Reader Mailbag: More Moore, More Tod


Reaching into the reader mailbag I found this response to my brief F 9/11 take from Monday.

T.W. Writes

Hi Rog,

You just feel free to talk all the shit you want about the fact-free tub of shit Moore. You know the rule about dishing it out. This clown goes to other countries and talks about America as if it were…..well, most other countries. In most places, he wouldn’t be a millionaire, he’d be occupying an unmarked grave.

Actually Rog, the guy whose shit I would really love to see you get into is Tod Hunter. Cripes, what a slug.

I visit your site everyday, and just want to encourage you to hang tough, and keep up the good work.

Rog Replies
Thanks a lot for the email T. I appreciate the support. The last time I spoke up about Moore it upset a few people so I have toned things down a bit. This is my site and I’ll talk about whatever I feel like, but I also care about the readers of this site want. You guys (and ladies) have been so supportive over the years, it is the least I can do to listen when you take the time to speak up. (So do so.)

That said I just had to write about F 9/11. Rather than write for two hours about the factual inaccuracies, obvious editing ploys, clever confusion of conspiracy theories (Mikey must have watched Oliver Stone to master this part) and outright lies in the movie, I just laughed. It’s a farce and as such I laughed. I might not laugh at someone who takes it seriously though. It would be mean to make fun of such a person.

Your comments on Moore are pretty much dead on. Did you know he is actually in trouble for some of his foreign speeches? With the Bush Administration? Nope, with the Canadian Government. It might shock Moore and his lemmings, but in some countries, the Free Speech he enjoys here is not guaranteed. I’ll find some info on the story, but it has to do with Canadian law about political speech by foreigners.

As for Tod, I will say a few things. First of all I hate censoring any email on this site, but in the future, let’s please not call him any names. I know your statement was innocent, but my biggest beef with my friend Tod is the name-calling and childish tone taken on his site sometimes. So let’s keep it above that if we can.

I won’t be getting into his shit any time soon. The fact is I like Tod and always have. He has always been nice to me personally and respectful professionally. We disagree on political issues and I find the personal hatred he shows with the name-calling to be beneath him. I also find the constant cutting and pasting from propaganda sites to be a little annoying. If I spent all of my time cutting and pasting from Right-Wing wack-o sites I imagine a lot of you would find it equally wasteful.

Tod and I debating politics would be silly. We don’t agree. As a moderate and a libertarian I do not march to the same left-wing, pseudo-socialist nutbar music as most in my profession. That has put me at odds with the powers that be on several occasions, but they never want to discuss or even debate the issues. There is only one side to every issue with them, only one party to be considered and any attempt to point out that this party may be just as bad for the business as they one they blindly hate, is shouted down. For some people there is only one flavor of Kool-Aide and if you won’t drink it, they will mock you until they force you out of the club.

So thank you. I’m working on a lot of political issues, but am keeping them on another blog while I keep this site about porn, movies and other stuff as much as possible. I will take this chance to once again plug a great site for anyone who wants to see something fun.

And instead of getting up in his shit, I will take this chance to also plug
Tod’s Site one more time.

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