Bella’s Perversions 1



Bella’s Perversions 1


No Running Time


DIRECTOR: Belladonna

THEMES: Lesbian Sex, Toys




STARS: Belladonna, Chloe Dior, Gia, Flick Shagwell, Calli Cox, Pantera & Alexis.


Normally I wouldn’t expect an all-girl flick to be too out there, even with the word Perversions in the title. What makes me think that this one might be really out there is the fact that Bella is the lead. If ever there was a truly perverse woman in all of porn, it’s this filthy brunette. Bella has proven to everyone that a girl in porn can be as fuck-crazy as any guy, as perverse as any raincoater and that it doesn’t take a beauty queen to rise to the top of the porn world. As long as you like to fuck and aren’t afraid to be aggressive, then the sky is the limit. After burning up the porn world for a few years in front of the camera, Bella gets to try her hand at directing. Part of her new contract with Sineplex gives her some time behind the camera and this is the result.

Bella and Calli sit on the couch with Alaura Eden in between them. The two girls seem ready to pounce on their lovely young friend. Just when think that a normal veggie scene is about to start, Bella shows us what she has in store. Alaura has a little rubber baby doll up her pussy. Bella and Calli remove it slowly, giving us some very unusual footage. Calli does the same trick, letting us see her pretty pink slit give birth to a tiny toy kid. Bella’s delivery is a little more complicated because the baby comes out feet first. Calli also has to trim up the bush a little bit before they go for the big stuff. Alaura works her fingers into Bella. Though we don’t see it thanks to pixilization, she slides the whole fist up in there. Bella puts Alaura back into the center and decides that she wants to shove vegetables up her ass. Alaura’s butt swallows up a cucumber that she tastes when Bella is finished. At least Bella is willing to have some food stuck her bum as well. I know this is a veggie movie, but I guess Bella took that literally for this scene. They all hit the showers to finish up with more ass licking, choking and even a bit of kissing.

Bella gets a look at Gia riding her bike and decides that she wants to play with the cute girl. They find a nice quite spot to strip each other. Gia has a nice natural body and Bella feasts on her young flesh. She has a lunchbox full of fun toys that are slowly introduced to Gia’s tight little slit. Moving to her hands and knees, Gia spreads her cheeks so that she can take several anal beads. We get a lot of really tight shots as Bella works different toys into her new plaything’s back door. This time, Bella never has the action turned on her so we don’t get to see her fucked.

Flick and Alexis give Bella four boobs to play with. She has a great time playing with them all. I’ve seen Flick look pretty good in some scenes, but she doesn’t look great here. Alexis is pretty average as well, so there isn’t much to keep me interested in this three way. Bella tries to make it interesting by breaking out a big fat toy and shoving it into Alexis’ little slut. Flick is a more experienced slut so she gets a toy right up her ass from the start. To be fair, Bella allows them to use a toy on her and they break out a huge plug. She squats on it, taking as much as she can before sucking it clean.

Blonde Pantera has a really sexy smile and looks ready to take whatever Bella has in store for her. They start out very slowly, exposing Pantera’s pretty body to the audience. The toys come out, but Bella doesn’t go totally wild. Instead she just slides a vibe in the blonde’s pussy and sucks her clit. It’s Pantera who goes totally freaking nuts from the fucking. After a loud climax and a bit of a break, Pantera gets on one end of a double dong while Bella fucks her from behind. Even the anal action is done slowly and Bella takes great care to gently fill the blonde’s butt with plastic in a way that makes her feel comfortable and loved. Can’t you almost hear the harps playing? Pantera returns the favor by double stuffing Bella’s butt with toys and DPing her holes.

The final scene has Chloe Dior as Bella’s bitch. Chloe is in a hot little black number and at the end of a leash as Bella shows her off. They strip down and Bella plays with Chloe’s pussy. Chloe is a good pet, but her body is nowhere near as hot as Bella’s and the scene suffers a bit. A fat pink dildo fills Chloe’s pussy during some well shot doggy play. Bella dons a strap on and power fucks her new friend in the mouth and then the twat. The switch places and Bella turns into the perfect slut slave.

Bella is plenty perverse though the scenes go from freaky to normal as we go. I’m pretty tough on veggie movies, but there is something worth watching in every scene. That first scene with the babies and vegetables is certainly of the most original things I’ve seen in a while. Calli makes that scene fun and none of the other scenes has a girl quite as hot, so they are not quite as good. The final scene has some nice toy play and a lot of mistress/salve play. For the most part this is a straight-forward all-girl movie with just a hint of oddball sexuality. What I like best about this movie is that Bella has genuine energy and clearly loves fucking and sucking with all of her girlfriends. Even as a guy who doesn’t dig veggie sex, I can appreciate watching chicks who really dig it going at each other.

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