137 Mins.

Elegant Angel


DIRECTOR: Thomas Zupko


THEMES: Anal Sex, A2M, Art-Porn



STARS: Papillion, Avy Scott, Satine Diamond, Katja, Ashley Blue, Vivica Vengeance, Allura Bond, Valentino, Dennis Marti, Trent Tosoro, Mickey G, Brian Surewood, Tony Tedeschi, Pistol Pete, Norman Beers, Axel Braun and Allen Rene.


Thomas Zupko movies can never be considered anything close to normal. They all tend to fall into the “event” category. Not all of them are great and in the past, some have been pretty horrible, but they are never run of the mill. At his best, Zupko’s movies are unique, hot porn and at his worst, they are train wrecks that you can’t help but watch. His approach to porn has always been a little different from the mainstream. While other award-winning feature directors find their inspiration in reality-TV, Zupko unashamedly combines smut with Dostoyevsky. “Opera” is Zupko’s latest project and it’s another example of his willingness to try new things. It’s a tough one to capture in just a few lines, but I’ll try and put it on the table. Real-life opera singer Allen Rene stars as Puccini, a young prodigy who has fallen and hard times. The story is told via Italian dialog (with English subtitles) and Rene’s singing.

Puccini’s troubles haunt him, but they manifest themselves in the form of sex scenes for us to enjoy. The first stars Katja Kassen and Tony Tedeschi’s as Puccini’s parents. (How could any kid concentrate on singing with a babe like this as his mother?) Once the sex begins, we can kind of leave the plot behind and just enjoy. Katja looks really good and dives almost immediately into anal, bouncing up and down on Tony’s cock as hard as she can. She repeatedly dismounts to do A2M and even gives his balls a good sucking. This scene is not shot like most feature sex which is a good thing for anyone who actually enjoys jerking off to porn. I’m partial to reverse cowgirl for anal, but when she turns around and gives us a shot of her butt in cowgirl, it’s hard to imagine a more perfect angle. Tony stands her up for some doggy, but finishes her off with a modified piledriver. After a long anal pounding, Tony pulls out and sprays all over her stomach, tits and face. If other feature directors (Raven, Andrews etc.)

Puccini’s downfall comes not just from his parents. His jealous brother also played a part. He introduces love into Puccini’s life, but it comes with an ugly side effect. Though she will be his downfall, we get to enjoy a sex scene with the incredible Avy Scott. She gives Dennis Marti an amazing blowjob. He shoves his cock down her throat a bit, but when he just lets her go, the busty bundle of perfection goes all out. Some of the editing in this scene is a tad too quick-cut for my taste, but it’s hard to watch Avy get tit fucked and not wonder just what it would take to get in there with her. Things take a very Zupko turn when Dennis oils Avy’s body and uses a banana to stuff her ass. It’s rare for us to see Avy’s ass get used at all, so the toy play that follows is really hot. She bends over for some great standing doggy and shows off her body. As in the opener, Zupko keeps the sex fairly simple, well shot and thanks to Avy, every angle looks good. Her pussy gets pounded hard from below and he makes her tits bounce hypnotically as his cock rams her. Dennis finally pulls out and shoots all over her pretty face. Avy take full advantage of the long post-pop footage, playing with his load and cementing her place as one of porn’s best fucks.

The downward spiral continues as Puccini’s new love turns out to be a slut. While his heart is breaking, she is out fucking the men his brother set her up with. Satine Diamond plays Isabella at this stage, working with Valentino. I don’t’ know if I’ve seen this woman before, but damn does she have a great rack. Val enjoys her mouth on his cock, but also turns around to make sure she licks his ass. There is something very odd about watching a girl toss a guy’s salad with classical music playing. There is something even more odd about this kind of sex going on in a movie that looks this good feature-wise. He rolls her over and starts pumping hard into her pussy and then her ass. As we have come to expect, the anal action is very hot with several A2M dismounts from the hungry brunette. There is a bit more slapping than I like to see in this scene, but the energy is good and Satine takes a big load on her face before cleaning him off.

When Isabella’s betrayal finally hits Puccini, he drops out of school and with the help of his brother, turns to drugs to kill the pain. He also turns to a mistress, played by Ashley Blue in this scene. Now full of rage, Puccini takes out his aggression on his little mistress by power fucking her face until the drool runs out of her mouth like water from a hose. Once again the contrast is stunning, almost disturbing. Ashley is face fucked and gags as she so often does, but she looks beautiful, the scene is exquisite and the haunting piano music is not so loud that it drowns out her cries of perverse joy. Ashley is one of those porn girls who just gets used and abused in every scene and she seems to thrive on it. She bends over and takes it hard in the ass, turning around to taste her own colon like it’s something she’s been doing since her sticky days of blowjobs in the boys’ room. (From when, three years ago?) Ashley gives us a very good anal scene, grinding down on his dick while rubbing her clit hard enough to start a fire. Ashley takes a big load on her face and smiles up at him while she lovingly spits his jizz back onto his rod only to lick it off yet again.

With Puccini now half dead in an alley, his life seems to have hit an all-time low. While he is passed out, Vivica Vengeance and Pistol Pete stand over his prone body for a blowjob scene. He slaps her around and chokes her with his dick. For the first time in the movie, the action has become un-erotic and even a good facial can’t save this small portion of the movie.

The grand finale stars Papillion as Isabella with Mickey G and Brian Surewood as the men who make sure that everything evens out on a cosmic level. There is a really nice transition from the opera to the sex as Mickey and Papillion engage in a pseudo bondage dance that is cut together beautifully. She settles in on her knees and takes a rather severe face-fucking from Mickey. He licks her ass to get it nice and wet and then nails her from behind. We get some really great footage of her butt and she takes a very hard anal from behind. The pint sized performer has chosen one hell of a time to make her comeback and shows that she hasn’t lost any of her lust for cock. This scene, like most of the others in the movie, proves that hard sex can be well shot and even beautiful on many levels. As soon as Mickey shoots his load, Brian makes his entrance and we start all over again. Brain uses her mouth rather harshly, but Papillion shows that she can take it like a champ. They move directly to anal with her poor little colon getting pounded as hard as ever. She opens up for one final shot in the mouth and completes the sexual marathon with grace and heat.

I’m still not quite sure where to begin with this movie. Let’s start with the basics. The picture quality on this tape is exquisite. The entire movie is brilliantly lit, crisp, well shot and as technically solid as anything I’ve seen all year. I would match “Opera” up against any feature I’ve seen in all of these areas. As a feature, this one is very different. Obviously, the opera aspect makes this movie stand out as one of the most unique adult movies ever shot. The dialog is actually pretty profound stuff, so I would advice viewers to take the time to read the sub-titles. Even the use of sub-titles and genuine Italian dialog seems to be a stroke of slightly demented genius. Zupko knows that porn performers are somewhat limited, so he gives us his powerful dialog in written form. Between the sub-titles and singing, the non-sex roles are kept totally separate from the fucking that happens in between. That leaves us with the sex. Each scene could easily be pulled out of the movie and viewed separately. All of the sex scenes are shot with the same care that makes this movie stand out. For obvious reasons, I loved the Avy Scott more than the others, but four of the five are really good. (I just couldn’t get into the blowjob scene because of the slapping and because I just wasn’t attracted to the woman.) I found the energy in every scene to be good and they are head and shoulders above the usual couples crap. It’s hard-core, rough at times, but I didn’t get the feeling that we were watching something shot just for shock value. OK the Avy anal fruit salad things brought back horrible Anal Ball flashbacks (I hear they never go away and can pop up at any time.), but for the most part it’s just great sex. So what have we got? Some really hot sex, impeccably shot scenes, brilliant picture quality and a rather deep story. We’ve also got opera, Italian dialog, both genuine and I don’t think we’ve seen either of those things in porn before. I think we have to add a few bonus points for the fact that this is such a unique adventure. Zupko has done something nearly impossible; he’s given us something truly original.


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