Perverted Stories: The Movie


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Perverted Stories: The Movie


108 Mins.

JM Productions

DIRECTOR: Jim Powers

THEMES: Gore, Creature Sex, Dead Chicks, Drugs




STARS: Gen Padova, Jessica Darlin, Maggie Star, Julie Night, Scott Lyons, Dirty Harry, Mr. Pete, Anthony Hardwood, Don Fernando & Damien Michaels.


JM Productions is known for making edgy gutter-smut. They have created some of the most original and lines in all of porn. Many of their series have short little set ups and what can almost be called a hint of story, but they are not known for features. The “Perverted Stories” movies have brought us some of the strangest, sickest and slimiest porn scenes we’ve ever seen. They aren’t always great, but they are never boring. For this one, they are going to put all of the freaky stuff together into a feature. Like so many horror movies, this one involves a small group of friends out for a weekend in the sticks. Maggie, Julie and Jessica are looking for a big rave in the desert. They stop pick up a lone hitchhiker and the horrors are about to begin.

With the promise of some good drugs, the guy convinces the girls to drive him up to a house in the middle of nowhere. Julie has to go in to get the drugs and has a run in with a couple of geezers. In order to do business, she has to give one of the a blowjob. Once the first old coot is hard, Julie has to suck off the other. (Scott Lyons in make up) Now they have the little blonde on her knees working their big cocks like a true pro. Julie isn’t my favorite performer, but she looks pretty damn good in this scene as she drops her ass all the way down on a hard dick. The old guys take full advantage of the young party girl, DP’ing her like a rag doll. Julie takes two in the ass at once and holds her mouth wide open as they dump their cum onto her tongue.

The girls take the drugs the Julie earned and learn quickly that they got more than just a little X. Julie ends up running from a freaky dildo monster and coming face to face with a giant penis plant. The horror just won’t end as she is chased by two monsters with huge mosquito noses. Gen Padova appears to service the two creatures, starting with their monstrous facial appendages. Their actual cocks get even more attention as she blows them both. We get some interesting footage of Gen on her hands and knees with a real cock in her mouth and the fake on fucking her pussy. While they DP her, she keeps her mouth full of fake dick, making sure that every orifice is stuffed. Gen takes them perfectly and the action is shot with the usual in your face style that we expect from JM. The guys shoot their wads on her face, giving the well-fucked babe some protein in her diet.

Julie goes through some really weird shit with some funny low-budget special effects. She finds her friends dead, but that just the beginning. The guy takes Maggie up to the house and she is sort of re-incarnated. Kneeling in the middle of a meat locker, Maggie is showered with blood and face fucked by Mr. Pete. Julie gets dragged into the action and we get a hard-core scene with hanging meat and fake blood everywhere. If this kind of thing gets you going, then you’re going to have quite a good time as the girls roll around, get messy and manage to also get slammed with dick. The gross-out factor is really high, but at the same time Pete delivers some serious back door action to the horny little sluts. Maggie rolls into piledriver and really gets drilled deeply, but she can’t quite match Julie’s energy. This one is just a little too bloody for my taste.

If that wasn’t creepy enough, we get Jessica dunked in a bathtub full of bleach. She is carried into the bedroom so her lifeless corpse can be used as a sex doll. He licks her pussy and when she is positioned on her knees with her ass in the air, Julie happens by the window. Watching her dead friend get sodomized makes Julie puke, but a lack of heartbeat doesn’t slow the guy down at all. It is very strange to watch Jessica, one of the best high-energy fucks in the business just lying there like a Vivid Girl. It’s interesting, but not exactly erotic to watch him violate her ass and shoot on her pale face.

Oh man this is a freaky fucking movie. What else can you say about a flick that has dead chicks, creature sex and a blood shower? It’s not your usual smut that’s for sure. The actual sex is exactly the kind of stuff we have come to expect from JM Productions with lots of anal, DP, A2M and all of the things that will make mom and dad so very proud of their little princesses. The girl I like the most, Jessica Darlin, ends up wasted unless your looking for necrophilia. I like the B-movie costumes and the gentle nod towards cheesy horror flicks. There is a bit too much of the freak-show element during the sex for me to be totally crazy about the movie as a whole. On the other hand, if you’ve made it a habit to always go for the sickest, most twisted scenes in the Perverted Stories, then you’ve got a whole movie full of them right here.

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