World Sex Tour 28


World Sex Tour 28


140 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Christopher Alexander

THEMES: Euro-babes,




STARS: Veronika, Vanessa, Kirsty, Paulina, Tyler Foster, Kristina, John Strong, Lexington Steele, Franco, Robert, Steve Holmes & Erik Everhard.


The Anabolic gang takes off for Hungary in this volume of WST. I don’t know how many movies they have in the can with the old group of male talent, but this one is packed with some of the best guys in the biz. (And of course some very hot women.) Lex, Everhard, Steve Holmes, John Strong and Franco Roccaforte anchor the action take on a half dozen local girls and the Hungarian countryside will never be the same.

Veronica leads off the action and for a girl in only her third scene, she is in for quite an adventure. John Strong introduces her, but he is joined by Erik, Franco and Robert. That is a lot of dick to suck so she gets right to it. The young brunette has a decent face, long legs and really nice tits. With one dick for each hand, she bends at the waist to accommodate a third. The fourth cock finds a home between her tits during some interesting reverse cowgirl. This is just a little too much work though so the guys move her in for some DP. Everhard slides slowly into her ass while her tits dangle. Franco joins Everhard for some standing DP that really tests her ass. Erik stays in her pussy while the guys change off in her ass. They said she liked DP and this would certainly seem to back that up. Her mouth is the first hole that takes two at a time, but you know that her other orifices are in for the same treatment. With her thick bush and some dim light, it’s hard to tell which hole they are doubling up in tat first, but it’s her ass that gets the most cock rubbing. All four guys take turns fucking her pussy one last time and dropping loads into her mouth. Veronica passes her test with flying colors.

Vanessa is another brunette with a slimmer body and interesting facial features. She sits between Strong and Everhard who can’t keep his hands off of her tender flesh. While he is busy tasting her from behind, Vanessa sucks Strong’s dong. Still partially dressed, she gets down for a short blowjob on Erik before slipping her pussy over John’s rod. She leans back and lets both guys have a turn at her holes. Her body looks really good in doggy and I like the way she sort of sneaks a little eye contact in as she gets plowed. After a lot of really good vag action, the boys double up and stretch her money maker with two slabs of meat. They let her take one in her ass as a warm up and that goes quite well. Everhard chokes her a bit during the DP, but mostly the guys just fuck the living shit out of her holes. The standing DP action really looks good and shows off her body well. Most of their cum hits her right in the mouth, but the little bit that misses, gets finger fed right onto her waiting tongue.

Lex joins Strong to give Paulina more dick than it looks like she can handle. She is nineteen, very thin and a pretty girl with a full head of curly hair. It looks like they could break her in half, but she doesn’t seem intimidated as she takes Lex’s cock in her hands. In fact, she tells him how much she likes it. The action moves too quickly to double vag, robbing us of a nice long blowjob from this pretty little thing. Double vag fans will like watching this dainty girl take so much cock, but they skipped over stuff I like to get to something that bores me. When they roll her over for the more traditional DP we get a better look at her body and the action heats up. Paulina takes big cock really well and looks super cute swallowing cum.

Tyler Foster is a blonde with a hard looking face and a body built for partying. Four guys gather around her and keep her mouth busy with cock. They mount her on one stiff dick quickly so we get some shots of her ample ass as she gets pounded from below. Again, the action moves a little too quickly to the double anal. This is great if you’re looking for two in one hole action, but it doesn’t turn me on. It doesn’t turn Tyler on either and she tells the guys to go in only one at a time. You have to love a double stuffed girl with morals. This leaves us with some really good single cock anal action before the guys start shooting loads into her mouth.

Kirsty is a really pretty young girl with dimples and a tight, twenty year old body. She talks with Strong and Everhard for a while, but they just can’t wait to get their hands on her firm bod. Erik dives into her pussy while John gets head from the pretty young girl. She looks like a co-ed type and shows really good energy when they finally stick some cock into her tight pussy. While she is bouncing on Erik’s dick, John moves in from behind and fucks her in the ass. It’s hard to make her gape, but she is happy to talk about how much she likes two dicks in her at once. When they roll her over, we get a great view of her tits and that smiling face as the guys do their best to blast her holes raw. After some standing DP, Everhard takes over for some high intensity one on one fucking. Kirsty is the best looking girl in the movie and this is by far the most strokable action as well. The pretty girl takes loads on her face, strokes out every drop and smiles as the camera lingers for a long time.

Kristina is a Russian girl who is also quite pretty and the perfect girl to end this movie. Strong does some translating to let us know that this nineteen year old babe is ready to take on all five guys. She gets down on her knees for some hot oral footage. With so many guys around, they have to start fucking her pretty quickly. Kristina rides with her pussy for a few strokes and then has a second dick slipped into her asshole. Her energy stays his and Kristina is great to look at from head to toe. These last two scenes are the kind of stuff that makes me love Anabolic. The girls are pretty, with great bodies and they just get slammed. They end up doing double anal and a bit of A2M which isn’t quite as hot to me, but there is still no denying that this mini-bang is smoking. As the cum starts to flow, each guy gets his shot at her pretty face. Most it goes right into her mouth, but there is still plenty left to leave her face a beautiful mess.

Like a lot of Anabolic titles lately, this one is very short on build up and quick to get right to the nastiest action possible. Some of the scenes actually feel a bit rushed to me, though the last two are absolutely top notch. Kirsty is the best looking little babe in the movie and gives a great scene. Kristina takes on more guys and has enough energy to probably keep right on fucking no matter how many guys join the fray. Paulina is the other girl who really impressed me, though there isn’t a really bad one in the bunch. All of the sex is well shot and the guys give the babes plenty of hard meat. Though not my favorite WST of all time, this one is solid and the last two scenes are really fantastic.

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