My Virtual Twins



My Virtual Twins

MOVIE TYPE: Virtual Sex

68 Mins.

Anarchy Interactive


THEMES: Twins, POV Sex

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Misha & Sasha.


Lots of companies are doing virtual sex discs these days. There are two lines at the top of the heap and then a whole bunch of others that want their share of the pie. DVD has made this kind of personal sex movie possible and the market seems to want more. With all of the VS DVDs out there, it is hard to find something new and yet that is what we have here. Anarchy has given us the first ever Virtual Twin action. This isn’t just some digital trick, but a set of actual Twins, Sasha and Misha who are on hand to rock your world.

The DVD is divided into three parts and we will start with Foreplay. In this menu, you can choose from a list of activities. “Tits” are first one menu and here we get to see the twins fondle their boobs. The girls both look good and if you like natural boobs, then you will have fun checking this out. Unlike a lot of the VS discs, this one only offers one angle for this part, though you can skip ahead to other body parts. From tits we move down to ass and pussy. So far the action has been tame with lots of tease and eye candy. Misha kicks off the dildo section by pumping her tight slit with a thick toy. Sasha also gets into the action, using a slimmer vibe to fill her hole.

A guy finally joins the girl for the BJ section. The twins team up and pass the cock back and forth like they’ve done this many times before. (Oh we all want to think that.) Most virtual action is shot POV style, but this one looks more like a regular scene with a wide variety of angles. The girls get plenty of dick in their mouths before moving to the sex.

The sex is divided into two sections, “Sweet” and “Nasty.” Both have four sexual positions and a cumshot option. Doggy comes first and gives us more good footage of their asses. Reverse cowgirl might be the best angle for both twins since is shows off their tight pussies, firm tits and flat tummies all at once. Missionary is also very hot and both twins seem to like to pump their hips up to take more dick with hard thrusts. The guy takes turns fucking them in this position and keeps his fingers inside of the other. After a short mish, there are two popshots. The first lands on their bellies while the second coats their tits.

The whole thing starts over again when we move to the Nasty section. It’s pretty much a new looking scene with slightly harder thrusting by the guy. For the doggy, the girls stand which gives us some really hot footage. All of the action jumps around if you watch it straight through, but it’s hard to imagine a bad angle for these foxy blondes. This time around there are four popshots. One is an internal and there are a couple of in the mouth shots that may be enhanced a bit pina colada mix.

This disc plays less like a VS disc and more like a straight sex scene with some chapter stops. The twins look good and give us some great shots of the action and have decent energy throughout. Without the multi angle or real naughty and nice features, I doubt that this will please fans of actual virtual sex stuff, but the twin angle is pretty cool and the sex is fairly hot.

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