Buttman’s Bend Over Babes 4



Buttman’s Bend Over Babes 4



148 Mins.

Evil Angel


DIRECTOR: John Stagliano

THEMES: Anal Sex, Butts




STARS: Laura Turner, Susan, Ruby, Christy Lake, Goldie Starr, Alicia Pears, Nico Treasures, Shonna Lynn, Marki, Rocco Siffredi, Danielle Kelson, Joey Silvera, Ceran Morris, Jean Fourne,


Just about any Buttman movie is going to be worth renting/buying, but some of them are especially hot. I’ve got an entire shelf filled with Buttman movies and as these must-have movies are released on DVD, I am able to replace my well-work video tapes with brand new discs. The advantages are obvious, but this also leaves a lot more room on the shelf for additional Buttman movies. This Bend Over Babes movie stars a couple of women who didn’t stick around very long, but who should not be missed. British tart Laura Turner is a petite little girl who just never seemed to get enough cock. Nico Treasures hung around for a bit, though ended her career doing mostly veggie scenes. (And of course got herself booted from a Dodger game for a same sex lip lock.) Shonna Lynn makes an appearance in this movie as well. Though she has recently come back as a much heavier porn girl, Shonna version one was a curvy cutie with an expandable asshole. Speaking of expandable asses, Ruby put her ample ass on the line for Buttman and gives bun lovers a major treat.

Buttman and Rocco are on the streets when they catch a glimpse of Danielle and Laura Turner. Even though it’s cold, the girls are in tiny shorts and looking fantastic. Though not initially interested, they take a liking to Rocco and end up in a hotel room with him. Danielle might be more traditionally pretty, but there is something really sexy about dirty little Laura. She opens her mouth and jams it full of Rocco’s big cock. When not sucking, the naughty girl has her tongue up his ass. Danielle joins Laura for a quick fuck, but then vanishes from the scene. I don’t know what happened, but it could be that she just can’t handle that huge prick the way Ms. Turner can. Rocco doesn’t miss a beat, mounting Laura from behind and fucking her raw until her little pussy gapes. Working to her ass, there is no slowing down this sexual freight train. The energy level is great from performers. Laura rides his dick with her ass like she can’t wait to feel every inch. Rocco slam fucks her ass until it gapes and then gives Laura a big A2M facial finish. This is one of the hottest and nastiest scenes I’ve ever seen and it holds up well over time.

Buttman is out on the street when he sees Ruby and Christy Lake. He sweet talks them back to his place where we get to watch Ruby show how limber she is. It’s her cheeks that catch his eye, but she also does some hot tit fucking. Christy is not exactly my favorite girl, but she has good energy as they give John a little double blowjob action. The scene will be picked up later, but for now we’re on to the next girl.

Over in France, the whole Evil Angel crew is hard at work. While Buttman shots sexy Susan in one room, John Leslie is making a move in the next room. We get several minutes of fantastic tease as John and his photographer explore every inch of Susan’s body. The lucky guy finally gets his tongue into her holes. After such a long tease, the blowjob feels really short, but Susan has a talented mouth so it’s high-quality head. They work through a rather quick fuck session with the guy glazing her buns from behind. I like the way this scene started out, but it loses some steam when the actual fucking starts.

Christy and Ruby are back for more from John and Rocco. They take a ride that includes some teasing and a run-in with some fans from Brazil. When everyone is back at the pool, Ruby can’t wait to get her mouth around Rocco’s huge pole. Both she and Christy look pretty good in their bathing suits, but even better out of them. Rocco gets every inch of cock into both women, but Ruby steals all of my attention. Rocco rams her hard and deep from behind as she screams. Christy does her one better, giving Rocco access to her tight ass. He finishes off all over Ruby’s pussy as the girls are locked in a 69. This is another fantastic scene with great energy all around.

Out in the desert, Buttman finds Goldie and Alicia out in a parking lot. Both of them are dressed for action and with the help of Ceran, that’s just what we’re going to get. The girls follow them back to the room and both of them show off their big asses. Dolly is the prettier of the two and has a raging blonde bush that Alicia enjoys thoroughly. After a lot of teasing, Dolly finally gives her ass up to Ceran. He bangs her hard from behind for a few strokes before he pulls out and blasts her ass.

Marki, Nico Treasures and Shonna Lynn model for Buttman before the final scene. All of these women have some nice looking parts to show off, but there is just something about Nico that screams cock-hound. Rocco and Joey Silvera come in to help plug all those hot and waiting holes. Stud that he is, Rocco takes Shonna and Nico for himself. Shonna is looking a little heavy in this scene, but nothing compared to what has happened to her since leaving porn. Here she is just a busty little slut who seems to like bouncing up and down on a great big slab of cock meat. Marki stays busy riding Joey while Shonna shoves Nico back to meet Rocco’s pole. When everyone switches partners, Marki has to work extra hard to replace two hot chicks. Shonna gets her ass fucked hard by Joey who creams between her buns. The second load come from Rocco’s big dick and ends up right in Nico’s mouth.

Two of the scenes really stand out in this movie, with a third not far from behind. Laura Turner getting split open and slam fucked by Rocco is a top-notch scene to be sure. Ruby and Christy do a nice three-way with Ruby turning in one of her finest performances. I liked the big orgy at the end, but there just wasn’t enough if Nico and Shonna for it to be as good as the others. There is plenty of Rocco laying the wood to hot chicks and just a bit of Stagliano doing his Buttman routine to perfection. I only have one question. What happened to the chick with Laura?


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