Young Latin Girls 5


Young Latin Girls 5


87 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Ray Anderson

THEMES: Latin Girls



STARS: Ander Page, Courtney Divine, Cherry Lane, Mariah Cherry, Gia Jordan,


The number of Latin-themed lines just keeps growing. It seems that porn fans have really developed a taste for south of the border hotties and Hustler isn’t about to miss a chance a dominating yet another gender. Veteran director Ray Anderson is in charge of this line that is vignette-lite with a few lines of dialog setting up the sex. Unlike Hustler’s Asian line, this one doesn’t really take us down to Latin America, but instead uses the girls from porn valley. They may not all be very “Latin”, but the ones in this volume are sure easy on the eyes.

Anger Page stars in the first scene which takes place in a barn. Ander is the farmer’s daughter who hits hard on the two stable boys. The lighting for this scene is a bit harsh, causing a really bad yellow glow and dark shadows. The guys don’t need much convincing, stripping their boss’ daughter and letting her blow them both as she kneels on the floor of the barn. She picks up the pace when she is riding one guy while sucking the other. Ander is a nice looking girl with a big tattoo on her right shoulder. She’s got pretty eyes that flash up at the guy she’s blowing while his friend hammers her from below. The sex moves along quickly with Ander flipping over for some anal as her pretty titties bounce invitingly. She likes that so much that she has the second guy move into position to fill her pussy. They pump her hard for a few minutes before dumping twin loads of go on her pretty face.

Courtney Devine is a curly-haired cutie who has plans for her man. When Valentino comes home and wonders why she isn’t ready to go to dinner, the young babe shows off her new outfit. Knowing a good thing when he sees it, Val joins Courtney on the couch for a passionate kiss. She makes her way down to his cock, enjoying the size with her mouth as she tries her best to make it all disappear. He uses his teeth to take down her panties and then sticks his freakishly long tongue into her ass. Now ready to take it all, the young girl pulls back her lets and gives him absolute access to her folds. There is a really odd angle during the reverse cowgirl, but otherwise the action is well shot. They roll her over onto her side for some outstanding anal action. Courtney even gives us some hot talk in Spanish as she gets her popper popped. As a reward for all that hard work, he sprays her face with goo and she sticks out her tongue to catch the last few drops.

Cherry Lane’s boyfriend is upset because the movie he wants to see is sold out. (I guess he didn’t pay attention to those freaky Fandango commercials.) She suggests that they stay home and get naked. That works out well for both of them. Cherry is a nice looking girl who looks about as Latin as your average NHL player with a cute figure and nice tits. She also has very pretty hair and looks really good with this lucky guy’s balls in her eager mouth. Finally shedding all of her clothes, Cherry climbs up on his dick and starts bouncing up and down. Her bare slit really takes a pounding when he gets on top. I like the way her skin looks and she shows great enthusiasm as well. In a very interesting editing decision, we cut from the sex to an external pan that really makes no sense at all. Back to the action, they are still going at it full speed until he pulls out to shoot onto her pretty face.

Mariah Cherry settles in at the bar for a drink. When she doesn’t have the 4.50 to pay for her drink, Brett Rockman locks the door and has her pay another way. This girl is pretty cute with some resemblance to the pop star she is named for. That makes for some very nice looking oral footage as the pretty girl does her best to inhale that big pole. Her eye contact is really good and as the clothes come off we get a nice look at her pretty little boobs. Brett moves her up onto the counter where we get some very odd angles of the pussy licking. Brett spends a long time making her wet before switching places so she can slide down his dick. Mariah changes the angle slightly by squat fucking, giving us a great tight shot of her pussy. About half of the action in this scene ends up suffering from low lighting and shadows, but when things are well lit, there is plenty to like. The doggy looks good, but Mariah’s face covered in Brett’s jizz is the real highlight here. Maybe she can’t hit the high notes, but this Mariah knows what we want to see.

Gia Jordan is another girl who doesn’t look like she belongs in a Latin line, but is cute nonetheless. She pulls her legs back to reveal a very pretty pussy that her man licks until it’s shining with spit and ready for action. After licking her ass, he kisses the pretty girl. Gia is nice to look at, but her sexual heat is not as high as some of the others. Her dirty talk is stiff and totally un-erotic. When she stops talking and starts sucking cock, things get better in a hurry. Though Gia is not the greatest cock sucker in the movie, she gives us lots of eye candy and seems to like what she’s doing. The blowjob is too short and the sex is rather routine. When they go for doggy, she talks a little bit about her “Cuban ass” and her “baby pussy” but it’s too late for this scene to be anything but a weak link in a pretty strong chain. She does have a nice round ass that gets shown off nicely as she rides. The facial is decent, but this is not a strong scene to end a movie on.

I don’t know if this movie is really for guys who dig Latin girls so much as guys who just like well shot sex scenes. There are some lighting issues that cost the flick a few points, but the girls are pretty damn hot. I really liked Mariah and Courtney is picking up steam. Cherry gives a really good scene as well. There is not a lot of Spanish which I know is what some people really dig. The energy is good, though this is pretty mild sex. It’s not going to go thrill the freak show porn crowd, but it’s easy on the easy on the eyes and a good, if not always great, stroke movie.

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