American Cocksucking Championships XII


American Cocksucking Championships XII


63 Mins.


DIRECTOR: David Christopher

THEMES: Oral Sex




STARS: Montana Gunn, Ashley Moore, Nautica, Kitty,


David Christopher’s all-oral gang bang line has brought us some really good blowjob action. The big competition idea was cute at the beginning, but not it’s just kind of a backdrop for the group oral action. Pitting East vs. West as he does here doesn’t really do much when there is no scoring system and no actual winner chosen at the end. It does allow Kyle Stone to get into the ring and play announcer for a while, but mostly this is a movie for people who love multiple blowjobs. That’s always fun to watch and this one has super cute Kitty to seal the deal for me. I’ve really enjoyed her work so far and watching her suck off a big group of guys is bound to hot.

Kitty and Nautica are teammates who take on Montana Gunn and Ashly More. This isn’t even a close match-up, but Montana is willing to that extra mile by blowing Christopher before the match. I guess she has picked up a few tricks during her years in the business. Ashly also blows him, but to be honest, this just isn’t all that interesting and shows us how one-sided this event it going to be. They work on Christopher and Kyle Stone, generating minimal heat and taking up time before the main event.

The introductions are hotter than the backstage blowjob as Kyle hams it up as a ring announcer bringing the four contestants into the ring. Montana and Kitty start off, pitting young against old and creating a huge miss-match. Before the guys even get introduced, Kitty has her pretty little face bobbing on a lucky slob’s knob. Montana tries sucking two and even shoves her tongue into some hairy man ass, but she is just a distraction from the other cutie. Nautica and Ashly tag in to fill their mouths. It’s a total free-for-all, with some nice eye contact from all of the women. Of course it’s hard to get excited over any of the others when we get to watch Kitty stuffing Byron Long’s huge dick down her throat. She is as talented as she is cute.

There is a nice shot from above of all four girls working as many dicks as they can. Kitty is still working on that huge cock, but Nautica is trying hard to catch her with plenty of energetic head herself. Unless you are really into watching a small group of girls take on a decent-sized group of guys orally, then all of the movement might get a little tiring. Personally since Montana does nothing more me and I’ve seen Ashly’s “I’ll suck until my face is dripping with drool” act a few too many times, I found myself counting the seconds until one of the cute girls is on. Nautica gives the best eye contact and Kitty is just fantastic. When the cum starts flowing, all of the girls stay busy. Ashly sucks loads off of Montana’s blown-up bags. Kitty uses her face to carry home a whole lot of cream. After the guys are finished, Kyle comes in and gets a special blowjob from Montana, Nautica and Ashly.

There isn’t a whole lot to love about this movie and yet I found myself enjoying it anyway. Parts of it at least. Kitty is always cute and in this movie she proves that she can be surrounded by cocks and still never get enough. Watching her stuff big cocks down her throat is more than enough reason for this movie to launch a few loads. I think I would rather watch her take on the guys all by herself, but her partner Nautica is a hot little babe herself. These two are worth watching even if the two blondes leave you cold. This may not be a great movie, but thanks to Kitty, there is enough of a beat and you can stroke to it.

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