Stuffed Hard


Stuffed Hard


106 Mins


DIRECTOR: Corey Jordan

THEMES: Outdoor Sex



STARS: Angel Long, Daisy, Cherry Lane, Ashley Long, Cailey Taylor,


This is the second movie from Anarchy that I’ve reviewed in the last couple of days. The box design really intrigues me. Even more than with Maximum Hard, this box looks just like a few dozen magazines that I have sitting on my shelves in the office. Corey Jordan’s work on the video itself will likely be pretty straight forward. The other flick was a basic tease/interview/fuck format and I would expect the same from this one. As such, there is a better than average chance that this one will be worth a look. There are some cute girls here and a couple of sure-fire cock hounds as well.

Angel Long is up first. It seems to me that either Angel or Ashley long is in just about every porn movie made these days. (This one has both actually.) This six foot blonde from England has tiny tits, a thin body and an ass that can take a whole lot of cock. While she is trying to stay busy rubbing her twat, Lee Stone comes in and starts licking her nipples. She spreads her long legs and talks dirty while he licks her box. Angel is out of breath by the time she gets her mouth working on his big cock. Her enthusiasm is fantastic, but there should have been some better eye contact during the blowjob. She bends over and pushes her ass back to meet his strokes. It seems the only way to quiet this wild child is to stick a dick in her mouth. When she isn’t sucking on Lee’s meat, Angel is screaming out for every inch. Eventually, he rolls her over and gives her ass the same treatment. A2M doesn’t slow Angle down at all either. She is perfectly happy to pull it out of her butt and shove it right into her mouth. After about a half dozen A2M shots, she finally gets on top for RCA that drives every inch of cock deep into her ass. When he can take no more, Lee shoots his load onto her face. For such a long scene, this one sure cuts out quickly after the pop.

From one Long to another as we get Ashley this time. Even though I like Angel’s long legs, I think I like Ashley just a bit more. She is not quite as thin and there is something in her eyes that I really find attractive. During the interview we find out that Ashley loves the word “cunt”, but never uses it to refer to pussy. Jordan plays with her nipples while Ashley shows us how easily her fingers slide into her pussy and ass. She gets some help with that pussy and her asshole gets a good tongue fucking. When it’s time to suck cock, Ashley proves that she is a grade-A hose beast. Working with a more modest member than the first girl, she takes it easily to root. Again we are missing some eye contact, but the blowjob is still pretty damn good. As soon as she gets on top. Ashley starts reaching back and shoving fingers up her ass to keep both holes busy. When she gets bent over, his dick slides very easily between her cheeks. The best shots come when she is on her back and letting him alternate between her ass and her mouth. He finally shoots a load that drips from her mouth and coats her thigh with cream. (Again with the quick exit, dude, slow down.)

Daisy is by far the cutest girl in the movie and I say that before her clothes even come off. Actually, when the clothes come off, the ink becomes a real distraction. Her interview is pretty forgettable, but she is more than happy to service Brett Rockman. She takes his long cock in her tiny hand and starts sucking like it’s a big candy stick. Only a few inches of it will fit, but she looks so good that we’ll give her some bonus blowing points. (The color is way off during parts of this scene, making everyone look like they have bathed in Strawberry Quick.) Brett pushes her legs back and batters that sweet little box. (What the hell kind of rash does she have on her thigh though?) There are some nice low angle shots during the reverse cowgirl, but that rash is right there in the shot. Daisy has such a cute body and good energy that her scene works in spite some slight issues. She loves it deep and takes a big load right on that pretty face.

Cherry Lane says that she was a virgin just a few weeks before shooting this movie. She also says that no man has given her an orgasm. I don’t know if we should believe that part, but hey, she’s a cute looking eighteen year old with great tits and nice, big ass. There are more issues with the color in this scene, taking away from a pretty hot opening round of pussy and ass licking. For a new girl, she sure knows how to use her mouth well. I love her energy and could watch her do this all day. Her tight little pussy is ready to go though and we get to watch her violated from behind. Cherry is cute and has a lot of enthusiasm as he pulls out and cums all over her pretty face.

Cailey Taylor has done around thirty-five scenes and still seems to have a good time on camera. Her shaved pussy is meaty looking and tight. Jordan finds out that she’s a squirter and tires to get her to demonstrate this talent. He gets her to squirt just a little and then lick his fingers clean. Cheyne Collins comes in and Cailey finds her way to her knees very quickly. From the side this girl has quite a pronounced nose. Her active mouth takes most of his cock while her hand takes care of the rest. Cailey bends over for some rear entry action. We get a couple of different angles on the close up, but not enough longer shots until much later. After a quick taste, she rolls onto her side and lets him power fuck her asshole.

This movie lost at least two full points because of the strange lighting and color problems. I don’t expect everything to be perfect, but when Mrs.Rog notices the drastic changes in color, then there is a serious problem. There is some good action here, especially if you like watching girls do A2M. Both Long babes suck fresh-from-the-ass dick like it’s a delicacy. I really liked Cherry and would probably pick up another movie with her in just to see what she can do. Technical problems aside, this is a pretty solid, if unremarkable, stroke flick.

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