Babes in Pornland: British Babes

Babes in Pornland: British Babes


108 Mins


DIRECTOR: Jewel De’Nyle

THEMES: Big Tits




STARS: Layla Jade, Donna Marie, Bev Cocks, Ashley Long, Flick Shagwell, Jewel De’Nyle, Brian Surewood, Manuel Ferrara, Anthony Hardwood,


Jewel De’Nyle has a good eye for talent. She knows how to get the most from the women in her movies. For this volume of her Babes in Pornland line, Jewel has gathered the best British sluts she could find and put them together in one movie. The UK has been churning out hot chicks at a good rate lately. Layla Jade, Flick Shagwell and Ashley Long are all in this movie and they are three of the better known British girl. Jewel gets herself into the mix, showing that American girls can fuck and suck just as well as their slutty sisters from across the pond.

Layla Jade gets us off to a hot start. She strips down, showing off her big boobs and tight little ass. As soon as a hard cock gets close to her, she takes it all the way to the root with no effort at all. Anthony Hardwood isn’t packing a big slab of meat, so Layla easily works it over, licking his balls and making sure he’s nice and wet for her slit. She encourages him verbally as he bangs away, making those big boobs shake on her chest. They move into doggy where we get a good look at Layla’s body while she pretends she is being fucked by the best cock she’s ever felt. She looks great in reverse cowgirl and with a tilt of her hips, she’s got him right up her tight ass. With no problem at all, she takes every inch up her bum and is quick to get on the ground to take his spunk across her smiling face. Layla is still one of the best performers in all of porn, even when the guy isn’t particularly up to the challenge.

Ashley Long is a tall, thin blonde who has followed in Layla’s footsteps, fucking anything and everything on her way to smut super-stardom. While she is busy rubbing her pussy, Steve Holmes comes in and stuffs his dick in her mouth. After a short blowjob, he moves between her legs to lick her slit. His fingers get her warmed up, but that cock is a challenge as she drops her weight down to take every inch. Ashley spins around to show us her ass and speeds up her strokes, loving that big dick and teasing us with some buns that we know will get busted in a few minutes. Steven enjoys her pussy for a while though, working into spoon before slipping back between her cheeks. He gives her all he’s got and she still has plenty of energy left to drop herself down in RCA. Ashley gets her ass pounded and then takes his load on her face, cleaning up the last few drops of cream with her tongue.

Bev Cocks is a new blonde with a killer body. Her face is all right, but it’s really hard to look at her body and not want to just jump all over her. Apparently Jewel agrees, because she gets in there with Bev. She slides between her thighs and shoves a couple of fingers up inside while licking her clit. Bev makes sure to repay Jewel for the nice treatment, working her tongue into her pussy and shows off her skills. Jewel has a big toy what looks like a glass baseball bat. Both women know how to use it and both take it quite nicely. The toy play is very hot in this scene and both women have really good energy.

Donna Marie is part of the new wave of British girls who come to the US and always seem to impress. Like all the other scenes, this one starts with her playing with her pussy and then a dick shoved in her mouth. Manuel Ferrara has a serious cock to stuff those lips. It takes a bit of work, but he fills her face with a lot of meat. There is no gentle build up to the sex. Once he gets a chance at her pussy, Manuel just pounds away. Donna doesn’t mind though. When she gets on top, she actually turns the heat up, working her hips like she wants to impale herself on that big thing. To put her to the test, he works out some aggression on her ass. He uses that big cock to ram her backside from behind and blasts a big load of cream all over her face.

Ever time I see Flick Shagwell, her hair is a shade darker. She uses a couple of fingers to warm up her meaty pussy. Before the sex starts, Jewel does a little strip as well. Since they are both already on the floor, it’s easy for them to pass Brian Surewood’s dick back and forth. Jewel is there to make sure that Flick does a good job. When he starts fucking the girls, Brian pulls out after a few strokes and makes the other taste it. Jewel settles in on the couch, ramming her fingers into her twat while Flick gets to ride on Brian’s rod. When it comes time for the anal, Flick does a great job, but it’s hard to top Jewel for ass busting scenes. Brian finishes off by slamming Jewel’s big round butt as hard as he can shoot a load for both girls to share.

This collection of British babes all get fucked in the ass and left covered in goo. Layla Jade is the best all around performer, but there are some great moments from each of them. Ashley Long and Flick Shagwell are great anal sluts, but Donna Marie is almost scary the way she gets totally wrecked. Jewel steps in for two of the scenes, outfucking Flick in the finale and then works Bev hard in a veggie scene. The energy is exactly what you would expect from a Jewel movie and the crop of Brits is tip top.

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