Asian Fever 11


Asian Fever 11


88 Mins


DIRECTOR: Ray Anderson

THEMES: Asian Women,



STARS: Nem, Nick Lang, Yoko, Frank Gun, Terminator, Nan, Ba and Kaylani.


Before long, Hustler will have a line of videos to suit every sexual taste. All of them have the same high quality and seem to be directed by people with a genuine passion for what they are doing. This Asian Fever line brings us a lot of girls that we haven’t seen before and may never seen again. It’s more than just a series of videos starring Valley girls of Asian decent. (Not that I mind those girls a bit.) They travel around the globe to bring us beautiful women from outside the normal porn world. Of course we do get some more familiar faces once in a while to go along with the new blood. In this movie, sexy Kaylani provides us with a face and body we have all stroked to before. The biggest problem is that IDs are a pain in the ass. With a cast list at the end of the movie, we have to kind of guess as to which girl is Nem and which one is Nan.

The first story starts out with a young girl locked out of her hotel room. If we assume that the cast list is done in order of appearance, then she would be Nem. She’s got a pretty nice face, nipples you can see through her tank top and a big tattoo on her left breast. She is grateful to the man who unlocks her door and invites him in. Just like that she is stripping and crawling into his lap. He starts out on her breasts, but soon has the naked babe writhing on his face with her pussy nearly smothering him. With his cock in her hand, she licks her way down his chest before shoving it in her mouth. The lighting in this scene is very uneven, giving some of the shots a blue tint. This girl is pretty enthusiastic when the fucking starts, bouncing her hips hard enough to make their flesh slap loudly with every stroke. She is petite, but takes some really hard strokes from the guy as he works her. For the anal, she gets up into reverse cowgirl and just strokes his dick with her butt. The lighting is really poor during this part which is too bad. She gets down on the couch and lets him stroke a nice load right onto her face, licking the head clean when he is finished.

Yoko is out shooting some home movies with Frank Gun and Terminator. They get kind of flirty and finally head home. As they watch the tape on the couch, she is fondling both guys at once. With two strapping studs at her disposal, this thin young girl just leans back and lets them pamper her with their mouths and fingers. Yoko’s face is all right, but she really does have a pretty little pussy. (And a small tattoo on her hip.) With one guy still working her slit, she leans over and takes a cock in her mouth. They lean her the other way to keep sucking while her pussy gets filled. The background music in this scene pretty much drowns out the natural sound, so I was disappointed with that aspect of the scene, but it’s hard not to like the way this girl uses her tongue. They put her into RCA for the anal, giving us a nice look at her legs and her freshly fucked twat. Yoko is up for some DP which is very nicely shot and well lit. For the finish, she sits back and down and takes her time sucking both guys until they spurt right onto her face. This is certainly going to make for a nice video memory of their trip.

Kaylani starts her scene but doing her make up and then taking a shower. She checks out the Vegas night life with a guy (Mark Ashley I think) before coming home for the real fun. While waiting for room service, she gets into his pants and gives him a gorgeous looking blowjob. His cock is big in her hands and she spends some time licking the balls before filling her face with meat. They move to the bed and he makes sure that her tight little hole is plenty wet for the big insertion. They start right out with some high impact fucking. I like the energy in this scene and we get a good mixture of tight as well as long shots. It helps that Kaylani looks good from every angle. The cowgirl is really hot when she’s working her ass for the camera. Back over by the window, they use a big chair for some reverse cowgirl. With her feet on his thighs, this dainty little fuck toy looks her best and earns a big load for her gorgeous face. Sadly, this is the first popshot that is done with a slo-mo look. Still, this fucking scene is the best in this movie by a long shot.

Nan is running late for a meeting with her man. He seems impatient, but very happy to see her. They go back to his room where the fun begins. She runs her long hair over his body and they share a rather long kiss. That kiss turns into some pussy licking that has the flat chested young girls writing on the bed. She gets on her hands and knees to return the favor. The oral footage is pretty good and is covered from all angles. Nan seems to like sucking cock and gets him ready for some penetration. The guy plays with her a bit, pulling out and teasing her pussy in between strokes. When she is on top there is none of that as the girl just keeps up a good rhythm. (He covers her tummy with his hand to hide a bit of a belly.) For the pop, she lies on her back and stares at the camera while he drips it onto her lips.

Ba and her guy are out near the river enjoying the sights. They go home and he starts to really enjoy her body. Her face is nice, but it’s her big natural tits that take center stage as soon as he fees them from her bra. Once Ba is naked, he goes down and licks her pussy and ass for a bit. She plays with her nipples while he eats her, anxiously awaiting a taste of his big meat. Curling up along his leg, she takes him in her hand and teases he head with her tongue. It takes a while before we move in close on the blowjob, and I would have liked to have seen a bit more eye contact, but it’s hard to find much wrong with this. She uses her tits on his cock, rubbing them while she grinds her pussy against his thigh. They move into doggy where we get a great tight shot and some footage as her plays with her bit tits from behind. In reverse cowgirl we get to see her big hip tat, but also have more time to ogle her lovely rack. Spoon gives us more of the same and some harder strokes, but boob lovers will likely enjoy watching her ride as she shoves her tits in his face. The slides between them and jerks a load all over her chest and face.

This is a really strong movie for guys who like real Asian women. Some of the lighting is a big spotty and there are moments when the energy levels are a bit low, but overall there is little to complain about. Kaylani is the prettiest of the girls and she does a very hot scene. The rest of them I’m still not sure about as far as ID’s, but without a doubt the best of this lot is the last girl. Those tits alone are worth sitting through the movie to see. I like the skinny DP girl as well. In fact, there isn’t one girl here who left me totally cold. A little less music and a little more of the natural sound would help and the aforementioned lighting issues could probably help a bit, but overall this one is about as solid as we could hope for.

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