Back 2 Evil


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Back 2 Evil


140 Mins.

Evil Angel

DIRECTOR: Nacho Vidal

THEMES: Rough Sex, Bondage, Big Tits, Interracial Sex.




STARS: Belladonna, Julie Knight, Katja Kassin, Avy Scott, Alicia Rhodes, Ashley Long, Velvet Rose, Nacho Vidal, Wesley Pipes, Boz, Manuel Ferrara


As the title says, Nacho Vidal is back with Evil Angel. He shot for them for a short while before working for a few other companies. Now that Nacho is back home, we can only imagine the kind of action he is going to unleash. Always a high-energy performer, Nacho has cranked things up for his own movies. I like hard sex with performers who can handle the action, though not all of his stuff really turns me on. For his new Evil Angel title, Nacho has brought along some women who are well known for their high-impact fucking. On again/off again girlfriends Belladonna headlines a group of women who really know how to work it. Julie Knight seems to pop up in every rough sex movie on the shelves these days, Avy Scott is one of the best all-around starlets working today and busty Alicia Rhodes is quite the fireball herself. I’m sure that Nacho is going to have a good time putting this group of babes through their paces.

In the opening scene “Geisha Training” Velvet Rose tells Nacho that she is having trouble with one of the new girls, Katja Kasson. They let the shy girl watch as Velvet gets down and shows her how to suck cock. In full make up, Katja manages to take quite a lot of dick into her hungry mouth. Still not convinced that she is ready, they tie her to a rack and make her watch as Velvet chokes on dick. Eventually they bend Katja over and Nacho fucks her from behind. I’m not particularly attracted to either woman in this scene, so it’s not doing much for me. There is some good action and a nice shared cumshot, but I wouldn’t have chosen this scene to open the movie.

Alicia Rhodes like surprises and Nacho tells her that he has a few for her. She puts on a blindfold and is manhandled by a pair of guys. When she takes it off, Alicia finds Wesley Pipes and Boz ready to give her some black dick. Hesitant at first, Alicia tries to spur them on a bit. Boz takes her by the hair and guides her head on Wes’ dick. The action is very hot, but Nacho has Wesley talking non-stop and that’s a total bone-kill. She does some great riding with her pussy and opens up both holes for some super sized DP. Alicia does great anal and takes two big loads on her face. This girl is nasty and proves it with this scene.

Julie Knight is out selling cherries in a very revealing outfit. This smells an awful lot like a cheesy porn set up to me. Ashley Long doesn’t like the innocent young girl and has her dragged inside and abused by Nacho and Manuel Ferrara. They work over both women, making it rough on Julie. She is forced to choke on cock and lick ass before they blast her little asshole. Even if you don’t find Julie to be all that cute, you have to love the way she can take a lot of cock and keep smiling. Both girls get slam fucked in the ass, with Ashley stealing a lot of the thunder during a leggy DP that has her packed with prick and loving every inch. After making her lick cum form Ashley’s ass, they stuff her in the refrigerator.

Avy Scott is tied up and gagged in Nacho’s basement. From the menacing dialog, I gather that she tired to steal from him and now has to pay. He rubs a gun against her pussy and makes her suck on the barrel. Eventually he puts down the gun and starts her over with his fingers. Avy is totally hot with a cock in her mouth, so the short blowjob isn’t quite enough to make me happy. Nacho bends her over though, spilling his cock right into her pussy. He uses a wine bottle on her ass and then rubs his feet all over her face. She is more comfortable with her tongue up his ass. From there she just hops on his cock and starts bouncing, letting those perfect tits flop about for our viewing enjoyment. After giving her an energetic boff, Nacho shoots a big load right into her mouth.

Bella starts her scene by dancing in a cage. She shows off her fantastic body until Nacho approaches the bars. He sticks his cock into the cage and watches her begin to devour every inch. He fucks her face until she drools all over the place and has tears running down her cheeks. When he has totally choked her, Nacho gets into the cage, he canes her ass and gets her ready to be drilled. Not about to just fuck her pussy, Nacho bends her over and slams that tight ass like he’s trying to break her. She gets on top, spreads wide and shows off her pussy while he destroys the back door. These two always give great scenes and this one is a very high voltage fuck.

Nacho Vidal is back and he’s bringing some serious action with him. The scenes in this movie are very well shot, with a slight nod to the darker, more artistic side of porn. He’s collected some very hot women for this sort of action, making each scene a high energy adventure. Belladonna and Nacho hook up for a scene that shows both performers at their high-impact best. My personal favorite is Avy Scott who proves that she can take anything that can be dished out. Alicia Rhodes does a really hot interracial three-way. This girl is just filthy and fits right in here. Yes, Nacho is back and he’s going to bringing some serious energy to the table.

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