Asia Noir


Asia Noir

MOVIE TYPE: Gonzo(ish)

130 Mins.

Video Team

DIRECTOR: David Aaron Clark

THEMES: Asian Women,

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Mr. Marcus, Nyomi Marcela, Sabrine Maui, Kimmy Kahn, Lyla Lei, Sexy Kelana, Lucy Lee, Guy DiSilva, Darren James & Kohl Myner.


David Aaron Clark is one of the more interesting directors on the porn scene today. I can’t say that I always get what he’s trying to do and he is certainly on his own wavelength, but it’s nice to see someone doing something outside the box. (In some cases, way outside of it.) He’s got a real thing for Asian women so it’s no surprise that he’s packed his cast with some of the sexiest Asian babes. This one is also stacked with black studs so we’re going to get some very specific interracial action.

Marcus opens the movie, admiring Nyomi Marcela who is on display like a human doll. He takes her down and leads her down the stairs to enjoy her. She comes to life when they kiss. Nyaomi has on pink feathered wings that really stand out visually. She gives pretty good eye contact as his cock slides between her waiting lips. Marcus gently bends her over and slips his dick into her from behind. There are some interesting angles during the sex, including a lot of low angle footage as she gets fucked and then rides on his fat rod. Their energy increases as the scene progresses, with Marcus pounding her pussy as hard as he can. Since her head is already hanging backwards, it’s in perfect position as he shoots a load right into her mouth.

Marcus wakes up from a dream to find Lucy Lee playing pool in front of him. She is quite a bit harder looking than Nyomi, but fills out her lingerie really well. Using the pool cue in a very suggestive manner, Lucy teases Marcus until he comes right over to her and just pops his prick inside of her pussy. Once she gets nice and juiced up, Lucy pushes back hard to take every inch. Marcus stays dressed and Lucy just pulls her panties aside as they fuck like mad on the couch. Right in the middle of their scene, we cut to a shot of Guy DiSilva driving up to the house.

He gets out and lets Sexy Kelana get to her feet so they can share a kiss. Guy fondles her tits and bends her over to explore her body with his hands. While down on her knees, Kelana fills her mouth with his throbbing meat. They work their way into the house and continue the fun as we cut back to Marcus and his plaything. Cutting back and forth between the two couples, we get a lot of fast and furious action. They come together for some side by side oral action as both girls bob their heads in unison. Guy shoots his load first, streaking Kelana’s face with cream as Marcus busts his nut into his girl’s mouth.

Guy is back for more with Kimmy Kahn and Nyomi in leather, trailing behind him on leashes. They get down on their knees and let him have his way. Guy slaps his cock against their lips and sticks the head in as he pleases. Nyomi does most of the sucking as Guy lets loose with a stream of cum for their pretty faces. Done with him, the girls crawl up the staircases to meet two more waiting cocks. Nyomi has her hand full of Darren James, drooling all over his dick and getting it ready. Kimmy has even more meat to play with Kohl Myner’s dick in her mouth. Only the head fits into her mouth, but we get great eye contact as she sucks away. Nyomi gets a load on her face and then crawls over to Mr. Marcus. Kimmy gets an even bigger wad on her pretty face before joining her friend. They double up on him for a short blowjob that ends with them sharing yet another load.

Darren James is back, setting out a bowl of milk for Kimmy who is now made up to look like a cat. This adds an interesting feel to the scene, but the primary reason to watch is Kimmy’s talented little mouth. When he is good and hard, she spins her body around to let Darren rub her pussy and tease her asshole. They move over to a chair where he slides the fat head of his prick right into her back door. Even if the body paint isn’t a turn on for you, the way these two work together is bound to get things stirring. When he’s done fucking her, Darren cums into her cream bowl and then pours it into her waiting mouth.

Darren enjoys a little substance enhanced fantasy with Lyla Lei and Sabrine Maui. While Lyla does the work, Sabrine seems enthralled by her reflection in the mirror. Eventually she gets tired of rubbing her own pussy and joins the pair on the couch. Sabrine looks great and up has really good skills as well. He puts the two girls side by side on his table for easy access from behind. As they share a passionate kiss, Darren drills them hard and deep. Like two kids with a new toy, the girls are thrilled by his long pole and take turns riding it. Sabrine once again stands out. When Lyla gets up, she drops her ass down on his dick as Sabrine fills her twat with fingers. While watching her friend get nailed in the ass, Sabrine shoves a fat dildo up inside of her pussy, stretching the lips as far as they will go. Darren tries to jerk his load onto Lyla’s face, but she turns away. Sabrine takes over and sucks the last few drops out of his dick.

This is an interesting movie with a lot going on visually. I haven’t always been down with Clark’s particular vision, but this one is really enjoyable. There is just a touch of John Leslie in this one. Don’t try and follow any sort of story in this movie, it’s sort of a free-flowing experience that takes us from one black on Asian scene to the next. There are a lot of very hot women in this movie, including Lyla, Sabrine and Kimmy. If you’re a fan of hot Asian women, then there are plenty to choose from. If you also happen to like watching pretty Asians take big black dicks, then this is going to get your rocks off. Though it’s a little off center at times, this is a well done, stylish flick with enough strokeable moments to make this one worth a look.

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