Private Reality: Summer Love


Private Reality: Summer Love


80 Mins.



THEMES: Outdoor Sex, Euro-Babes

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Michelle Wild, Patricia Diamond, Simona Sun, Danielle Schiffer, Tina, Alissa, Maria Bellucci, Mandy Bright,


Ahhh Private. Great looking Euro-chicks having hot sex in beautiful locations. They may not be as dominant as they were in the early 90’s, but Private is still one of the power players in porn, giving us quality smut. This movie has some lovely beach shots on the back of the box, the usual hot girls and some interracial action for those looking to mix it up a bit. It also has some names I recognize and that’s always a good thing when it comes to Euro-babes. For those of you expecting a feature, the Reality line is the wrong place to look. This one is laid out pretty much like the old Private Video Magazine flicks, with behind the scenes reports on other Private features thrown in between the vignette scenes.

Daniella Schiffer and Simona Sun start out the movie by making their man wait while they get ready. He gets impatient and calls. They arrive looking fantastic and slip out of their clothes so quickly that we have to wonder why they bothered at all. Wasting no time, he uses a hand on each girl, juicing them up and getting them ready to ride his rod. Daniella gets the first ride and she looks pretty good. Personally I’ll take Simona though thanks to an even better body and prettier face. He moves from one girl to the other, making sure that both pussies get equal treatment. When he enters Daniella through her back door, Simona can’t keep her fingers out of her own slit, working it to a froth while waiting her turn. Sadly it never enters her ass. Daniella is a even a cum hog, taking most of his load and leaving the prettier girl to clean up after her.

There first behind the scenes report is for “Sex Survivors” and it makes me really want to see the movie. (That is the point of course, but no one does this better than Private.) There isn’t a lot of sex in this preview, but the concept for SS looks great and so does the cast. There is a nice interview with Jodie Moore and the sex does kick in about halfway through. (This is longer than the first sex scene by the way.)

The next scene is the interracial beach scene that is featured on the front of the box. It stars the lovely blonde Alissa and her ebony stud Franco. He slides up next to her on the sand and teases her protruding pussy lips with his finger. She plays with his prick through his swimsuit at first, but once she sees that thing Alissa can’t help but suck it. The blowjob is way too short for something this hot but at least we get some good angles as she pounds her hips down to take every inch of meat he’s got. They move into doggy which gives us the very best look at her perfect body and allows Franco to fuck her so hard that she eventually just goes flat on the sand. He lifts one leg up and keeps pumping. This is a great looking scene that includes some very hot RCA footage. Alissa is very thin, very tight and wears a big load of his jizz on her pretty face perfectly.

The next preview is for a Kovi movie called D.N.A. Like the other sneak peek, this one gives away a lot about the movie but is bound to make you want to see it as soon as you can. It’s on my list of DVDs to pick up the next time I go smut shopping.

Mandy Bright and Maria Bellucci get together for a lesbian scene on the deck of a ship. I love the location and I’d dive into shark invested water to fuck either of these two women. The tease footage is very pretty and we get great solo action, but the disappointment of seeing Mandy only with another woman in this movie is almost too much for me to take. Let’s give them some credit though because these girls do a great job on each other. No toys here, just fingers, tongues and a bit of pussy grinding at the end.

Tina stars in the next scene and she’s another babe with a killer body. The soft piano music as she kisses Alberto Rey. It’s a very romantic scene with a twist. You see, there is another guy eating her pussy, making this a three-some. Tina strokes Al’s prick while waiting for the other guy to finish licking and start sticking. As soon as he fills her pussy, the strokes are hard, showing that Tina is going to have to earn her keep today. The guys give her a very solid fuck and she looks really good in reverse cowgirl. At times, Tina seems to be mailing it in a bit, but she takes the anal really well. There is also a lot of after-pop clean up footage by the pretty young thing.

Patricia and Michelle Wild join Leslie and Claudio for some mini-golf. The foursome follows a stray ball into someone’s backyard and they decide that it’s a perfect time to fuck. Michelle is nearly bursting out of her little top and her friend is nicely endowed as well. The girls get down for some side by side oral sex that is very pretty. I love Patricia’s eye contact and Michelle is just as cock starved as ever. Once they start fucking, Michelle’s perfect rack pushes her above her cute friend slightly, though neither of these women would be a bad choice for a few hours of fun. Perhaps it is the way she looks in reverse cowgirl that allows Michelle to steal both guys for a bit of DP. Patricia gives us some really sexy solo, but the main focus is on the way Michelle handles two dicks in her at once. I’d have to score the facials as a draw and both women earn bonus points for a very hot cum-swapping kiss as the movie fades to black.

There are some really good scenes in this movie and a whole lot of great looking women to enjoy. The two sneak peeks are worth watching, though some people might miss the straight-forward action. A couple of the scenes are a little short, but sex is fast-paced and there isn’t a lot of filler. (Other than the two long segments promoting other flicks.) Alissa on the beach with Franco is the best scene, but you don’t have to look very far in any direction to a hot looking babe.

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