128 Mins.

Sin City


DIRECTOR: Jack Vincenes

THEMES: Euro Babes, Prostitutes, Outdoor Sex

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Monica Sweetheart, Jane Darling, Lucy Love, Lea De Mae, Tony Carrera, Tristan, Ian Scott, Greg Centauro, Ed Exel


Monica Sweetheart. That’s really all we need to know about this movie. She is one of the very best performers in porn and is also one of the best looking women to boot. Any movie that has her on the cover is bound to attract some attention and give porn fans reason to believe that at least one great scene in the movie. I haven’t had the chance to check out a Sin City movie in a while, so we’ll see what sort of stuff they are doing these days. This looks like a feature with a hot European cast giving us a lot to look at and a whole lot to look forward to. The story is pretty basic and told lately through voice overs. Monica is a beautiful young girl who catches her boyfriend with another woman. She takes off and hooks up with an old friend. Together they set out to take the world by storm and earn big bucks along the way. Pretty simple even with the thick accent.

The first scene is between Monica’s cheating boyfriend and his nice looking gal pal. OK, so she’s no Monica, but her natural body and smooth skin make her an inviting option if you’re going to cheat. He spreads her out on the bed and makes a meal out of her pretty little pookie. In turn she does a pretty good job with her mouth. You have to love any pretty girl who can smile like this with a big slab of meat in her mouth. Since it doesn’t all fit into her mouth, she does her best to make the head nice and wet so he will have an easier time sliding it into her pussy. Her ass looks really good as she bounces straddles his cock and lets him pump up into her. Reverse cowgirl is always a good position for girls who are this pretty because they can show off their faces as well as their bodies. They go right into anal in this position and he pulls her legs up in the air for some great footage. They stick to a single position for the anal and the pretty girl takes a big load right on her face. If the rest of the movie is this well shot and sexual hot we will be in great shape.

Monica walks in to find them naked and just takes off. She goes to visit a friend from high school who is all alone after her divorce. The old friends hit the town for a day of shopping. About to lose the house, Lea has to do some creative bartering to get an extension. Her mouth is stuffed before the guy can even get his pants down. She does a good job with her hands as well, working him to full mast and then treating his dick to some very hot tit fucking. Using all of her talents, the sexy blonde works a load onto her face and licks him clean.

With the bills piling up, Monica comes up with a bright idea. Why don’t the two girls just use their assets to cover their expenses? They place an ad to recruit other girls and for an agency. Monica takes the first client herself just to make sure that things get off on the right foot. The guy drives her out into the woods and they hook up outside. She drops to her knees and takes his prick into her mouth. It takes her a few strokes, but he is soon throbbing in her hand while she squats next to his car. Unlike many features, this one doesn’t cut the blowjobs short. Monica sucks for a long time before getting nearly naked and on top of the car. He fingers and licks her tight hole, getting it nice and juicy for some on the hood missionary sex. Monica’s long legs are draped over his back while he pounds both of her holes. After mounting him for some intense RCA, she takes a big shot on her gorgeous face.

The rest of the staff is just as dedicated to giving pleasure as Monica even if they can’t hold a candle to her looks or body. They have a nice looking brunette (Her hair could be reddish, it’s hard to tell with the slightly orange tint this video has.) who is very good with her hands and has really nice breasts as well. Once she has him completely wet and hard, he returns the favor, licking her spread pussy and shoving fingers inside her tight hole. His dick fits perfectly and this girl is wonderfully vocal as she gets piston fucked from below. I love this scene, though the lighting and the color are off just enough to be distracting. Even with this glitch, the RCA is hot and this girl’s ass gets a serious work out. The guy really gets his money’s worth, jerking a big load of cream onto her face when he’s finished wearing out her sphincter.

With the story pretty much out the window now, we get another blonde girl out earning money. Her face is not as pretty as the others, but her body is nearly as stunning as Monica’s. She has good sized tits and fantastic ass to go along with nice, long legs. The guy bends her over so we get a great view of her ass while he shoves fingers up inside of her and licks her pussy. All of that attention earns him a very enthusiastic blowjob. I love the way this girl works a dick with her mouth. The ass is back in the shot when she bends over for some hard doggy action. She happily takes a big load on her face. This scene also suffers a bit from the organ problem, but the sexual heat is impossible to miss and this girl turns out to be one of the best fucks of the flick.

The girls still come up a bit short and pull one final trick out of their hat. They double up on the big guy, giving him two totally hot Euro-babes to play with. Monica and Lea are a great looking pair and he can’t seem to decide who to start with. Monica chooses for him, sucking his dick while Lea spreads her thighs for his tongue. They stay like this for a long time and why on earth would the guy ever want to move with Monica’s mouth on his rod? He moves Lea into his lap where her she can bounce on his prick. Monica still uses her mouth, sucking him clean a few times while Lea rides. Monica gets her pussy filled in spoon and I swear this woman has a perfect body. It looks great from every possible angle. He gets back into Lea, this time working hard to slam the hell out her ass from below. The final fun comes when he bends Monica over, fucks her hard and watches as Lea slaps those perfect cheeks. He saves us a nice big load and shoots onto both girls’ waiting faces. What a perfect way to end a movie.

I really like the way this movie flows. The story is simple and some of the dialog is worth a laugh. (Monica’s dialog sounds like a Schwarzenegger press conference.) The story doesn’t really matter though as long as the sex is this hot. I don’t know if the tint problem is fixed in the DVD version, but it’s a slight annoyance on the VHS. Monica is great in all of her scenes, further cementing her position at the top of her profession. Lea does a great job as well and the rest of cast is good looking. What I like best about this movie is how good the sex is. If the US based Sin City movies could be this hot sexually, then we are in for a lot of fun from their contract girls.

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