YA 12

YA 12


75 Mins.

JM Productions

DIRECTOR: Jim Powers

THEMES: Anal Sex, Young Girls

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Dominique Dewitt, Julie Meadows, McKenna, Mikayla Shore, Roy L. Shaft, Ron Jeremy, Jack Hammer, Herschel Savage



All of the covers on these YA movies are cute, but this one is especially eye catching. A young and fresh Julie Meadows has little white sock on her feet and her panties pulled down around her thighs. She’s got her cute little ass sticking out for all to see and has a priceless look on her face. Even if the other girls in the movie don’t measure up, Julie is a guaranteed hottie. Other than Julie, we’ve got at least one chick to watch. Dominique Dewitt became infamous not for her porn career, but for her connection to the tragedy at Columbine High School. Her father was the teacher killed in the shooting and Dominique vanished from the porn scene right after. (And anyone who watched the ESPYs that year saw the former porn girl looking like a prom queen. OK, that covers the morbid curiosity angle, but she was a pretty cute chick as well. All four babes are going to get boned in their tight young asses and that’s really what matters in the end. (And if you need more, we have Ron Jeremy fucking a deaf girl in the ass.)

When Dominique gets caught eating a cookie before dinner, her step-father, (Herschel Savage) scolds her. The eighteen year old gets bent over and punished. At first he is shocked by her tattoo and her horny response to his spanking, but Herschel gets with the program quickly and has the cutie on her knees before you can say “alimony check.” Dominique does a great job with the eye contact and Herschel lays the daddy-talk on really thick. He lifts his step-daughter onto the kitchen counter and buries his fingers deep inside of her tight folds. They go for a quick fuck up there, but find a chair much more comfortable since she can ride his lap. Moving to the table, he slides up her ass. Dominique bends over and backs up on his cock for a while before he shoots all over a cookie and makes her eat it.

Julie looks really good in her tight cut-offs as she frets about her house. With her parents out of town, she is worried about the mess her friends made when she threw a party. Jack Hammer shows up in a workman’s uniform and comes on to her. Julie is hesitant only for a second until he gets her nipples in his mouth. Jack gets her out of her shorts and enjoys her sweet flesh. She fresh-faced young girl knows just how to work her mouth and delivers a super hot blowjob to his lucky dick. It’s way too short, but it’s hard to be upset when watching Julie bent over and slam fucked from behind. They move quickly to anal and the little girl talk is kind of silly. Jack spreads that pretty little ass and takes full advantage of her tight hole. She mounts him on the counter and gives us some great RCA. Jack dribbles a load on her chin just in time for Julie’s parents to show up and find out what a fine young woman they have raised.

Ron Jeremy plays a professor with a beef. He wants to dictate a letter to the dean, but doesn’t realize that McKenna is deaf. For some reason he decides that she might like to get naked with him. McKenna doesn’t object and shows what a college girl’s mouth is really good for. While Ron hams it up, the young brunette does a really good job polishing her knob with her tongue. She’s a little bottom heavy, but good looking as she bobs her pig-tailed head for a really long time. After the long blowjob, they move quickly through three positions of vag. McKenna is a very quiet fuck, but works her body pretty well. They go right into anal repeating the positions and finishing with a piledriver and a strong doggy. Ron fills her asshole with his load, leaving her sticky and silent.

Mikayla is home alone when a guy from the local church shows up. She is really thin and in a very young-looking outfit. The guy immediately puts the moves on her. Mikayla isn’t all that pretty, but there is something sexy about her. He makes her play with her pussy while she sucks his cock. Even though she’s supposed to be a virgin, Mikayla has really skilled hands and is happy to let the stranger fuck her little twat. The skinny girl looks pretty hot straddling his dick. He wants her ass and for a first timer, she shows amazing skills in piledriver. Mikayla opens her mouth for the big load that is fired towards her face.

There is some pretty good smut on this disc. Julie looks as good in her scene as she does on the cover, but her scene is a little less than we might hope. Her blowjob really could have been better, but it’s always nice to see Julie bent over with a cock up her ass. Dominique Dewitt is a pretty solid fuck who plays the whole step-incest thing really well. The last two girls are pretty average, though McKenna does a really nice job sucking on Ron’s dick. It’s the kind of filth that people expect form JM with a slight not to the young girl crowd.


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