick. Of the three scenes so far, this one is best thanks to a cute girl and a good performance by Anthony. The anal sex is really good an the facial is taken with a smile. Nautica is a keeper folks.

Blackberry is a fine looking girl who is strolling the streets in tight shorts and a bikini top. She gets picked up, ripped off and on a couch for the sex. For whatever reason, Blackberry is more than willing to give a really hot blowjob to the guy who just tried to rip her off. This girl knows how to fuck and she really works her hips hard to try and take all of his dick. The eye candy is good in this scene, but in reverse cowgirl, she goes fucking nuts, totally shaking her entire body as she fucks him. If you like high-impact fucking, then this girl is the ticket to a very strokeable scene. They even do a little bit of choking for those of you who enjoy that sort of thing. The facial is as good as the rest and we have a really great scene from start to finish.

Lexi and Wes are a couple who are totally broke. He robs a store and she nearly leaves him behind. When they get home, Lexi decides to make it up to her man by offering her body. The light-skinned honey goes to work on his cock, taking a surprising number of inches into her mouth. During the blowjob, we also get some good shots from behind, highlighting her sexy ass. He puts a big smile on her face by tonguing her pussy and teasing her ass a bit. Her legs are already spread wide so he is able to slip easily into her shaved slot. After a few strokes, he is able to pound away and fill her to the brim with meat. Most of the action takes place with Lexi on top and she really has a good time. Her ass is right there for us to enjoy, but the best part of this scene is the way she takes every inch during the long strokes. She gets down on her knees to let him take target practice on her chin. I’d say that Lexi more than made up for her lack of ability as a get-away driver.

There are a lot of all-black lines on the market these days, but few are this good. The picture quality is good, the sex is well shot and the women are all pretty damn hot. Even though the curiosity factor with Lil’ Pimp is what will get a lot of people in the door, the later scenes with really hot girls will make them stay. Lola’s scene is highlighted by a lot of big tit action and her monstrous ass. The cop angle could have been a really good one, but it gets wasted. Jocelyn is really pretty and she takes an awful lot of meat into her young body. Nautica and Blackberry are also very fine and they bring some genuine heat to their scenes. I’m going to have to check out some other movies in this series because this is one of the better all-black DVDs I’ve seen in a long time.

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