Euro Girls Never Say No


Euro Girls Never Say No


140 Mins.

Platinum X Pictures

DIRECTOR: Steve Holmes & Manuel Ferrara

THEMES: Euro Babes




STARS: Michelle Wild, Sissi, Simony, Cornelia, Sandra Romain, Melissa Golden, Vivienne La Roche, Stella Hot, Ronita, Manuel Ferrara & Steve Holmes


I really love the title of this movie. It’s simple, but it captures what we love about the Euro babes perfectly. It wasn’t that long ago that a European girl in porn was a rare thing. When Private started to hit it big in the US and companies like Anabolic and Evil Angel started using Euro girls, we got a look at a whole new talent pool. Before this invasion, American porn fans weren’t used to seeing such beautiful women doing the kinds of things that Euro girls did. This never-say-no attitude is one of the things that we love about the Euro-babes. Holmes and Ferrara make an interesting team. Manuel is a young, good looking stud who always gives high-energy scenes. Holmes is a good looking guy as well, but has an un-assuming way about him until his clothes come off. Then his huge cock takes over and he can really lay some serious wood.

Manuel tells Steve that he has a surprise for him. While his eyes are closed, he sees Michelle Wild in a number of enticing outfits. This is a very pretty, stylized tease sequence that is quite different from the other Platinum X scenes I’ve watched. He finally comes out of his dream state with the pretty brunette sucking his big prick. She does a nice job of licking his balls, but he is in a hurry to get around to her ass and spread her cheeks for the camera. Michelle is a very good looking woman. Her body is nearly perfect, her face is beautiful and she’s a dynamic fuck as well. Right in the middle of the scene, Manuel comes in and now Michelle has to take on both big, hard rods. Fitting both of them in her mouth at the same time is one thing, but they want to double stuff her lower holes. She takes them perfectly, stopping only for a little A2M. The guys fuck her hard and she takes it like she’s fucking two small dudes. Manuel fucks her tits and shoots a big load out onto her face. Steve jerks his own stream down into her open mouth. Michelle is hot, the scene is smoking and this movie is off to a great start.

Manuel tells Steve that he’s not feeling well and doesn’t want to work today. In truth he’s got Simony and Cornelia sharing his cock. Hey, if you’re going to call in sick it might as well be for a couple of dick-starved hotties. They can barely get their lips around him, but the girls have great enthusiasm as they pass it back and forth. I wouldn’t say that either of these women is as sexy as Michelle, but you’re not likely to kick them out of bed for eating crackers either. Manuel dishes out the meat to both women, fucking them at a frantic pace in every hole. The RCA is especially good looking as both girls take it deep. He shoots his load across them both and lets them share a nice cum-swapping kiss.

Jean-Yves LeCastel makes a guest appearance, directing a scene between Vivienne La Roche and a couple of young studs. The redhead has a big smile, small tits and very nice skin. Steve and Manuel show up in the middle of the scene. Jean and Steve replace the guys and Manuel takes the camera so he can learn a special technique. They progress quickly to stuff her ass with cock. She gapes like a champ and takes them both in a standing DP. Vivienne holds her mouth open while the guys fill it with a ton of cream.

Steve is on the street when he finds Melissa and Sissi. He flashes some cash and takes them home with him. Apparently the best way to make sure that Euro girls won’t say no is to throw a whole lot of jack their way and then sit back while they service your unit. I’m pretty sure that the blondish chick with the big tits is Melissa. She’s got a big ass that shakes as she rides his cock. Her friend pulls it out every once in a while to get a taste. There is a lot of nicely shot action in this scene, but there just isn’t anything that really gets me going in this scene.

Manuel is really excited about getting to work with Sandra Romain. She’s a very pretty brunette with a nice body, so it’s easy to see why he might be up for a good time. He spends a lot of time sucking her nipples and admiring her ample ass as he gets to know her on a more intimate level. When she gets her mouth on his dick, Sandra seems pretty impressed as well. She takes his big dick to the root and strokes so fast that she looks like she’s trying to start a fire. When she gets on top, Sandra rides hard and Manuel slaps her ass until it’s nice and pink. He eventually turns his attention to her ass, fucking it hard for a while until Steve adds his meat to the mix. Even with two big dicks pounding away, she fucks like she’s looking for more. Double anal fans will enjoy watching the guys rub up inside of her stretched ass for a while until they shoot on her face. I like the post pop footage at the end of this scene and Sandra gets high marks for her energy.

Stella Hot and Ronita put on a little show for Steve. It makes his cock rise so he lets them do a number on it. Both of these girls are pretty and they do a really nice job with their mouths. Steve pumps them both from behind and moves from one tight to pussy to an inviting mouth over and over as they work through the vag positions. There is some great anal footage as he stuffs that whole thing into them. Both girls do A2M and happily share a big load. This scene is strong enough to make for a strong close to the movie.

There is some really good action in this movie. Holmes and Ferrara bring some things to this movie that I haven’t seen in other Platinum X flicks. The tease stuff is good, with a more glossy feel to it. Michelle Wild is the one girl in this movie who really, really caught my attention. The whole cast is pretty easy on the eyes and none of them are totally dead though some give much better scenes than others. I like the way the action is shot and the two guys behind the camera do a good job slinging the meat as well. I’ll be looking for their next movie and the next batch of Euro-babes they bring to the table.

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