Young Ripe Mellons 2


Young Ripe Mellons 2


140 Mins

Red Light District

DIRECTOR: Vince Vouyer

THEMES: Big Tits, Natural Tits, A2M



STARS: Tiana Lynn, Reese, Caitlin, Adrianna, Alicia Rhodes, Scotti Andrews, Mr. Marcus, Randy Spears, Joel Lawrence & Dick Delaware


Vince Vouyer does certain things as well as anyone in porn. He is one of the best in the biz at finding new girls and his real tit lines are probably the very best on the market. This started way back when he was doing “Nice Rack” and has continued with the Young Ripe Mellons (sic) movies. The first YRM vid was one of my favorites from last year and this one is getting a lot of buzz in the fan forums. Just looking at the title sequence it looks like we are in for a whole lot of hot action. Not only do Vince’s movies bring us big, natural tits, but they also feature well shot sex. In short, they are the perfect combination for a raincoater who happens to love big tits. (Or someone who doesn’t especially love them, but just likes great sex.)

Tiana Lynn leads things off and she’s got the whole package. Her nineteen year old tits are perfect (Pierced if you like ’em) and her face is highlighted by a pretty set of blue eyes. Vince likes her so much that he passes the camera and gets in there himself. With his fingers in her tight little hole, Vince enjoys the taste of her metal adorned nips. At nineteen, Tiana already knows how to suck dick and gives really good eye contact for a new girl. Vince doesn’t let her use her mouth for long though, bending Tiana over, pulling her panties down to her thighs and filling that fresh teen pussy. The tit shots come in when she is in reverse cowgirl and bouncing as hard as she can. After another short blowjob, Vince slides her onto her side and slips up into her ass. Tiana knows just how to finish off a scene, getting down on her knees to suck a load from Vince’s cock.

Scotti Andrews is back in porn and looking a bit different. She’s lost the curly hair seems to have lost a bit of weight (even in the tits) and thankfully trimmed her once overgrown bush. Randy Spears and Joel Lawrence feast on her boobs and encourage her to talk, but her mouth is too full of cock. It’s too full to talk maybe, but she gives a very nice looking double blowjob so that’s just fine by me. She gets on top with her dress bunched around her middle for some very hard reverse cowgirl. The dirty girl moves from cock to cock, breathlessly servicing them. Scotti reaches back and spreads her cheeks for some deep anal from Spears while she moans around Joel’s huge dick. After some truly outstanding anal, the guys double up in her holes. The DP is short, but after Joel shoots his load on her face, Randy fucks her tits and feeds her a second load. This was a truly impressive scene.

Adrianna is a very hot black babe with a pretty face, an awesome rack and a big smile. Once again Vince puts himself in front of the camera for a hands-on interview with this nineteen year old beauty. Adrianna has a good personality during her interview, but let’s face it, we want to see those big tits on display. Vince goes right for the pussy though, slipping into her tight hole while she plays with the boobs. Adrianna seems a bit apprehensive about the harder strokes, but her tits are pure visual perfection. The best shots come when she faces the camera and rides. I know this is a tit movie, but the close ups of her pussy steal the show. We get a really good, long blowjob before Vince puts her in piledriver. Her hue tits nearly smother her in this position, but it pushes him over the edge. Adrianna gets cum on her lips and all over her big tits.

Caitlin is a London girl with a round face, a soft body and 32dd breasts. She seems eager to get started and Mr. Marcus is only too happy to oblige. He puts Caitlin on her knees and fucks her big boobs. This part of the scene is great and things move quickly from her. She mounts Marcus with her ass and slides those chubby cheeks right down around his thick black pole. After pumping for a while, she cleans him off with her mouth and lets Marcus slam away from behind. Caitlin has a genuine love for tick in her bum and gives Marcus all the access he could want. The A-only scene ends when he shoots onto her face and Caitlin rubs it all over her cheeks and lips. There is a lot of post-pop footage in this one as the dirty blonde plays with the jizz for quite a while. (Bonus points for this for sure.)

Reese gives us a lot of tit jiggling before she introduces us to the rest of her. Vince brings in a guy named Dick to help him break in this smiling twenty-two year old. They each take a boob on feast on those 36c until she is ready to have something stuffed in her mouth. Vince feeds her meat while Dick licks pussy. She gives a pretty good double blowjob before facing the camera for some deep vaginal penetration. I like the hanging boob shoots we get when she is bent over Dick’s lap as Vince pumps her from behind. Her fucking is pretty average, but the guys blast her with two big loads for her pretty face.

Alicia Rhodes is another Brit with some dd knockers to show off. Do you think she had to check those things, or would they fit into the carry-on department? I like the way they burst out of her zippered top as Vince gives her an interview. He starts her off with some fingers up the ass before putting her mouth to good use. With some effort, Alicia works her lips all the way down to the base of his cock. I like the way this girl gives head and shows off her tits at the same time. Her energy level stays high as her ass gets plowed. This is another scene where the sex goes way beyond just the big boob audience. Alicia gives a nasty anal scene, doing A2M and licking Vince’s asshole. There is some great POV footage of her grinding her hips to take it her pussy, then her ass. This scene ends with a great shot in the mouth.

Bottom line: this is a great stroker movie. It’s backed with busty babes who like to fuck and the action is very well shot from start to finish. Obviously fans of big, natural tits are going be even crazier for it than those who don’t care about size, but everything about this movie works. Alicia Rhodes stands out for giving one of the best anal scenes I’ve seen in a long time. Kaitlin is wonderfully filthy and knows how to work her assets. Scotti Andrews is back and fucking with more energy than ever. This movie was nearly a ten, but Reese was a bit of a dead fuck, so Vince is going to have to settle for a 9+ on this one and then come back for the perfect score next time.

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