Best of Peter North


The Best of Peter North

MOVIE TYPE: Compilation

75 Mins.

Hollywood Video

DIRECTOR: Compilation

THEMES: Peter North

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Peter North, Micki Lynn, Kiss, Brittany O’Connell, Melanie Moore.


These days, almost every porn chick who sticks around for six months has a comp tape made in her honor. It takes a special guy to warrant the same treatment. Peter North is one of those select few porn dudes who can fill an entire tape with his exploits. His cock has pleased porn babes for nearly two decades and his loads are legendary. The well-hung prince of popshots has fired plenty of volleys across countless faces, buns and boobs. Some of the best from his Hollywood Video releases are on tap in this one.

The first scene kicks off with Peter and a southern sounding blonde exchanging really cheesy dialog. Thankfully that ends after a few words and she gets right to sucking his dick. She does a really nice job with the tip of her tongue. Peter returns the favor, getting her ready to take that big prick deep inside of her pussy. He bends her over and fucks her for a while and then shoots a big stream of cum all over her ass.

Next up is a brunette who takes on Peter’s big rod in the dark. There are some artsy reflection shots, but mostly this is just a cock-hungry girl doing her best to service the throbbing member between her lips. She straddles his dick and we get a long close-up shot as her pussy as she pushes down around him. Peter paints her face with his monster load, rewarding her for doing all the work.

Micki Lynn gives Peter a short shoulder massage, rubbing her tits up and down his back and working herself into a frenzy as he talks. Eventually, Peter rolls over and makes his dick available for her oral affection. After a deep kiss, she works down to his nipples and finally gets her lips on his pecker. Micki lovingly plays with his cock, wrapping her panties around the base. She gives it a few strokes before sliding up onto him while it’s still tied up with her lacy undies. Peter takes her from behind, working that tight pussy hard and shoots a tick load all over her puckered asshole.

Peter shows up in a superhero uniform to save the damsel in distress. She is being held by a pair of feline villainesses, Kiss and Brittany O’Connell. They get down to business, passing his cock back and forth as they suck it. Both women are super hot cock-sluts who can’t wait to feel every inch. Kiss takes it first, getting fucked from behind while licking Brit’s pretty kitty. When the redhead gets her slit filled, the action cranks up a notch. Peter backs up and shoots a super human load all over their pale flesh.

Peter and Kelly Richards are attending some sort of retreat for anally repressed couples. (I am assuming it’s Kelly who wants it in the bum, though this early scene could be flipped.) Kelly was always a fine slut and she gives a great blowjob here. He rolls her right over and stuffs her hairy muff with meat. She begs him to pump her ass but he never gets out of the box. Instead he shoots a quick, but huge load all over her slutty face.

In addition to these scenes, Peter gets busy in a couple of other scenes with chicks who are long gone. The picture quality is a little shaky at times, but that’s because some of the scenes are nearly twenty years old. Peter’s super cock gets worked over and he launches some legendary shots. This comp is great for the nostalgia value and the three-way with Kiss and Brittany is worth the price of admission.

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