Pop That Cherry 3


Pop That Cherry 3


93 Mins.

Anarchy Films


DIRECTOR: Dale Jordan (Or Maybe Corey Jordan)

THEMES: New Girls



STARS: Layla, Cindi Lee, Domino, Katie Morgan, Katarina McKenna, Trevor Zen, Lee Stone, John West & Brett Rockman


The Jordan Brothers are now churning out movies for Anarchy Films. Dale Jordan has been making movies for quite a while and has proven that he can do a good job when he has a decent cast to work with. What is really interesting is that the credits on this one list Dale’s brother Corey as the man behind the camera. Whichever Jordan brother actually directed this title, we can all be happy that we get to see Cindi Lee on the cover instead of a bare chested director. Hey, the Jordans are fine looking men, but I imagine most porn-hounds are more interested in looking at cute teen babes than they are in guys posing on their own box covers.

Cindi shows up on the basketball court looking for her boyfriend. Brett Rockman is her man’s brother, but won’t tell her what she wants to know until she plays ball with him. The game quickly becomes a full-contact affair that leads them inside. Brett helps her out of her clothes and we get a quick look at her body. He goes down and licks her pussy. Most of the footage is good, but there are a couple of shots that just make you scratch your head. (An armpit view?) There are some similarly odd shots during the blowjob, but watching Cindi suck cock is generally very easy on the eyes. She gets on top and starts bouncing up and down. This gives us a nice shot of her butt which is quite decent. Her moans are a bit too canned and Brett seems to be mailing it in a bit. I like the eye candy factor in this scene, especially during the reverse cowgirl, but some of the shots are just off. Thankfully the pop is well captured and Cindi takes it right in her mouth.

Katie Morgan is always good for a great scene. This cute blonde has a great body, a sexy personality and a voice that is just too cute for words. She opens her scene in a bubble bath, getting nice and clean until John West can join her. He lifts her onto the edge of the tub and slides a finger into her waiting little slit. Loving his mouth on her pussy, Katie is more than happy to return the favor. She gets her mouth around his cock and gives great eye contact. Eventually, she gets her hands into the action, but this is mostly a mouth only BJ. Facing the camera, she slides her pussy down around his cock and bucks her hips. Katie looks really good in this position, particularly when the camera isn’t zoomed in just on her pussy. John fucks her hard from behind, tugging on her blonde hair a bit as he bangs away. Like a good girl, she spins around and sucks him clean in between positions, setting things up for a final mish rush to the finish. This time the camera is in too close for the facial, but even the less than optimal angle can’t keep this from being hot. Katie is strokeable as always.

Katarina McKenna is a very cute girl with tightly curled black hair and a sweet face that has girl-next-door written all over it. Lee Stone sits her on the couch and tells her that they have to break up because she just isn’t sexually adventurous enough for him. As he tries to explain things, he lets it slip that he banged her sister. Katarina isn’t happy, but wants to show Lee that she is better than her sister. She strips off her clothes and lets him taste her tiny titties. He didn’t complain about her oral skills, but she can only get the head into her mouth. Her body looks good as she tires to take more, giving us more pleasure than her blowjob gives him. They hook up for some standing 69 that is interesting enough to make me wish it didn’t end so freaking quickly. Lee puts her back on the couch and licks her pussy for a long time before he tries sliding that long cock up her shaved twat. The footage is very heavy on the close up shots, but when we pull back, we get a great view of her very sexy body. By the time he is done shooting a load onto her face, you can kind of see how this cute girl might leave a guy cold with her less than stellar fucking.

Layla is a sexy ethnic girl with long curly hair and an inviting tongue. She comes to visit Trevor Zen in a short skirt and see-through top so you know he’s in for a good day. They start out with some sort of strip roulette game, but drop that quickly. She bends over his lap in her bra and panties so that she can get her mouth around his dick. Trevor struggles with wood as she drools all over his dong. They pick up the energy a bit when gets on top and is able to fuck the hell out of her pussy. Layla gets really loud and gives him a big open mouthed kiss. They go back to blowjob in between positions and he’s nearly lip again. He finally pulls out and shoots all over her tummy.

Domino is a pretty cute little thing with long, jet-black hair and a perky set of nipples that just beg to be sucked. She shows up at Brett Rockman’s place and gets right to work servicing her client. When her clothes are off, she straddles his face and lets him go to town. Domino makes him stay there for a long time, using his tongue to drive her wild. When she finally opens her mouth and puts his big cock inside, she pretty girl gives tons of eye contact. Her blowjob is really good and they go for a bit of titty fucking on the way to having that tight twat rammed full of hard meat. Taking that big thing in her snug young slit makes Domino smile as she groans in ecstasy. They hook up for a solid fuck and a really nice facial to end the movie on a high note.

This is a pretty solid collection of fresh new talent. The girls are cute and most of the sex is really good. My biggest problem with it is the editing. I don’t know if the footage is off of if the editor just didn’t cut out the stuff that really doesn’t work. Even with the occasional out of place shot, the sex is really good in three of the scenes. Katie Morgan is the best looking babe in the bunch and delivers another really good scene. Cindi is a cute little thing who takes one right on the mouth. Katarina turns in a very nice performance, taking a whole lot of cock into her tiny little hole. Whichever Jordan directed this, it’s a good movie that just needs some serious tightening in the edit bay.

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