Private Black Label: The Scottish Love Knot


Private Black Label: The Scottish Love Knot


90 Mins.



THEMES: Costumes



STARS: Jodie Moore, Tony Di Sergio, Ginger, Jamie Woods, Bailey, Violet, Dan Stallion, Vanda, Michelle Louise


The Black Label stuff from Private is usually big, feature porn. So I guess we’re in for a movie with plenty of customs along with the great sex. It starts out with some good back-story about a conquering warrior, his prowess with ladies and how he loves but one woman. This man defeats enemies on the battlefield, fucks their women until they too are his and then runs home to the love of his life. Sounds like a pretty good gig to me. Since he’s got Jodie Moore to play with, it’s an even better deal. She is just one of the hot women in this movie, but she’s the hottest of the bunch so it makes sense that he gets to hunker down with her at the end of a hard day’s slaying and pillaging.

As the back-story ends, we get a nice looking scene outside. Robert and Jodie hook up. The scene is pretty routine with some good eye candy when she’s bouncing up and down in reverse cowgirl. All three anal positions look great, especially the closing mish thanks to her sexy legs. You have to love the way her toes are pointed as he pulls out and shoots all over her tits.

The story gets a little gets a little long here, with Robert dying, vowing to return and his lover pining away for him. The greatest lovers in the world are brought forth to test their skills and anyone who passes the test gets to drink from Grail and make love to Jodie. The first man is given a choice between three women. One is human, the other two are spirits who will devour him if he chooses one of them. OK, the visuals are nearly as cheesy as the story. We end with a nice looking blonde sucking this guy’s cock like she’s crazy for it. She squats over him, showing off her nice body and pretty boobs. There is some hot anal action as well, though the shadows get in the way just a bit during doggy. No such problem with RCA though, as the blonde pumps his dick until he’s ready to blow a big nut in her mouth.

The next guy has to service two women. To make matters difficult, his life is on the line if he doesn’t measure up. The girls start on each other, locked in a very hot 69 while he is bound near them. He finally gets in on the action, fucking one girl from behind while her friend waits for a turn. Things move very quickly as the works through both girls before giving the blonde a quick poke in the ass. He shoots a big load to cap a rather short scene.

Apparently the third guy is actually Jodie’s long lost love. Before they can be reunited fully, he must pass his own test. He must take a woman who has not spoken a word and make her scream with ecstasy. This blonde is the least attractive woman in the cast, but still look pretty good and has a set of meaty pussy lips that he enjoys playing with. Moving from there to fucking, he starts filling the girl with hard strokes. She doesn’t seem impressed though, barley moaning at all. He starts working on her ass with his fingers before giving her all the dick he’s got. The facial is captured in slow motion, killing some of the heat.

As a cruel trick, the fates use two of the men against Robert. They drink from the Grail before passing the test and are overcome with lust. While Robert has to watch, they take Jodie and make her writhe with desire. After getting her pussy warmed up with fingers, the first guy leans back for a great blowjob. Jodie keeps her fingers inside of her twat as she sucks and strokes his cock. His dick slides easily into her pussy and Jodie has a ball. She grinds her hips on top of him and lets him slam fuck her until he explodes all over her chest.

The power of the Grail is still strong in the room, so the three remaining women start going at ach other. Well two of them do each other while the third watches and plays with herself. By the time she joins the others, it’s time for some toy play. There is some really hot pussy grinding and decent dildo action as the girls work each other over.

Robert is overcome by the power of the Grail as well and he gets it on with a cute honey blonde while Jodie watches. There is a hot four-way fuck that has the two girls getting rammed in every hole and getting into some rather interesting positions. After a hard DP and a couple of loads fired onto the pretty girls, the guys keep drinking from the Grail. Oh man, that’s a bad idea.

There is enough story here to make it good for couples. The costumes and outdoor sex also give us lots of pretty action. These new Private movies have less of a hard-core feel to them, with more story and an obvious grab for the couples market. . I wouldn’t call it a couples movie exactly because the sex is plenty hot. Jodie is really good as always and her supporting players are fresh, well built and up for anything. Since I saw the VHS version, I can only guess, but I would imagine that this would be an even better looking movie on DVD. This is a great movie for couples or guys who love Euro-babes, anal sex and a little bit of eternal romance throw in for good measure.

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