Just Over Eighteen 6


Just Over Eighteen 6



140 Mins.

Red Light District


DIRECTOR: Robbie Fischer


THEMES: New Girls, Natural Breasts



STARS: Brianna Blaze, Katrina, Demi Marx, Wendy James, Katie Morgan, Fallon Sommers, Scott Lyons, Erik Everhard, Joel Lawrence, Brandon Iron & Dick Delaware


I’m one of those guys who really loves a well-done new girl line. I don’t need to see freak show acts or overly done features. Just give me some fresh chicks on a couch and turn the guys loose. (OK, sometimes I like more, but when it comes to porn, I think that simple can often be best.) I’m also one of those people who thinks that 18 year old chicks don’t have to dress up and act like twelve year olds to be sexy. For guys like me, this line form RLD hits on all cylinders. Along with the usual crop of new chicks, we get Katie Morgan. I’m not sure how she ended up in this movie, but I happen to love this perky blonde so I am going to watch her scene with a big smile on my face.

Brianna Blaze is a young brunette with bit eyes, firm boobs and a pretty nice ass. She bends over and shows off her butt while asking us if we want to fuck her eighteen year old body. Apparently it has been three months since she’s been laid so she is more than ready to go when Erik Everhard drops his pants. After a painfully short blowjob, he bends her over and power fucks that teen slit. Erik rolls her over and keeps up the intensity as her young legs flail about in the air. She uses her mouth to get a taste of his cock every time they take a short break, but Erik seems to want to keep it inside of her. (Duh, I wonder why.) As she rides his lap, the camera moves in really close so we can watch her young snatch greedily swallow dick. After taking it hard from behind, she spins around and gets a load on her face. Brianna sucks the final few drops out and licks his head clean. Judging from the way this girl looks and takes Erik’s high-energy fucking, we may have found a new star in this one.

Demi Marks has a toothy grin and a bit of a sex-brat look about her. She has a whole lot of confidence and as she reveals her body, we can see where some of that attitude might come from. The really tight shots reveal some stretch marks on her thighs, but overall she looks great. Brandon Iron comes in and instantly shoves his fingers into her. Demi mounts his face, sticking her round ass out for the camera. Brandon’s big dick is a bit too thick for her mouth, but she does a pretty good job of working it deep into her young throat. He grabs her hair a bit which isn’t so great, but it’s still a good blowjob. Demi puts her ass high in the air as he fucks her pussy and makes her taste her butt from his fingers. Her ass looks pretty big and meaty as she rides, shaking those cheeks and sliding her slit over his throbbing meat. Brandon reaches around and fingers her ass for a bit, but mostly keeps his hands away from the action so that ass-lovers can jerk themselves silly. Demi rides hard in RC, rubbing her pussy to keep it wet as it batters her insides. When he’s done fucking this tight teen, Brandon drips a thick load of goo onto her face, letting her lick it from her lips as she said good-bye.

Katrina is a young blonde with a cute grin and an annoying collection of tattoos around her cookie. Her nipples are pierced and so is her pussy. Sorry guys but compared to the first two girls, Katrina just doesn’t cut it. Brandon doesn’t mind at all, stuffing his hard prick right into her mouth. Katrina isn’t bad looking of course and her blowjob is pretty good. When she is bent over, we only get one tat in the picture so it’s not so bad. She takes all of Brandon quite easily and enjoys a solid spanking. With her cheeks now glowing pink, he fingers her butt and puts her on top of his dick for a hard ride. I’d like her in RC if not for the ink on her crotch. (Was she trying out a pattern for a nursery wall?) He fucks her ass and I’ll give her points for taking it well, but this girl just doesn’t quite have the star quality needed to go much further. Brandon shoots across her nose and it’s time for this girl to head back to class and start studying.

Katie Morgan is here to save the day and she’s looking as cute as ever. She tells us she loves to fuck, but breaks our hearts when she admits to being lukewarm about sucking dick. The biggest heartbreak is that she is working with Alex Sanders. With all the great talent available to RLD, how did they end up with this guy working with Katie? Oh well, Katie gets busy doing that thing she isn’t too keen on, sucking dick. He reaches around to finger her during the short blowjob. Katie always manages to fuck a guy and make it seem like she’s having the time of her life. When Alex fills her, you would think she was taking a really big dick and loving it. Maybe she’s just a great actress. OK, I’m over the disappointment now and can just enjoy watching Katie throw her legs back and invite deep penetration. Katie is a lot of fun to watch and her body looks great these days. When she is on top riding, she works her hips and shakes that ass so invitingly. Alex misses her face with most of his cum, hitting her shoulder and then rubbing some onto her lower lip. This is a hot scene, but could have been much better if the male talent was up to the challenge.

Wendy James is a sweet faced young girl who reminds me a little bit of Vanessa Chase. She spent some time in France and gives us a little bit of hot talk in French before showing off one of the best natural racks you will ever see. This babe loves oral sex so we’re bound to get a lot of that in her scene. She plays with her pussy for a while, getting it nice and wet before Dick Delaware dips his tongue in and Scott Lyons licks her neck. These two lucky guys stand over Wendy and feed her their hard cocks. She has really pretty eyes which helps makes the blowjob look even better. Of all the new girls so far, Wendy is the best overall. Her face and body are really hot and she seems to have a real love for dick. Scott takes her face while Delaware pushes up into her tight pussy, giving the young brunette plenty to squeal about. It gets harder for to moan with a big dick in her mouth, but Wendy does her best and we have to love her for that. Her pretty face makes a perfect target for two big loads of cream. Wendy even gets a little in eyes and doesn’t flinch.

Fallon Sommers is an eighteen year old blonde with huge eyes and a very pretty face. She takes her time stripping out of her clothes an showing off her long, nearly perfect body. Fallon is horny and two big cocks are just what the pretty girl needs to satisfy her hunger. Her pretty mouth opens side and inhales a whole lot of meat. Joel Lawrence pushes her down onto her side and slips into her from behind. Her body looks great and her tight pussy gets stuffed as pretty Fallon keeps right on sucking. Joel and Scott trade places, but keep her in the same eye pleasing position. We get some shots of her ass as she moves into cowgirl and leans to the side to keep her mouth filled. Saving the best for last, she faces the camera and rides in RC to show off her bod. To prove the she is ready for the big time, Fallon takes two very sticky loads on her pretty face.

As I have come to expect, I really liked this Robbie Fischer flick. It’s got a really good collection of new girls, well shot sex and zero freak-show bullshit to get in the way. Fallon really impressed me, but it’s hard for me to forget just how much I really liked the way Wendy attacked dick in her scene. Brianna Blaze and Demi Marx are another couple of new girls who will likely make a big splash. Katrina isn’t bad either, though she is going to need a bit of luck to catch on. Katie Morgan is still as hot as any of the chicks in this flick, but she wasn’t really given a chance. Sanders isn’t the performer that Everhard or Iron are so it was hurt that way. The scene just didn’t have what I usually expect from Katie. Even with these two scenes not being quite what they could be, the movie is a great raincoater flick featuring fresh new hotties.


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