Hustler Confidential: Smooth As Satin


83 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Frank Thring


THEMES: Euro-babes, Outdoor sex.



STARS: Tiffany Diamond, Alicia Rhodes, Vanda, Samantha, Daphne, Kelli, Alissa,


These Hustler features have a lot going for them. They remind me in many ways of the Private films of the mid-90s. Beautiful girls, exotic locations and hard sex is the order of the day. The picture quality is always great and there is usually a loose story to follow in between stroke sessions. It’s also kind of nice to see one or two women that I recognize in each movie. This time around Alicia Rhodes is the familiar face. This super dirty blonde has huge tits and a sexual appetite that is hard to beat. For those who care, this movie is about a dance troupe that gets robbed. The dancers have to use their talents to get past the crime. I don’t think we’ll need a scorecard to follow this one.

A couple of blonde chicks come in for a dancing job. They try out and are sent away. Before they leave they ask the guy why and he tells them that they just aren’t nasty enough. They respond by giving him a good looking double blowjob. Both of these girls are pretty average looking from the neck up, but nice and tight below. The guy bends the taller girl over for some long, leggy doggy. The sexual energy is good and if you like long legs, both girls provide plenty to look at. They do some A2M as the guy fucks one girl from behind and slides his rod into the other babe’s mouth. They share his load at the end and probably just earned themselves a job.

Alicia is the lead girl in the troupe and she meets the two new girls when they arrive in South Africa. All of the girls are quite adventurous and while most of the troupe goes shopping, one pretty babe stays behind. Tiffany is a really pretty girl who finds happiness with Darren James and another guy. She knows how to fill out a bikini, but Darren’s big cock fills her mouth even more perfectly. The other guy licks her toes while she does her best to down that dark dick. Tiffany has a pretty face and gives a really nice blowjob. Her energy stays high as the guys take turns fucking her hot little pussy. I could do without the cut-aways of the girls sight seeing. Just leave the camera rolling on this hot babe as she pushes her ass down around a hard dick. After they both fuck her pretty ass and drop cum right on her gorgeous face, the guys tie her up and rip the girls off.

The girls turn to a local escort service to help them raise the money they need. The first girl has to go out and put on a poolside lesbian show for Frank Thring. He’s got a third girl riding his lap while the two pretty babes get to know each other really well. I like the way the g/g is shot with some good finger play in the water. The Thring scene is pretty short with the girl riding his lap and taking a shot on the face.

Alicia joins two of her friends for a three-girl blowjob that looks well worth whatever it cost. The girls pass his dick back and forth and munch on his balls for a long time. He finds Alicia’s tits and sucks them for a while. She is clearly the leader her, leaning back to be eaten by one of the girlfriends who has his cock up her ass at the time. He must have paid for the deluxe package because all of the girls are more than ready to open up their asses for his invader. Alicia does some really hot A2M as he’s banging a pretty brunette. She is also the final girl to ride the A train, pushing her ass down to the base of his cock. For the cumshot, Alicia strokes the was into her mouth and then spits it into the next girl’s mouth. This is repeated to give the third girl a taste.

The girls earn enough money to make it to their gig and as fortune would have it, the crooks have been trying to use their credit cards in town. Who do you think they run into at poolside? That’s right, the guys are right there. In a flash, they are doubling up on a thick-thighed brunette who loves their attention. The girls bust in and settle the score. As a bonus punishment, Alicia takes on two guys while everyone else bursts into a spontaneous orgy. Alicia woks on Darren’s big cock like she’s in love with him. I wish the action wasn’t switching between three distinct areas of the room, but since everyone looks so good you can just sit back and stroke along at home. The problem is that we’ve got Alicia being DP’ed and the footage is cut short because we have to cover a couple of pretty girls licking each other. She does take a great facial from Darren as part of a collage of pops that are half slo-mo and half full speed. This is a hot scene if you like group action, but I would love to have seen Alicia do this one by herself.

This is a really solid movie with good looking girls and great sex. Alicia is the best performers, but Tiffany and a few of the other girls are truly gorgeous. The little story is simple enough to follow and sets up the final orgy really well. As usual, the picture quality is excellent and the scenes are shot more like gonzo scenes than feature sex. This is the kind of movie I really like and the sort of stuff that all of the Hustler movies should aspire to be. If you’re looking for a solid stroke tape with hot girls in pretty locations then this is the one to pick up. (The overall rating would have been a full point higher without the orgy scene cutting into Alicia’s DP.)

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