Real College Girls 9


Real College Girls 9


90 Mins.



THEMES: Co-eds



STARS: Ander Page, Anika Fox, Dawn, Demi Marx, Friday, Geri, Kris, Kylie Rachel, Layla, Tina Tyler, Mark Davis, Anthony Hardwood, Tyler Wood,


Hustler sends women out onto college campuses for this series. They find hot young girls willing to work in porn for a little bit of spending money. What could be better than a fresh co-ed stripping and sucking right there in her dorm room? OK, yeah, it’s fake, but who cares? These girls are usually the right age to be in college and they are hotter than that average econ major so what more could we want? What I do like about this line is that they go onto campus and do some interesting interviews. Tina Tyler is the host for this volume and she’s the perfect woman to hold the mike.

Demi is the first girl and Tina has to go to a protest march to hook up with this brunette. They march in protest of fund hikes at the local community college. She follows Tina to a hotel room where Anthony Hardwood and Tyler Wood are waiting. Demi lies on the bed to let them kiss both sets of lips. She isn’t exactly bubbling over with energy as Tyler sticks his dick into her mouth. I think perhaps young Demi could use a few lessons from Ms. Tyler to increase her cock-sucking heat. She squat fucks both men in reverse cowgirl, moving back and forth on their dicks. Demi isn’t bad, but she just lacks heat even as the guys unload on her face. Don’t quit your day job kiddo.

Friday goes looking for Kylie on the campus of a technical college in LA. When she finds the brunette and finds Kylie sitting with her friend Layla. The dialog this time is really stiff so it’s a very good thing that they head for the hotel quickly. The girls get to the room and find Brett Rockman waiting. They waste no time before hopping into bed and going after his big dick. Friday moves in tight with the camera while the two cute brunettes do a really nice job double-sucking his rod. The energy level in this scene is better than the last, with the girls taking turns on Brett’s cock and adding a little rim action to boot. Friday decides that she needs to get her mouth involved for a shot, but hot blowjob. Brett has a nice big load for the two girls to share. This scene is a whole lot better than the first.

Tina is back, looking for Anika on the campus of Riverside Community College. Anika Fox already has a web site and is a dancer in the area, but she qualifies for this movie because she’s a student. Tina leads Anika to Xavier’s place and they get right down to some serious foreplay. He finds her young, college pussy to be very tasty and spends some time licking her slit. Anika knows how to use her tongue and pays special attention to his balls as she works up and down the full length of his shaft. With his cock nice and wet, Xavier bends Anika over and starts fucking her pussy. The young babe gets another dick shoved into her mouth and handles the pair pretty nicely. Anika really won’t need college if she keeps fucking like this and invests her money wisely. We all know that students are usually starving, so she even manages to turn sex into a meal when she takes two big loads right on her tongue.

Ander Page hits the OC for a trip to Golden West College. She goes looking for Geri near the bookstore. They sit down to do the interview right there on campus. Geri is a nice looking brunette who likes working with girls and admits to loving big fake titties. (Is it me, or does the footage on this video seem fuzzy and a bit out of focus at times.) They stroll over to Ander’s place where Chris, who just happens to have big fake boobs, is ready to play with Geri. The last thing a movie with questionable heat needs is a low impact veggie scene, but that’s just what we get here. They seem to enjoy licking each other a whole more than I’m enjoying watching. There is some toy play, but even this seems really dull.

Tina is back for the final scene with Dawn, another inland empire babe from Chaffey College. Dawn is petite, pale and quite covered up during the interview. Tina takes her to an apartment and wants to see what she looks like naked. Oddly enough, she is still petite, pale and covered up, by ink this time. Tina likes what she sees as the young babe as she rubs her horny little twat. In comes the guy and the kissing begins. Watching these two kiss is at once passionless and disturbing. Somehow a less intimate act between two people with such a lack of chemistry would be easier to swallow. He licks her pussy for a while and she returns the favor, but the heat never really rises above room temperature. Dawn bends over and gets her tight, hairless pussy plowed from behind. There is some decent eye candy as he pulls out and shoots on her face, but there is never any heat between these two.

There are some cute girls in this movie, but most of the scenes really lack sexual heat. I’m generally a big fan of the Hustler movies, so I’m disappointed with this one. It’s clear that Tina Tyler and Friday should have been giving lessons to some of the girls. Some of the interviews are pretty interesting, even the ones that are obviously scripted. This is where Tina’s scenes really shine. She handles the mike well and keeps us interested. If you are looking for the best scenes of a forgettable lot, Anika Fox takes on two guys really well. The three way scene with Friday in the mix has some good heat as well. Overall this movie has some decent co-ed eye candy, but lacks enough real hot action to push it into the recommendation pile.

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