Gutter Mouths 28


Gutter Mouths 28


89 Mins.

JM Productions

DIRECTOR: Jim Powers


THEMES: Dirty Talking Girls, Anal, DP, A2M



STARS: Claire James, Crystal Ray, Jayna Oso, Jasmine Lynn, Jay Ashley, Anthony Hardwood, Johnny Thrust, Trent Tesoro, Mr. Pete, Scott Lyons & Dave Hardman


I’m really big on title integrity, so this line always sort of disappoints me on one level. There often isn’t much dirty talking by the girls at all. That isn’t to say that it’s not a hot series with some seriously perverted bitches getting slam fucked. It’s wall to wall filth and a great jerk-off series. It just doesn’t always fill the void for guys who love dirty talking chicks. Perhaps this one will provide with some foul-mouthed sweeties who talk dirty and still get fucked raw. I know one thing for sure. The chicks in this movie are good little whores. Crystal Ray and Jasmine Lynn are two of the most well-porn pussies around and they know we like it nasty.

Jasmin Lynn starts things off with some hot talk. She gets picked up by Jay Ashley and Anthony Hardwood and proclaims loudly that she’s a big slut. In no time at all, she is sucking Jay and having her ass licked by Anthony. When her mouth isn’t stuffed, she is very fond of talking dirty. At last, we may have found a girl worth of the title Gutter Mouth. Jasmine has a tight body and is small enough to get tossed around a bit. She can also deep throat Hardwood’s dick with no problem. They spit in her mouth and to some lip stretching which doesn’t do anything for me, but she gets things back on the right track by letting them have her ass. Anthony bangs away, stopping only to let her do A2M or stretch her until she nearly gapes. We get a long dotty with her butt fucked and her mouth hard at work on Jay’s dong. The guys switch place and we get some serious close-up shots of her dropping down onto Jay with her ass. After another A2M, they double up on her and stifle her hot talk with too many fingers in her mouth. Even so, Jasmin’s dirty mouth fills the air with the sweet sound of female profanity. There is some excellent footage of the guys spooning her with a dick up her ass and one in her mouth. They finally fill her ass with and mouth with cum, making sure she swallows one load and then cleans off the dick that was in her butt. Score one for fans of filthy-talking whores.

Claire James is a cute girl with a really fresh look except for that tat on her boob. She starts off slowly, but as she describes what she likes to have done to her, the filthy talk just flows from her. Mr. Pete comes in smacks her on the ass. He is quickly joined by Trent who smacks her face. I’m not trilled with this part, but they start fucking her quickly enough. They bend the chick blonde over and make her tits sway under her body while abusing her at both ends. If you like a lot of choking and slapping in your sex scenes, then this is going to give you what you want. The guys bang her chunky ass and then giver her multiple shots on the face while she begs for more.

Jayna Oso is a brunette with a tight little body who seems to be able to parrot her lines pretty well. When two guys start fucking her, the dialog becomes canned and she shows about as much enthusiasm as one of those exhibits in an animatronics show. They rush through the sucking and fucking to double stuff her holes. The anal shots during doggy are pretty good and I’ve turned down the sound so it’s actually pretty decent. There is some pretty hot looking DP footage as the guys make her squeal. Like the last scene though, this one is mostly forgettable. Jayna takes cum on her face and shows that it’s finger looking good.

Crystal Ray tells her friend that she’s waiting for three guys to come and fuck her. As soon as the other girl leaves, three guys come in and starts ramming cock down her throat. Crystal is a pretty hot woman who seems a bit too eager to talk dirty but shuts up as soon as the guys merry-go-round her mouth. While her pussy gets filled, she uses her tongue on asses as well. The leggy blonde gets pounded in the ass as well. The guys are not at all gentle with her, but she just keeps on talking and bucking her hips like she can’t get enough. Hearing her talk is one thing, but when Johnny Thrust decides to put his two cents in, things get decidedly less interesting. Crystal gets dick in all three holes at once, really putting her to work. They take turns on her ass in piledriver, moving to her mouth once they’ve pounded that pooper raw. For the big pop finish, two of the guys shoot onto her ass, letting Crystals scoop it into her mouth. The third guy fires right between her lips, stopping her dirty talk for only a few seconds before she downs the dick dropping.

If dirty talking chicks are your thing, then this is the best volume of GM I’ve seen in a long time. All of the women talk a blue streak, but they aren’t all the hottest looking chicks in the world. There is something sexy about Crystal so her three on one was pretty fucking good. Jasmin is a hot little slut as well and her talk is probably the most natural. The other two scenes are good if you like hard sex and average looking babes. (Though Jayna has a really nice body.) Overall it’s a pretty average stroke-flick with a few added points if you’ve been searching for foul-talking whores who can’t keep their mouths shut.

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