Intensities in Ten Cities


Intensities In 10 Cities


153 Mins.

Platinum X Pictures

DIRECTOR: Brandon Iron


THEMES: Euro-babes, Anal Sex



STARS: Kinzie Kenner, Kat, Wendy James, Julie Silver, Nikki Blond, Annette, Victoria, Bev Cocks, Missy Julia, Manuel Ferrara, Brandon Iron, Michael Stefano, Steve Holmes, Claudio Meloni, Steve Hooper, Frank, Johnny Deep, Jake


Brandon Iron has spanned the globe (Literally) to find eleven of the hottest girls for his new movie. In addition to being a very clever title, the ten city tour is a great way to bring a variety of women to the table. I suppose it’s been done before, but it hasn’t been done by P-X-P and that makes it new, right? With cover girl Kinzie Kenner in the mix, the Americans are well represented, but we all know how the Euro-girls can fuck. There are plenty of them in this movie as it seems Brandon spent a whole lot of time in the places like Germany, the Czech Republic and England. Wherever he went, we know that Brandon is going to make sure that the girls deliver top-notch sex scenes and leave the set walking bow-legged.

Kinzie is enjoying some time in Hollywood with Manuel before heading home. She is out to prove that American girls, and specifically Italian-American girls, fuck the best. He helps her out of her red, white and blue bikini and Pretty Kinzie strokes his big cock with her hand and then kisses the head. She delivers a very good looking blowjob outside before moving indoors where we can really get a good look at her body and face. Kinzie is a good little cock sucker, but really opens up sexually when she feels that big prick slide inside of her tight walls. We get some great footage of RC and I love Kinzie’s enthusiastic fucking. She takes a big load on her chin and before she can lick it off, Flick Shagwell beats her to it. (Don’t you hate it when you’re shooting on a girl’s face and some other girl just swoops in like that.)

In Prague Brandon comes upon two blondes, Victoria and Julie Silver. They head off together, but Claudio Meloni gets to sit in between these two young women. Both of them are pretty, though not stunning form the neck up. They are happy to have his prick in their mouths and help each other out when it’s time to start fucking. The action moves very quickly to anal with both girls riding hard in RCA. Victoria is more attractive to me, but both women have nice bodies and tight little assholes. There is a lot of A2M en route to a big cum-swapping facial with Julie licking jizz from Victoria’s chin and cheeks.

Budapest brings us another blonde, Nikki Blond to be exact. Frank is the lucky guy who gets to take this got bundle of lust home. He gets right down between her legs and starts licking at her bald slit. Nikki takes a long time licking from his balls to the tip of his cock, teasing us in a way that is very hot. His dick is a little big for her apparently since he doesn’t put it all the way in during doggy. Her moans are a bit stiff and the accent makes me laugh a bit, but Nikki looks good when she’s riding and sticking her ass towards the camera. That ass gets filled when they move into spoon, letting us see the action close up. Butt lovers may want to hold off until the bends over to really get best footage of her backside as it is split in two. After several A2M shots, she takes a big load and then sucks him totally clean.

Michael Stefano joins Brandon for a trip to England. Steve Hooper and Kat join them on the street and everyone is introduced. This girl wants two dicks and has a body that looks ready for anything. She looks much prettier in the room than on the street and has big, powerful legs that spread easily. Kat keeps her mouth full, sucking first one dick and then the other with equal joy. They move into position to stuff her at both ends. Kat just keeps gulping on dick and loving it as the guys take turns in her gash. She really has a great set of tits and a pretty nice ass as well. When she takes it up the bum, Kat turns around and talks dirty about how deep she likes it. Since one cock was not enough for her at the start, it’s no surprise to see the guys double up and give her a rip-roaring DP. After both men fire sticky loads onto Kat’s face she sucks the last few drops out of their rods.

Steve Holmes introduces us to Jennifer Dark and Claudio on the streets of Brussels. She shows a little bit of tit out on the street before taking the two guys home for a three-way romp. There is a strange cut as the action moves at lighting speed to some reverse cowgirl. Jennifer is riding Claudio’s dick and moaning around Holmes’ rod. She is a pretty girl to be sure and has a great looking body. The guys take turns on her two holes, even letting the naughty brunette do some ass licking along the way. They prep her ass with a bit of finger action, but the fun really starts when her cheeks spread and gets stuffed in RCA. The single-position anal ends with a great facial. On her knees, Jennifer sucks balls and lets them cream her smiling mug.

It’s off to Germany, where Claudio and Brandon look for girls in Hamburg. They get separated and when Brandon finally tracks him down, he’s got a sexy blonde named Annette. She’s a dancer, but they get her to agree to a lot more than that. Claudio takes advantage of some stairs, bending the big-butted blonde over and entering her from behind. They get a little more comfortable in the bedroom where he can really drop the hammer on her tight little twat. Both of them are quite loud and get into some high-impact fucking. By the time she spreads her legs and lets him push up into her ass, Annette looks ready to take on a whole army. Claudio rocks her legs back even further to give us a nasty spread shot. He gives her a quick doggy, making her ass gape and then jerks his load onto her face as she licks his balls. The post pop footage in this scene is great as she sucks and plays with his jizz.

Missy is an eighteen year old cutie in Brandon’s hotel in Las Vegas. She reminds me a lot of Anastasia Blue but with a fuller body. Her fucking tits are spectacular and a jumbo-sized clit. She gets down on her knees for a POV blowjob that shows good eye contact and a whole lot of promise. He talks to her as she sucks and I think I’m rapidly falling in lust with this chick. (Yo Brandon, hook a fella up will ya?) He moves her onto the bed and licks her exposed asshole for a bit. It’s back to her knees so that Missy can get a big load on her tongue. She plays with the cum and eventually swallows. Damn this chick is hot.

London brings us Bev Cock who looks like she could be Belladonna’s sister minus the ink. Claudio is the stud again and he gets the busty blonde out of her panties quickly. Bev has huge knockers and dangles him over his lap while she sucks dick. They end up in Claudio’s face when the nasty Brit starts riding his lap. For the best footage of the scene, they move into spoon and he holds her open as her pussy gets pounded. Her ass is exposed and he drops a load of spit right in there to loosen her up. Claudio moves in next, pounding on her ass like she owes him rent money. Bev is a pretty nasty slut who ends up taking a good facial. Hard for her to follow a cutie like Missy, but her is a solid fuck.

Next we get to San Francisco where Julia shows us Alcatraz and the lovely Bay. Not that we care much about that, but Brandon asks her a bit about the city. Johnny joins her back at home for a little grope session. These two look like they could be a new couple on the scene and she’s not the prettiest girl in the bunch. Nonetheless, she has a nice body, really good tits and an ass that looks ready to be fucked. He sticks his finger into her first, testing the waters a bit. After a short blowjob, he fucks her from behind. This is a pretty good scene and he pumps pretty hard, but usually the others are a little stronger than this one. The anal penetration shot is very long and slow as she gets used to his prick up her butt. By the time she rolls over, the strokes come more easily and we get a really nice look at her body as he pulls out and shoots onto her face.

We finish in Maui where Wendy James is enjoying some parasailing. This is cool footage, but the action comes when Wendy hits the ground. I love her bikini and her cute face has me already wanting to pump a load right between her eyes. She is a petite little thing, but is happy to suck on Brandon’s big cock. The outdoor POV thing is really hot. Brandon fires a load right into her mouth and the sexy little girl swallows like a champ. There is some bonus footage of her blowing Brandon in a national park. They get caught and end up taking this new guy somewhere so she can blow him. (Real or not? You decide.) At any rate it gives us another chance to watch this totally cute little vixen give head. The guy pumps her face and blows a load all over her. Brandon sticks his dick in her one more time for a quickie fuck and a final facial.

Kinzie is back for another quickie as Brandon fucks her from behind and plasters her face with his load. I would imagine that this is part of the bonus material on the DVD version of this movie. The final scene really stands out because it’s so very gonzo-oriented. I really like it, but the rest of the movie is a little more straight-forward. The action is good from start to finish, but there is something special about little Wendy sucking her way across the countryside. Brandon’s worldwide tour takes him to a number of very cool places where he runs into some very hot babes. Kinzie is a great girl to lead things off, but there are even hotter chicks later in the flick. I like the Euro-babes, but I’m saving my final praise for Missy and Wendy. These two girls are the cutest and sexiest pair of newbies to come, perhaps since Aurora Snow and Gauge hit the scene. (Yeah, why not set the bar high for these girls.)

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