Double Parked 3


Double Parked 3


113 Mins.







STARS: Olivia Saint, Ashly More, Katarina, Sapphire Rae, Lucy Lee, Kirsty, Patricia, Joel Lawrence, Brett Rockman, George, Boby, John West, Cheyne Collins, Mark Ashley, Denis Marti & Joe Monti


When Alex Ladd formed DVSX last year, he had a number of things going for him. One of the biggest assets the company had was his own skills behind the camera. He’s been one of the best shooters in the business for a while and as DVSX has grown, you can see his philosophy towards porn rubbing off on other directors. The action is well shot, there is a fair amount of tease and most importantly, the title tells us exactly what we’re going to get. You want to see girls get double penetrated; well that is what this one is all about. As usual, he’s got a good mix of US talent and Euro babes.

Olivia Saint is a blonde babe who has never been my favorite, but who always turns in great scenes. Alex gets some good close up shots of her before having her sit on his lap during the intro. (It’s good to be the boss.) After the short getting-to-know-you session two guys come in and feed her a whole lot of meat. Her head bobs back and forth between them so fast that she might just end up getting whiplash if she isn’t careful. To give her a little break, they bend her over and one guy pumps from behind while the other just leans back and enjoys her mouth. Olivia takes a ride, showing off her big ass while taking every inch of Brett Rockman’s dick as she does. Joel Lawrence moves in from behind and slips up into her ass. They give her a super sized DP for several minutes before coating her pussy and face with hot cream.

Lucy Lee is up next and she is a super fresh looking brunette. Alex has a good time stripping her panties off and showing us her fine ass. Two guys come in and start to work. I wonder if these dudes knew at the start of the day just how lucky they were going to be. They work her quickly, putting the pretty girl onto one hard dick while she moans around the second. Her body looks good in any position, but I love the shots of Lucy in doggy. They do a little double pussy on her before moving to the more traditional DP. Proving she can handle the action, Lucy takes it in a number of different positions. There is some great footage as one guy pumps her holes one after the other. After a perfect scene, the guys shoot onto her pretty face. Lucy is a great find and gives us one hell of a DP.

Sapphire Rae brings us back to the States. She is an enthusiastic young girl who says she loves DPs. How convenient that there are two guys waiting to fuck her silly. Her mouth slips down over Brett’s dick and she pushes that big thing to back of her throat. Even a big rod in her mouth can’t keep her quiet. Sapphire faces the camera and starts bouncing on dick, showing off her pretty little twat. With a pair of pricks inside of her, she keeps the energy high, proving that petite girls can double fuck with the best of them. The reward her hard with jizz on her tummy and her face.

Katarina is another super pretty brunette with gorgeous eyes and an inviting smile. Alex spends some extra time sitting with this girl before letting the guys get at her. One of them slides in between her legs to suck her pussy while she gets her mouth working. The shots of her on top are great eye candy and she matches the guys stroke for stroke. They double up in her pussy for a little big of dick rubbing before someone finally decides to bust her pretty ass. I love the hot Euro-girls and the way they are up for anything. On her back, she spreads wide and gets some more anal action while they finish their business on her pussy and face.

Ashly More is modeling her DVSX T-shirt as she smiles for the camera. She has a big thick ass that takes center stage as Ashly tells us how much she likes to take dick in the ass while another one fucks her pussy. Not as pretty as the other girls, she works extra hard to make us think that sucking cock is the only thing in life she really loves doing. She gets bent over and fucked from behind while she licks balls. When Ashley gets into RCA, we get a really good look at her tiny pussy. Damn, that thing looks as tight as an asshole. That hole also gets stuffed as well. This scene is nicely shot with good energy, but just isn’t quite as hot as some of the others.

Kirsty and Patricia double up for a fantastic finish. Kirsty is a blonde with really great tits and a pretty face. Patricia is also nice looking, with great legs. They each take a guy into bed and start working. Both of these babes look great naked. Patricia in reverse cowgirl is quite a sight, but I’ve got quite a crush on Kirsty and her sexy ass. Everyone moves in close to make the fucking easier from all angles. The anal is really well shot, including some really hot RCA from the blonde. After each girl gets double plugged, they finish up with hot shots on both stunning faces. This is the best scene of the movie, so stick around for the big finish.

This is a really well shot movie that gets right to the point. Even though it’s primarily a two on one flick, the best scene is the finale where two very pretty Euro-babes get pumped full of a whole lot of cock. Lucy Lee and Katarina are a couple of really pretty babes who bring up the eye candy factor a whole lot. The American talent isn’t nearly as pretty, but Olivia and Sapphire both do really good high-energy scenes. From start to finish, this is a solid sex flick with some nice looking chicks and a lot of well-stretched orifices.

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