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Good Monday everyone. I trust you all had a productive and enjoyable weekend. As has become habit around the Pipe house, we spent another weekend in so I could catch up on some work and watch a small pile of rented DVDs.


When I wasn’t hard at work on the site, Mrs. Rog and I were watching some movies from the local video rental shop. We saw a couple of decent flicks, “50 First Dates”, “Cold Mountain” and “Perfect Score” but were lucky enough to pick up a couple of real winners.

“Butterfly Effect” was a shockingly good flick. Now we watched the director’s cut on DVD so perhaps it was much different from what people saw in theaters, but I really dug it. It was probably not very well cast with Aston Kutcher in the lead. He did a fine job, but I don’t think that his core audience were really ready for such a total mind-fuck. There are problems of course as with any movie that involves altering a time-line, but for the most part it was fantastic. I definitely recommend it.

The best movie of the weekend was “City of God” a Brazilian movie that (I believe) was nominated for and may have even won the Oscar for best Foreign Film. It’s a sub-titled flick so don’t watch it if you’re tired, but do watch it. It may be one of the ten best movies I’ve seen in the last year. I don’t think anyone will be disappointed with a couple of bucks for the rental of this brilliant film.

Oh yeah, we also watched a little TV this weekend. That Yankee/Red Sox series was a great one. What games, what drama, what an ass-whopping Veritek gave A-Rod. (Dude, don’t pick a fight with a guy who was a wrestler in college.) The Yanks are going to run away with the division, but I still think that the Sox are going to give them a run for their money in a short series during the post-season.

Is anyone else watching “Big Brother” this season and wondering why no one has killed the two testoster-morons in their sleep? The way they keep winning challenges and fooling a couple of weak-ass hangers-on, they are going to be in charge until the house shrinks down some and they have to cannibalize each other. I honestly don’t remember a season where I hated so many of the players and liked so few of them. It may get better though.

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