Teen Power


Teen Power


102 Mins

Kick Ass Pictures


DIRECTOR: Andre Madness

THEMES: Punk Girls, Bit Tits



STARS: Brooke Balentine, Maggie Star, Daphne Rosen, Rachel Rotten, Jezaree, Lee Stone, Trevor Zen, Rob Rotten, Tony Tedeschi & Barrett Blade.
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Kick Ass Pictures puts out some of my favorite lines in all of porn. One of the best on the market is their Grrl Power series. That line features young girls in cute little scenes. I guess someone thought that Grrl Power didn’t quite cover the young girl market well enough so they have added this one to the repertoire. Teen Power uses the same peppy them music and box cover design as GP, so how different is it really? It’s not like Grrl Power featured old hags. In fact, some of the girls in this movie look less like teen dreams than many of the GP babes. Like the other line, this one has the girls reading letters from troubled teens who just need to apply their teen power to get out of any situation.

Brooke Balentine has a big smile and a very hot body. She uses both to calm down her probation officer when she shows up late. He can’t look across his desk at the naked teen without realizing that this is an opportunity too good to pas up. Brooke bends over and gives him easy access to her pussy from behind. He spends several minutes fingering her slit and getting it ready. In return, Brooke sucks his dick for about a minute. I like the eye contact, but the short blowjob just screams “cable cut” to me. Brooke is not my favorite girl, but she sure has a nice looking body, especially when she is bouncing up and down on a stiff prick. They fuck for a while on desk with Brooke taking a load in her mouth to finish things off.

Daphne Rosen is a blonde with huge tits and a rather soft ass. She answers a letter from girl who was humiliated on a talk show. It’s up to her massive tits and her dirty to mouth to get the tape of the show buried. Producer Lee Stone likes what he sees and lets Daphne take charge. This girl is big all over, especially in the chest area. She takes down her top, lifts her skirt and drapes herself all over Lee. He gives her feet some attention and then finds that pretty pink hole of hers too good to pass up. When they switch places, Daphne does a really nice job with his dick in her mouth. I’m not sure how good she is going to look in other angles, but this big titted blonde sure can suck a cock. When she gets on top, her ass looks pretty good and Lee has his hands full of tit. For a better look at the boobs, she moves in RC and keeps her skirt up around her belly. Daphne gets high marks for energy as she takes every inch that Lee can dish out. If you like girls with a little more meat on their bones, you may really enjoy watching her little pussy get stuffed and her face get creamed.

Rachel Rotten is probably the most original looking porn chick around. She’s got a punk/goth look going. Luckily for us, she also has a hot little body. When she needs some new nipple rings, Rachel puts the moves on the punk dude behind the counter. He gets a good look at her boobs and decides to put them in his mouth. While they kiss, he holds her pussy open and slides a finger up inside of her young box. Watching him go down on her, I’m struck by the desire to find out just how much shit it takes to make his hair stand up that way. For all the tats that this guy has, Rachel is amazingly ink free, leaving nothing to cover her silky smooth skin. She sucks cock pretty well, but saves most of her energy for the hard ride she takes in reverse cowgirl. The guy builds up steam as she fucks her from behind, ramming that tatted dick into her slit as hard as he can. Their scene is very hot and Rachel licks the cum from his cock after showing off just how flexible she can be.

Jezaree is probably the cutest girl in this movie, but she has a big tat on her belly. After failing a class at the local junior college, Jez needs to work a little TP in order to get her AA. Tony Tedeschi plays her overly PC prof who is way too interested in food related issues for his own good. Since he likes things that are natural, she shows him her totally homegrown rack. It doesn’t take long for him to figure out that these lovely tits are just the beginning. Jezaree has longs of nice parts and Tony works his tongue on several of them. Starting with the pussy, Tony has her moaning and begging in minutes. Jez is pretty damn good with her mouth as well, shaking her ass for the camera as she pumps his prick with her lips. Once he is spit slicked, the sexy coed drops her pussy all the way down on him. Her energy level stays high as he fucks her, but the best action comes when she rides again and Tony gets his hands on her pale cheeks. Even with that big tat on her tummy, I like this naughty young thing, especially the way she holds her tongue out to take his cream all over her open mouth.

Maggie Star is our final teen and she’s in need of some insider information to keep her portfolio bulging. Barrett Blade plays the tight lipped dude who changes his tune as soon as the young redhead offers her tight teen twat. She bends over and lets him peel the panties from her thin, pale frame. After a bit of attention to her feet, he spends a lot of time licking her pink lips. Maggie doesn’t look that great on the box, but she is really cute up on his desk and show a lot of energy sucking dick. She reminds me of Paige Sinclair with the short hair and the prominent nose. Best of all, she’s got cute tits and a really tight twat. Her pert tits barely move as he slams away, but her hips move to meet his thrusts. They really go at it hard while she is bent over his desk and then finish with a nice looking spoon. By the time she wears his cream on her face and tongue, we all know that whatever Barrett knows, he’ll be telling this pretty little teen.

I still don’t see much difference between this movie and the Grrl Power stuff. It’s got the same music, the same themes and even the same type of girls. Daphne is a little bigger than we’ve seen, but there is something sexy about her. I liked Maggie a lot more than I thought I would, giving this movie a nice finishing scene. Jezaree is my favorite girl in the movie, but Rachel’s energy and hot body make her fun to watch as well. If you like Grrl Power, chances are you’ll like Teen Power as well.

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