Bigz & the Beauties 1



Biggz & the Beauties


95 Mins.

New Sensations


THEMES: Interracial Sex, Big Cocks




STARS: Kaylani Lei, Kelli Tyler, Ice, Violet Blue, Daliah & Biggz

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Biggz is the new guy on the block. More to the point, he’s the new ‘big’ guy on the block. Boasting a 13 inch tool, this guy seems set to be the next Sean, Lex or Jack Napier. On the other hand, he’s already had a career on the other side, doing gay movies. That would make him the next Peter or Julian I suppose. Personally, it doesn’t matter at all to me if someone does gay movies. I imagine much of stigma comes from a fear of HIV, but I’ve also heard from some porn fans over the years that they have a problem with guys who have done gay smut. Hopefully that won’t hurt Biggz too much because the guy certainly the equipment to make a big splash. He also has attracted some very hot women for his movies. This first disc has Kaylani Lei and Violet blue and I’ve got part two on my desk as well. Watching him lay the wood to girls like this is bound to be a whole lot of fun.

Kaylani believes in the taking good care of her man. When Biggz comes home, she is in a tiny pink outfit that doesn’t nearly cover her hot flesh. After stripping out of her clothes, she takes that big cock out and starts to suck it. That thing really is huge, but the beautiful Asian doll takes as much as she can into her mouth. It seems impossible to imagine that pole fitting inside of her pussy, but Kaylani mounts Biggz and takes most of it into that hot little hole. It’s pretty impressive watching her buck those tiny hips to swallow as much meat as she can. Her pretty face is the perfect target for a final blast of hot, sticky cream.

Biggz kicks back and wants to see Ice dance. She’s in a short, plaid skirt and really knows how to move her body. They go upstairs and she knees on the bed to get a good look at his cock. When I interviewed Ice, she said that she liked big dicks and she’s got one super-sized slab in her mouth now. He spins her around, takes her by the hips and guides his big rod deep into her pussy. We get a nice long look at her ass during cowgirl as Ice makes sure that she makes every inch of that pole vanish. Ice seems to be in Heaven as she pumps up and down on the full length of his tool. Biggz moves around and shoots his load right into her mouth.

Kelli Tyler looks really good in pigtails and her skimpy outfit. Biggz watches her rub her slit and slip two fingers inside. That won’t prepare her for what is to come, but the young brunette opens her mouth wide to let him sample that orifice first. With a look of determination on her face, Kelli shoves more than half of his rod down her throat. The look changes when he pushes into her pussy. She looks like she might be having second thoughts about having that much man inside of her. Once she is warmed up, Kelli sits on his lap and makes it disappear. The alternate between doggy and mish until it’s time for her wear his DNA on her smiling face.

Violet Blue and Biggz start out in a beautiful hallway, caressing each other as they work their way into the bedroom. Sporting darker hair these days, Violet is still super cute and ready to take on the biggest in the business. She knees on the bed and strokes him with both hands into her beautiful little mouth. While sucking his dick, Violet has a look of total desire on her face, like she just can’t wait to feel it inside of her. With her pretty ass turned to the camera, she lets him slide in all the way. Violet must love it big because she rides like a woman who just can’t get enough. In mish, she lifts her legs and curls her toes as he goes deep inside of her tight young body. She looks great in every position, but the doggy is really fantastic looking. He finally rolls her over, fucks her in mish and then shoots all over her belly. With the cock resting on her stomach, it nearly reaches her nipples.

Daliah is not as cute as some of the other girls, but she is so petite that it’s going to be very interesting watching her take on that monster. With both of her hands around his shaft, she still can’t seem to get all the way around it. Daliah sucks the head vigorously to get it wet. We don’t get see much of her body before the fucking starts, but that shaved little pussy gets stretched by his long strokes. Her energy isn’t super high, but she takes every inch in her pussy from behind. When she gets into reverse cowgirl, Daliah is really impressive, taking every inch and looking pretty damn good the whole way down. He ends up taking a load of cum all over her face.

Biggz debut is an impressive one. The scenes are well lit, well shot and very easy on the eyes. They haven’t gone the freak-show mode and there is not a lot of the usual racial play that we would see in a movie like this. Biggz has got a super huge cock, a tight body and he seems to work really well with the women. Kaylani opens the movie with a really hot scene. She looks as good as ever and takes on a whole lot of meat. Violet Blue probably gives us the best scene, working that huge pole like a true, pint-sized size queen. Ice and Kelli Tyler also turn in good scenes that make them look better than ever. Even Daliah’s scene is worth a few strokes. Any time the least brilliant scene in the movie can be this hot, you know you’ve got a winner. If Biggz can keep attracting this kind of quality female talent, then this is series is going to be as big as he is.

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