Hotel O 2


Hotel O 2


100 Mins.

Video Team


THEMES: Interracial Sex, Big Cocks

CONDOMS: Some Noted



STARS: Nina Hartley, Lexington Steele, Mr. Marcus, Olivia Saint, Alexia Amore, Fujiko, Monique, Guy DiSilva, Steve Hatcher, Rafe & Mike Horner.


When Nina Hartley and Lexington Steel hooked up in Roy Karch’s Hotel-O, I think most viewers were just hoping to see these two get it on. What we got was a rather odd little script that went well beyond the performers’ abilities. Yes we got to see Nina take on Lex and even had some other memorable sex scenes. The problems were the in between stuff. I’m not sure if the people looking to see Nina wax Lex’s pole are really looking for an oddball mix of Shakespeare and smut. The main players are back for part two and the box shot indicates that Nina might even add Marcus to the mix. That would certainly be a fan pleaser.

Lex is troubled by some business deals and trouble about a rival gangster, Marcus. He calls in his cop friend Steve Hatcher and gives him some instructions. On the way out, Hatcher runs into hot Latin bombshell Alexis Amore. She takes him up to her room for a freebie. Alexis has really heavy make up for this scene, including bright red lipstick that she tries not to smear while working up and down Hatcher’s happy stick. Watching her go up and down on his rod is a lot of fun, but she adds to the fun by sliding it between her big tits as well. He gives her pierced pussy a lick that drives Alexis a little too wild before slapping a condom on for the main course. From the first stroke, Hatcher pumps everything he’s got into Alexis and she just keeps asking for more. The doggy footage looks great if you watch her hot tits or pretty face, but be careful not to look at Hatch. If you do, you might just spend twenty minutes trying to figure out what the fuck kind of expression he’s going for. The misery of that sight ends when he shoots a load all over her full lips.

Marcus and Lex meet to discuss their differences. Olivia Saint takes trick Guy DiSilva into the bathroom because he can’t afford the room. She gets up onto the counter and he starts licking her pussy. Since it’s just a quickie, she leaves her clothes on and just pushes them aside to grant him access where he needs it. Olivia has Guy lean up against the counter, wraps both hands around his cock and does her best to get him hard and wet as quickly as possible. They find room for her to stand up and back her pussy onto him. I like the energy in this scene and the cramped spaces make for some interesting angle. (The sound is a bit hollow though and that gets slightly annoying.) Olivia gets loud when he pounds away on her ass and then takes a load right on the face as she sucks every last drop from his dick. Hey, for seventy-five bucks, this is a pretty good lay.

Lex takes Marcus to meet Nina and she shows him some hospitality. This is the match up that I’m sure a lot of people were really looking forward to. Nina backs her famous ass up while Marcus fucks her pussy. Lex is growing hard in her mouth. This three-way would have looked better a decade ago, but I know Nina still has her fans. She rides Marcus giving us the ass shots that should be the highlight. Granted, Nina still has a pretty good ass after all these years and it’s her best feature, but she’s living mostly on legend these days. Lex has disappeared and Marcus finishes up by letting Nina stroke his load out into her mouth.

There is a long dialog scene between Hatcher and Mike Horner in a jail cell. He starts masturbating and Monique appears. The lighting is dim which makes the action a little hard to see, but it’s impossible to miss her energy. When she gets her mouth around his cock, it slides deep into her throat and Mike is treated to one of the most active tongues in all of porn. I love the way Monique attacks a dick. Mike stands up her and fucks her against the wall under her dress. They fuck hard on the floor, but the lighting really messes this scene up. The facial is good though as Mike explodes a big load all over Monique’s lips.

Lex comes back and Nina is up for a second round. This time she’s sucking Marcus’ dick while Lex lays pipe from behind. She’s got even better energy in this scene as Lex really filled up that veteran porn pussy. Marcus seems to be having the best time of all of them though. There is a long stretch of this scene that looks like it could be soft core, but it comes back a bit when Marcus pounds away on Nina’s box. They have her lean her head way back and both shoot cum onto her wide open mouth.

Rafe is in the hotel checking it out when he gets distracted by curvy Japanese working girl Fujiko. She gets right to work sucking on his cock, taking it deep and moaning around his meat while he spanks her fleshy backside. They move to fucking where her energy is every bit as high. She pulls her legs back and lets him bang as hard as he can while she screams away. When she gets on top, Fujiko keeps her tits inside of her lingerie which is a mistake. Free those things for goodness sake. He rolls her onto her back to shoot his load right into her mouth.

The story sort of ends here so I guess we could see a part three where Nina gets triple penetrated by Lex, Marcus and maybe Mandingo, but who knows. Sexually there are some highlights to be sure. Nina does manage to spend a lot of time filled with big, black dick. It’s not the best scene in the movie, but I imagine a lot of you will disagree with me on that. Monique is the best fuck in the movie, followed closely by Alexis Amore and Fujiko. If you just watch the sex and ignore the dialog, it’s a pretty nice mix of interracial feature-sex.

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