No Cum Dodging Allowed


No Cum Dodging Allowed


140 Mins.

Red Light District


THEMES: Swallowing



STARS: Mercedes, Megan, Patricia, Amina, Pamela, Kattya Kassin, Jon Dough, Erik Everhard & Brian Surewood


Most of you already know that I think Mike John is one of the best directors/cameramen in all of porn. His movies are pure stroker perfection and he does by far the best POV in the business. He doesn’t clutter his movies with anything that get in the way, he doesn’t (usually) go the freak show route and he doesn’t feel the need to make himself the main focus. (Yeah, he’s been in front of the camera, but why the hell not.) Mike is a guy who makes porn for people who love porn. So, when he made the big leap to Red Light recently, I was looking forward to checking out his stuff. This is my first look at a Mike John/Red Light movie, but I doubt if much has changed. Always a stickler for cum swallowing, Mike stamps his no-dodging policy right on the box for this one. The girls will do more than just suck, but in the end, they are going to have to gulp down man-juice like good little porn whores.

Mercedes is a very attractive girl with a lot of facial piercings, a killer body and a voice that…well who knows. She walks into a room and without a word, gets down on her knees to start sucking Erik Everhard’s dick. She gives a great looking blowjob that produces the first load for her to swallow. Done with round one, she slips out of her clothes and shows of a body that is absolutely fucking amazing. I don’t dig the tats, but goodness, what an ass and those tits are to die for. Now she has two dicks to play with and doesn’t disappoint, quickly sucking them both to frothy finishes. It’s not time for all three guys to work her at once, letting her suck while being fucked hard in the pussy. Mercedes is a hungry young thin who can’t seem to get enough in her mouth even as the guys start shooting more cum. I love the reverse cowgirl footage of this perfectly built young thing slamming her hips down to take more cock. Her ass gets a good work out as well as the guys sort of work their way around in a circle. The DP footage is really well shot, especially when they stand her up and double fuck her tight holes. They finish her off with three more loads and Mercedes happily swallows them all. What a hot girl and what a perfect scene to kick things off.

Megan is a blonde French girl who tries to explain why she likes to swallow cum. Since she likes cum so much, Mike makes sure to send plenty of guys her way. She has three cocks to suck and does a really nice job working her way around a small circle of hard meat. Each guy gets to drop a load in her mouth so Megan can gulp it down and let them start fucking her. She gets pounded from behind, but the best shots come when her legs are pulled back towards her head and the shaved little slit is totally exposed. Megan has good energy and opens wide for a second round of cum. Now that she has swallowed six loads, she is ready to have her ass fucked. Everhard and Surewood do an A2M merry-go-round with Megan before Jon Dough re-enters the picture and they fill all three holes at once. The guys have one more shot in them, making sure the dirty blonde has enough cum to choke most sluts.

Patricia struggles a bit with English, but tells us that she is a cum eater. Her blowjob technique is OK, but Patricia has less heat in her oral sequence than the other girls. She holds her mouth open for a load of cum and then gags on it before the second guy can add his. Things pick up slightly when she gets fucked, but mostly it’s just nice to see her body while she gets pounded. Patricia isn’t setting the world on fire with energy, but she picks up a bit by the time she gets her second dose of Vitamin-C. Patricia lets the guys have their way with her, slamming her hard from behind and making sure her mouth stays full. There is some really good footage of her butt as she rides for a long time before the final round.

Amina is a nice looking young thing with a natural body and sexy lips. She kisses Brian Surewood before dropping to her knees and giving a loud blowjob. With a second dick in the picture, she has to work double time to make them both throb. There is cum shooting right into her mouth in no time and this little babe smiles as she downs both loads. To push her limits a bit, three guys now pound away on her, pulling out whenever it’s time to shoot cream. Jon Dough launches a very sizable wad right in the middle of the scene. Following the pattern, they start in on her ass, DP’ing her and giving her another complete round of cream.

Pamela is another nice looking girl who is very quick to drop and suck. She goes at it hard and fast with her mouth until the first loads come spurting out. The cute young babe holds it in her mouth for a while before downing it like a real pro. I like the energy in this scene as the guys start fucking her pussy. Pamela throws her legs back and just moans with a mouth full of cock as the guys bang away. She leans back and spreads wide to take a hot DP as she sneers at the camera. (Sneer is the wrong word. She’s got his sexy, fuck me face going on.) They feed her one more round of cream before dismissing this hot little fuck toy.

Kattya is the last girl in the movie and she’s a very nice looking brunette. This horny German girl is quite noisy when she sucks cock, getting things very wet as she bobs her head from one dick to the next. The guys push her onto her back for access to her shaved twat. Her box takes a pretty good slamming and so does her ass. Some of the cum goes down her throat thanks to some A2M action. I really like this girl’s body and the way she pushes back to take more into her ass. The DP is well shot of course and Kattya is quite vocal as the poke her in both holes. The big finish comes as the last few drops of cum in the room get dropped into her waiting mouth.

This movie is perfect for anyone who likes to watch girls swallow cum. Each scene has more popshots than you can count and not a drop gets wasted. If you don’t happen to dig swallowing, there is still a lot of great sexual action. There is vaginal, anal, DP and plenty of A2M. The cast is filled with new girls who all handle the action very well. I love the fresh new babes, their great attitudes and the way this movie looks. Mike’s camerawork is flawless as always and the movie is pure stroker perfection. His swallowing movies aren’t my favorite, but after seeing this one, it’s clear that Mike John has picked up where he left off. I can’t wait to see his next POV release.

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