Shanes World: College Invasion 1


Shane’s World: College Invasion 1


150 Mins

New Sensations

DIRECTOR: Camera Guy

THEMES: Coeds, Semi-Public Sex



STARS: Calli Cox, Taylor, Felix Vicious, Tanya, Brittney Skye, Cindy, Mariah, Slim Shady, Tony, Nacho & Ron Jeremy


The success of the Shane’s World trips to college campuses around the nation has spawned a new line of videos. Campus Invasion takes us back to school with the SW crew. This time, they stay close to home, hitting a SoCal campus for a non stop party. For anyone who hasn’t seen Shane’s World movies lately, get ready. If you haven’t seen what can happen when you point a camera at a bunch of drunken frat boys, then buckle up. If you haven’t watched a room full of fucked up co-eds dancing like strippers, then here we go. I promise you that you will get damn sick of the dreaded “woooo” sound, wonder how much beer a human can consume and learn once and for all that combining alcohol with drunken college kids creates instant assholes. Calli Cox leads a collection of really hot porn girls and we’re all hoping that Nacho is able to close the deal with at least one of the civilian hotties.

The crew arrives at the frat house and things get loud right away. Calli runs a contest where the winner gets a blowjob. She makes the guys put on diapers and cry like babies. The guy who wins actually pussies out and turns down his prize. Another guy named Matt steps up and gets sucked by Calli. They clear the room and he whips out his member. Calli goes right after it, sucking as hard as she can to make it rise. After a few strokes, he reaches respectability in both size and stiffness. Her skilled mouth milks out a pretty good load and we are treated to the lovely sight of Calli licking up every drop. I just want to know what it takes to get some of that action. Calli, I want to party with you.

Nacho and Brittney Skye are too hot to stand it so they move to a private room. He rams fingers into her and has the pretty blonde literally growling in the corner. Brit bends over and lets him just tear her up. The cramped spaces make the angles a little tricky, but I have never seen Brittney so on fire in any scene. She gets on top of him and slams her body full of cock while clawing at her clit. This is a very high energy scene is a lot of slapping. Nacho smacks her around and fucks that pussy like he owns it. Eventually he pulls out and shoots a tick wad all over her raw little pussy.

Calli holds another contest where three chicks show off their oral skills on a big dildo. Sadly, none of the girls are any good. Maybe they just aren’t used to anything with that much size. More guys line up to lick some nipples and the reward is again a blowjob. This time the guy has the balls to whip it out with the whole party watching on. Calli and Taylor work him over and the guy does a really good job of staying hard as they pass it back and forth. He shoots all over Calli’s tits with everyone cheering him on.

The crew shows up to make some guy named Jeremy’s dream come true. We have to cut the guy some slack because he’s nervous, but he sounds like he belongs in Beavis & Butthead. They put Jeremy into the back of a limo with Cindy Crawford and Mariah Cherry. The girls are supposed to be competing for his cock. The first stop is the Hustler store, but the action takes off when they show up in a big hotel suite. This whole segment plays a little like a reality-dating TV show and that’s a good thing. They share a meal, some good conversation and then the girls give him a five minute massage. Mariah does a really good job and Jeremy can hardly stand up when she is finished. Cindy doesn’t even bother with her hands, slipping her mouth of her his cock instead. Next is a blowjob test and by now Jeremy is in Heaven. The choice is difficult, but he chooses Cindy. (I’m not sure if I would have gone that way.) Now that he doesn’t have to hold back any longer, Jeremy can really enjoy her oral skills. Cindy gives a great looking blowjob and spreads her legs wide to show off her tight little pussy. Her hot slit is too much for him and Cindy gets two quick loads before settling in for a long reverse cowgirl. After a really long fuck, shot number three gets all over her face and tits.

Back at the party, we get another pro scene between Taylor and a guy. (Is it Slim or Tony? Does it matter?) He spreads her pussy and licks it for a while before taking her from behind. There is a really hot civilian watching as Taylor reaches back and shoves fingers up her own ass. The girls watching cheer loudly and slap his ass while he pounds away. They have to go into the bathroom to get a big facial finish. Ron Jeremy shows up at the party and you would think that he was Eminem, Kobe Bryant and Howard Stern all rolled into one.

Beautiful blonde Tanya James hits up some students with questions about sex. Some of them are interesting, but there are a couple of real dicks mixed in just for fun. The pay off for this portion of the movie is that we finally get to watch this cutie get busy. She joins a bald headed dude in a room for some quick banging. Tanya is super hot and looks great as she is eaten and has her ass tongued. Her pretty mouth works hard and gets his cock throbbing in short order. If any of the girls on campus looked this good, they could make the jump easily. Her energy is high and her body looks great from every position. This well shot scene ends with a really nice facial. I’m waiting to see more of this babe as soon as possible.

Calli and Felix Vicious show up for a smaller college party. They are the main entertainment, clearing out a space in the center of the room for some veggie action. Felix is really cute and hangs right in there when Calli busts out the strap on. This scene seems abbreviated, with the action jumping around much more quickly than usual. When they finish, there is a contest planned where the winner gets a blowjob from both girls. Only one guy is willing to play naked twister to get this valuable prize, so he wins by default. Hey, look, they got Screech from “Saved by the Bell” to do porn. The girls take him into the back room and give him a very special treatment. I really like the way Felix uses her tongue stud during oral sex. Calli is still the star though, giving fantastic looking head and leading the way during this terrific tandem-tonguing. The guy shoots his dream all over Calli’s tummy and lets her lick the last few drops off the tip of his unit.

After a Jackass-type segment in San Diego, we watch a couple of young guys fuck an older blonde, Monica Star until she can hardly stand up. She shows them all of the tricks she has learned and devours their hard meat. Like the scene between Calli and Felix, this one is cut a little short, though we still get plenty of action as her pussy gets a serious workout. Both guys blast big loads right onto her face. Damn, that’s a lot of cum for Monica’s face.

This movie has some really good scenes, but we’re still waiting to see some hot co-eds cutting loose. As usual, there is no shortage of male talent willing to drop trou and get blown by the likes of Calli Cox. Some of the guys actually do a good job this time around. The party footage is loud and wild as always and the private scenes are hot. Nacho turns Brittney out and that girl may never be the same. I like Tanya an awful lot, but I’d still love to Calli Cox show up at my house for a little blowjob action. This is another fun, drunken adventure from the SW team, exactly what we’ve come to expect and adore.

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