Hillbilly Honeys


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Hillbilly Honeys


85 Mins

Wicked Pictures


DIRECTOR: Jace Rocker

THEMES: Jean Shorts, Costumes, Comedy

CONDOMS: Some Noted



STARS: Serenity, Stacy Valentine, Alexandra Silk, Cinderella, Tatiana, Steve Hatcher, Jonathan Morgan, Alex Sanders, George Kaplan, Mitchell Gant, Peter North



With Serenity’s first post-Wicked movie just hitting the shelves, it’s time to also review one of her most recent Wicked releases. The movie was shot years ago and is just now hitting DVD to give a whole new crop of fans the chance to check out Serenity with a young Stacy Valentine and a few other cuties who have all moved on to their post-porn careers by now. Hillbilly Honeys is a Jace Rocker flick, so we know that there will be some corny jokes in between the sex. (Good-corny, but corny just the same.) The story revolves around some Ozark land that the Government needs to get from the local hillbillies who live there. They send in Peter North because he was born down there.

Serenity, Stacy and Alexandra Silk are the down home cousins who try and shoot Peter before welcoming him home. Since Stacy is actually only a cousin by marriage, she can get it on with Peter. He puts her on the bed and spreads her country cunnie for some serious tongue action. The pig-tailed blonde puts Peter on his back and starts licking from his balls to the tip of his long rod. Giving great eye contact, Stacy delivers one of her best blowjobs before spreading her thighs again. The hurry through a three position fuck before he jerks a big load all over her pretty face.

The mine is split between Peter’s family and the folks next door. He pays them a visit to get their name on the lease. Steve Hatcher is the old man in charge of the family and he isn’t very cooperative. After sending Peter away, he enjoys his child-bride Cinderella. He slides down and starts licking her smooth slit, working her pussy into a frenzy. Even though he said that she was past her prime when he married her on her eighteenth birthday, we see why Cinderella won herself a man. She gives great looking head, working him hard in her hand before riding his dick. Standing up, Cin holds her cheeks open while he fucks her from behind. This girl is really skinny, but is quick when it’s time to spin around and take a shot on the face.

Hatcher sends his grandsons, Steve Hatcher and Mitchell Grant, over to find out more about the deal. Instead they get distracted by Alexandra. They both go after her, but at this point, my DVD crapped out. There was something on the surface of the disc that made it impossible to get beyond the first few seconds of this scene. Based on the scenes on the main menu, there are two left. Serenity and Cinderella get together and then Peter gets Tatiana.

From what I saw of the movie, it was a pretty good sex comedy with decent action. Before the problems, the picture quality was good as usual. The Stacy Valentine scene with Peter is very hot and features an outstanding blowjob as well as a first class facial. Watching Jonathan Morgan in Ozark garb and listening to really bad hillbilly accents is always worth a few laughs.


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