Heavy Handfuls 3


Heavy Handfuls 3



107 Mins.

Elegant Angel


DIRECTOR: William H.

THEMES: Big Tits, Natural Tits.



STARS: Loni, Lisa Sparxxx, Felicia Fox, Neveah, Daphne Rosen, Brittney Starr, Manuel Ferrara, Steve Holmes


William H. does some really strange shit for Elegant Angel, but I have been pretty fond of his big tit stuff in the past. He’s got some nice tit queens to work with in this movie so I’m hoping that he will balance the rough sex stuff he likes to do with some good old fashioned sex for the rest of us. With a babe like Loni waiting to be fucked, there should be enough heat for the tit lovers as well as those who just love hot sex. Given William’s past work, I am sure there will be a few interesting set ups as well.

Loni is busy working out, giving us a nice look at her cleavage. Manuel Ferrara comes in and wonders out loud why she is pumping iron. As it turns out, Loni’s boyfriend thinks she’s fat. Manuel agrees to help her burn off fat in a much nicer way. Starting with her boobs, he gives her the attention she has been lacking. The lovely Filipino babe puts her mouth on his big cock and starts pumping for all she’s worth. There is some really good POV footage and Manuel lets her do the work for a while. This is very hot and outshines the face fucking that follows. He fucks her tits a bit, but most of the heat early on comes from this hot babe’s mouth. Eventually she swings one leg over his body and finds his cock pounding up inside of her so hard all she can do is half-scream. Ashe rides, her tits shake quite a bit. There is some minor choking, but mostly this is just a really hot fuck with Loni showing off her body and proving once again that she is one of the best fucks in the business. Even though the focus is on great sex, there are plenty of boob shots as they work their way through the positions. At last she is ready to take a big shot on the face and Loni knows just how to take it. She holds her mouth open, lets him shoot all over her face and then sucks out the last drops like a perfect slut.

Lisa Sparxxx is on the phone with her man. She tells him that she loves him and then hangs up on hubby so she can suck Steve Holmes’ cock. The filthy housewife is a dirty hose beast who let him shove her head down until every inch is gone. He likes her tits so she cradles his shaft between them while sucking the head. Steve bends her over, gives her ass a cursory lick and then sticks his dick up her twat from behind. As he pumps hard from behind, his finger works up her ass. It finds its way to her mouth. Tit lovers might really like the way he pushes her nipples into her mouth while power fucking her in mish. (And she keeps her clothes around her middle for those of you watching for the cummerbund look.) Steve gets a little rough with her and even tries to get her to lick his asshole which seems to please Lisa not at all. After the failed rimming she happily slides his prick up her ass in RCA, pumping away like she has to cram every inch in there. Lisa goes back to her knees, gets tit fucked and then sucks him clean. After one more hard fuck, she takes a big load on the face and then licks up every last drop.

Felicia Fox and Neveah are driving together and exchanging dialog, but the sound is totally fucked up on my video so I can’t hear what they are saying. They arrive at the Elegant offices and start working on a room full of men. Even with the sound turned way up, I can’t really hear anything. Technical glitch aside, Felecia is very hot, sucking her way around a small circle of cock. Her friend is not quite the looker she is, but Neveah has the bespectacled cutie thing going for her. There is some tit fucking, but most of the breast footage comes from low angle shots with boobies dangling in the picture. Both girls do a nice job with the mouth and provide some good cleavage for tit fucking. The guys have a good time playing with boobies. Felicia is especially fond of having hers fondled and smacked around a bit. The big oral bang comes to a close with a number of loads shot all over Felecia and then Neveah doing her best to earn a load with some two-fisted stroking. Her tits get a thorough creaming to close out the action.

Daphne Rosen is next and she starts out in a nice warm bubble bath. She says good bye to her husband and calls her lover. In no time at all he is standing next to the tub with his cock in her mouth. They move to the bed in a rather rough transition that has the soft blonde bent over and taking it hard from behind. They try a little trash talking, but it just doesn’t seem to come out right. When Daphne gets on top, she has her whole body shaking and quaking. If you don’t like big girls with big bellies, then you may want to look away until she can lie down for some more figure flattering footage. She has pretty good energy, but most of the fucking is ruined by too much fish hooking and the pop shot has to be seen to be believed. The guy can’t pop, so they use a strobe effect to cover. Bad move.

Brittney Starr is the last girl and William has decided to drop the story and just let Ben Brat fuck the blonde in a cheap hotel room. Brit has a nice smile and a pretty average body. She seems quite ready for sex and that always adds to the fun. Ben takes full advantage, shoves his cock all the way down her throat and getting a handful of hair to keep his grip. Brittney chokes a little, but is still ready to give it her all. There is a short tit fuck before he moves on to one of her tight holes. He fucks her pussy hard, making those tits shake. Though not as pretty as some of the other girls in this movie Brittney is a pretty hot fuck, especially when she’s being pounded in doggy. Ben eventually tries her ass, working slowly at first to work his meat up in there. She talks dirty while being drilled in the ass, asking for A2M and getting it. That smile is still on her face as he unloads right into her mouth and rubs the head of his cock against her lips.

This movie starts out with the best scene and goes slowly downhill from there. Loni is the perfect combination of bit tits and sexual energy. Her scene is top notch and by itself is worth the price of a rental. She is one of the women who always seems to make us want to take matters into our own hands and isn’t that what porn is all about? After Loni, the scenes are still good. Lisa Sparxxx handles a semi-rough scene pretty well, Felecia shines in an oral bang and Daphne proves that you don’t have to a waif to fuck on film. The energy is pretty high in each scene and there is enough tit play to keep the boob-lovers happy along the way. William H. doesn’t try and do too much with this movie, proving that sometimes the simple approach produces the best results.


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