Sky’s Perversions 2



Sky’s Perversions 2


120 Mins



THEMES: Lesbian Sex, Toys




STARS: Sky, Elizabeth, Velvet, Brandi. Taylor, Jewel, Destiny, Cali & Dani


Porn is home to all kinds of women. There are porn stars, porn sluts, total nymphos, for-pay whores and all sorts of other types. Sky is the sort of woman who just defies definition. She has been a contract girl for a number of companies, popped up on and off the radar so many times that no one really knows what to think of her. Her hair color changes, she adds tattoos, sometimes goes by Sky Lopez and is consistent in only one thing, her sexual appetite. She’s always a whole lot of fun, directing the action and making things dirty when it gets down to the sex. With Sky in charge, I really hope that the girls in this movie are ready for just about anything.

First up is sexy Aussie Elizabeth. Sky stands her up and checks out her natural body, showing us all of her interesting parts. The girls get naked and Sky kicks off the sex by spitting on her young friend’s pussy. Elizabeth rolls into piledriver so Sky can jam a big toy into her waiting hole. Once that gets going well, Sky uses a thick butt plug to complete the DP. A bigger plug really pushes her ass to limits before Sky mounts Elizabeth’s face. For the final test, she takes out a toy called Mr. Big and rams it into the Aussie slut’s dripping hole. It’s too big at first, but eventually, the long strokes pay off, stretching her wide and making he moan. After that intense action, the two-girl anal play is a bit anti-climactic unless you just want to see Sky’s sweet ass get plugged.

Brandy and hot-assed Violet Rose are next. Sky joins them for some bikini clad fun. Velvet seems to be the perfect girl for a Sky movie because of the way she just attacks her friend’s hoochie. Brandi looks really delicious on her back with a long toy working slowly into her folds. She returns the favor with some interesting toys, focusing most of her attention on Velvet’s big ass. If you like veggie anal toy play, then this scene is totally going to make you pop your cork time and again.

Taylor St. Claire gets a little kinky with nipple clamps and a pet in a cage. (Jewel) They make her beg to be let out of the cage and then the fun really starts. Taylor knows how to take control, but Sky doesn’t mess around either. They attack Jewel’s ass with fingers and spankings. When that isn’t enough, they use toys and even a high heel to stuff her tight hole. She lies on her back with her legs in the air as Taylor uses a big glass dildo on her butt. Sky straddles her face and fills her twat with a pump up toy. They turn their attention to Taylor as Sky stuffs both ends of a double-header dildo into her holes. Sky gets some toys rammed into her holes as well. This is a very hot scene with three kinky girls getting it on.

Destiny and Cali are a pair of new girls from Vegas. They are both cute and play that up as they feed each other lollipops. The hard candy comes in quite handy as they fill each other. After the last scene, this one seems very tame, but it picks up when the girls trade in the candy for some fat dildos. There is some good anal toy play, though both girls could use a little help from Sky.

Sky goes one on one with Dani. They enjoy each other outside by the pool. Sky looks great in her bikini, but is really enjoying Dani’s natural breasts. They do a lot of finger action with Sky taking control. Watching her work over her young friend it’s hard to imagine Sky ever working in Vivid movies. She rams Dani with a big toy, making her squirm and squeal. With a two-headed dong between them, the girls grind on each other really well.

Even as someone who isn’t all that into girl-girl movies I found a few of these scenes to be totally hot. Sky, Taylor and Jewel really kick ass in their three-way. This would be the scene that I would watch over and over. Dani seems to enjoy Sky’s fingers and does a really good scene. The quality on this disc is good and there are some interesting twists. I don’t know if Sky gets quite as perverted as Bella did in later volumes, but there is some pretty damn hot toy play and a whole lot of veggie lovin’ going on here.

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