116 Mins.

Elegant Angel

DIRECTOR: Jake Malone

THEMES: Rough Sex



STARS: Summer Luv, Sapphire Rae, Natalia Wood, Diamond, Ashly More, Jasmine Lynn, Jay Ashley, Manuel Ferrara & Jake Malone


I wasn’t sure what kind of movie this was going to be since I’m not that familiar with Jake Malone’s work. The title sequence pretty much cleared it up for me and I am tempted to just shut it off and find something else to watch. This is going to be another rough sex movie which means two hours of un-sexy shit in my eyes. I like women, I like sex, and I even like hard sex. That doesn’t mean that I like watching chicks gag, choke, spit up and nearly puke on guys instead of sucking dick. It’s one thing when these movies are specifically S&M titles, but mixing this fetish with regular sex just makes for really unappealing porn to those who just want to see hot chicks fuck and suck. To make matters worse, this isn’t exactly a cast full of raving beauties. I see a couple of girls I like, but few that I would mark down as A-list.

Summer Love is a petite little redhead who shows off her body while smoking a cigarette. The scene looks like it’s shot in Max Hardcore’s house and Summer is the kind of chick Max would love to mess with so I guess it’s fitting. When she puts a butt plug into her ass, Jay Ashley enters and immediately starts fucking the prone girl. He spins her around so that her mouth is exposed, making her lick his ass and then choke fucking her. Summer takes Jay easily down her throat and then right up her ass. Moving from hole to hole, he just pumps away. Summer takes it fine, but has no real heat at all. She’s just a warm body with three holes for him to fuck. (What’s with the heel grabbing?) If Summer was average looking before, this scene does nothing to improve that rating. I like the way she takes it in the ass, but the slobber, the fish-hooking and the face stomping just make for ugly sex. (This scene actually makes me appreciate Max a lot because it’s a straight Hardcore rip off that fails to even be a good imitation.) Jay shoots an A2M load onto her face, bringing the first scene to a close.

Sapphire Rae comes into the room blindfolded and bound so she can be spanked by director Jake Malone. If you like the bondage element, then you might want to stick around for this scene. Once her ass has been whipped, Sapphire is forced to choke on cock and lick some droopy man ass. He takes off her blindfold, but then really makes her munch colon. If watching a girl tongue fuck a guy gets you off, then you will want to save this scene for your personal archives. When she finishes with that and gets back to the blowjob, Sapphire nearly pukes all over his dick and then licks up that pre-vomit. He shoots on her face, ending a scene that has S&M appeal, but nothing at all nice to look at.

Manuel Ferrara starts off with Natalia Wood. They both spank her ass, getting her motor running before she can put his dick in her mouth. She is a pretty nice looking girl who does her best to fit that big cock between her lips. He doesn’t force the issue, but she does, giving us the first rather interesting footage of the movie. That ends when he tries to gag her with four fingers. (And the appeal here is?) Natalia has a really nice ass that is on display during cowgirl. Manuel fucks her hard enough to make her cheeks really quake. They fuck with a lot of energy and there is actually some nice looking footage for the first time in the movie. It’s not gentle, especially when he’s slapping the shit out of her ass in between deep strokes, but it’s not the kind of ugly shit we saw in the first two scenes. He shoots a big load right into her mouth, leaving her messy, well fucked and totally out of breath.

Manuel is back, this time playing the blindfolded blonde Diamond. She has a plug in her ass that he pulls out and makes her lick clean. It goes back in so she can crawl over to him. Before letting her suck his cock, he chokes her until her face turns red. There is a quick blowjob before he starts fucking her twat. Diamond isn’t all that great looking, but seems to be up for anything and certainly likes his big cock in her pussy. There is some good anal footage as she takes that fat cock up her butt. Diamond’s face and tit scars aren’t so great to look at and what the fuck is that cottage cheese looking shit that’s all over her pussy and thighs? Her anal abilities make the scene watchable and Manuel gives her a big load to taste at the close.

Ashly More is right up there with Julie Knight when it comes to chicks who seem to thrive on rough sex. So in she comes with something that can only be described as headgear from hell and a blindfold. The device comes off quickly so she can start sucking cock. She easily takes him to root and licks his asshole for a while. There is some spanking with a riding crop and a while as eh bends over a desk. Some of the blowjob footage is good, but unless you like watching guys spit all over a girl’s face, then you can pretty much skip most of this. It goes from bad to worse and breaks down until there is no real sexual appeal other than the brutality factor. Thankfully the scene comes to an end and we’re almost finished with this movie.

I just saw Jasmine Lynn in a very hot scene from Andre Madness so I know she can look really good. The tease sequence before this scene is quite hot and little Jasmine is one strokeable little slut. This doesn’t really fit with the rest of the movie, but it’s damn sexy. She wears herself out with a toy and is fast asleep when Manuel comes home. He finds a number of creative uses for a silk scarf and ends up stuffing it into her juicy slit. Jasmine crawls around the room to earn a chance at his cock. She sucks it and licks his ass for about a minute before mounting his monster prick. Her petite body swallows up every inch so he finds other ways to push her to the limit. There is some light spanking and choking before she goes for a big reverse cowgirl anal. This is the best looking scene of the movie and features some great hard sex, gaping and plenty of eye candy from the hot blonde. She gets choked by his fingers near the end, but finishes strong with a great facial.

Rough sex seems to be the next wave sweeping over gonzo porn. It’s not the kind of stuff that turns me on so a whole movie of it is bound to leave me more bored than excited. Since I know a lot of you do enjoy this kind of action, I’ll tell you that it’s pretty well shot and the women all handle the sex well. Jasmine Lynn is a very cute girl who takes a great ass fuck at the end of the movie. Natalia Wood gives us a pretty solid scene as well, but the rest of the movie just left me cold. I didn’t find the woman attractive and the less than flattering activities don’t make things any better.


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