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SYNOPSIS: She is well known throughout the internet, the epitome of erotic, soft-core, Andrew-Blake-style porn. And with the typically beautiful Italian dark hair, dark eyes, and smooth skin, Aria Giovanni has tempted many a male heart. And judging by the number of sites with pictures of her you find on link sites, many a male member has received many pint of blood to produce many a hard-on… ok, you got the point. The chick’s hot. And like most adult film stars she has her own pay website. And just as Rog has written time and again concerning the interactive DVD’s, whether you will like this site depends greatly on if you like Aria. For me, I’m a fan of hers, so yeah I ponied up my the $24.95 just to see if her site was a scorching as she is. Here’s a review of what I found.

FREE STUFF: This is going to be an easy section to write for my first review on this site, mainly because there is nothing for free on this site. That is unless you consider the “free tour” a turn on (it’s just pictures of Aria’s face, and while she has unreal eyes and lips, well… I wanna see the goods).

PAY SECTION: Since Aria is the softcore queen, don’t expect any hardcore “surprises” in this section. But if you like looking at her naked in differing outfits, then this site has a plethora of pics that have probably all appeared at one time or another on other sites on the net.

The site’s pay section has a nice setup with the categories of pictures and videos along the bottom of the page. They include such “PC” names as: Amateur, Aria&Friends, Artistic Nudes, Glamour, Canid, and of course, Video. There are also some categories link Diary, Links, and Net Buddies, which provides links to other girls who have appeared in vids with Aria, and a section on her public appearances. To the left of the opening screen, is a text link list of the latest updates, and to the right a couple of banners for Aria’s store and her auctions. The latest entry from her diary is included front and center for your reading enjoyment.

If you click on the different pic categories, there is a paragraph at the top describing what each section is about. Underneath that, a text listing of the different photo shoots is available. It would be helpful if you got a thumbnail sample of each, but with at least 60 galleries in each category, it would be a tad bit slow loading for those Stone Agers still using dial-up (just kidding). The Aria&Friends section provides some soft-core girl-girl action with some hot ladies. I don’t know about you, but with the overwhelming amount of hardcore sites available it’s nice to just see some stylishly done nude photographic art from time to time.

The video section, once again, has no thumbnail or screen captures to preview the video. All of the video are of Aria either stripping, rolling on a bed, or leaning on poles or furniture of various shapes. Vids are done in Quicktime format, Real Video, and Win Media, which is nice because having to download any of these programs can be a pain in the butt. The videos vary in length, but don’t change much in content except for the occasional behind the scenes shots from her photoshoots.

Near the bottom of the page, there is a link to Aria’s Video Store, which is really a link to’s list of Aria videos.

Overall: 71/2 As was stated at the top of the review, whether this site is for you depends exclusively on whether you like Aria Giovanni. Aria’s site is pretty well designed, but lacks some of the features of the other personal sites for pornstars. But that is attributable to her not doing any hardcore stuff. While other sites, such as the sites of Tera Patrick, Jenna Jameson, and others have not only scenes from their XXX movies, and links to other hardcore content, but also some more softcore style photo shoots. Even with that lack of options, Aria’s site gives you exactly what the lady does: erotic, stylish, and a more upscale brand of porn. You almost want to pour yourself a glass of the Bolinger ’53, lite up a Cuban and order some caviar before logging on. I’ll check the site out occasionally, but not every day. Personally, I prefer a beer, a steak, and some good old fashioned screwing.

Pay Content Quality: 8 A large amount of pictures and several videos, all softcore. Just for the number of pictures, it scores an 8.

Ease of Use: 7 I gave this one a seven, mainly because of the lack of thumbnails or screen captures. It would be nice to know what I’m clickin’ before I start a’clickin’.

Price: 5 $24.99 is more than most personal pornstar sites, and for the lack of any hardcore content or links, it is a little pricey.

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