Seymore Butts Strictly Busin-Ass


Seymore Butts Strictly Busin-Ass


110 Mins.

Seymore Butts Home Movies

DIRECTOR: Seymore Butts

THEMES: Anal Sex, Squirting,




STARS: Flower, Courtney, Brook Adams, Alaura Eden, Ashley Blue, Mari Possa, Tyce Bune, Herschel Savage, Trent & Seymore Butts.


There was a time when I had reviewed every single Seymore Butts movie that was ever released. Those days are gone and it’s been a long time since I’ve been to Buttsville. I don’t even recognize most of the girls. The on girl I do know is Mari Possa. Some of you may remember this girl when she was doing sex toy reviews for my site. Now she’s taken the plunge and is the new Tushy Girl. This movie has her first performance and even though it’s only a solo scene, I’m ready to check it out. It’s nice to see that Seymore is still showing us what has been going on in his movies. The big development seems to be the introduction of Flower, a blonde chick who squirts like crazy.

Flower shows up at Seymore’s with a business proposition for him. She and her girlfriends need someone who can fuck them and hold the camera at the same time. It’s a pretty good deal because they are willing to pay him to shoot it. Hey, I know this is scripted, but it’s a nice fantasy yeah? In a hurry to get started, she spreads her legs and lets Seymore get to work. He works his mouth and four fingers up inside of her tight pussy. She returns the favor and gives us an enthusiastic POV blowjob. Flower looks pretty good working that cock, but is anxious to feel it inside of her. Point of view fucking isn’t easy, but Seymore does it really well. After pumping her pussy for a while, he slips into her ass. Flower is a very energetic performer who squirts a stream as soon as he pulls out of her gaping asshole. You know, the squirting thing just really holds no interest for me any more. I think we’ve seen this same exact scene a few too many times. Flower adds a little twist to the finish when she uses the pocket rocket to enhance her blowjob and make Seymore cum like crazy.

Seymore plans a night out and has the lovely Mari out with him. Ashley Blue and her guy are also at dinner and they excuse themselves early. Seymore and Mari join them in the car and find that Ashley is riding dick in the backseat. Watching them makes Mari horny so she starts rubbing her pussy. The action in the backseat looks pretty dang good, but I’m a lot more interested in the hottie on the front seat. Seymore lends a few helping fingers to his pretty companion’s tight slit. Ashley is energetic as ever, especially when she’s got the guy’s dick up her ass. She ends up sucking a big load right into her mouth. Sadly, a flood at home keeps Seymore from finishing up with Mari when they get home.

Courtney and Brook Adams are in Seymore’s place doing each other’s toes while he plays backgammon in the other room. Tyce Bune and Alaura Eden are playing for sexual favors and that means that no matter who wins, we get to see Ms. Eden get busy. She loses and has to do whatever he wants for twenty minutes. He wisely puts her right to work sucking his cock. Alaura is really good with her mouth and Tyce makes sure to have her lick his ass. She shows off her own backside while riding Tyce’s lap. Alaura is very energetic and has a nice body for both cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. During the RC, Tyce slips his dick up her ass and the lovely brunette never misses a beat. He bends her over and really gives us some great shots of her butt during the long anal. He ends the long scene by shooting a big load in her stretched asshole.

Seymore goes searching and finds Hershel playing with Courtney and Brook. They are sharing his cock and doing a good job of it. Neither of these women are as cute as Alaura, but Hershel is so busy licking snatch that he doesn’t have time to even ponder if this pair beats the single hottie Tyce got. The girls mount Herschel’s face and cock and play a game of sexual teeter-totter. Alaura comes in for a bit, but doesn’t join them. The camera pretty much stays put between Herschel’s legs as the girls take turns riding him. When they roll over Courtney gets her mouth way in there to lick while Brook gets filled. There is some more helping mouth action as Brook licks Courtney’s clit as her ass gets hammered. He pulls out and dribbles all over her shaved pussy for Brook to lick up.

It’s good to see a Seymore movie after all this time, but this one is defiantly missing the star power we’ve seen in the past. I like Alaura Eden a lot and Ashley does a very nasty scene. Mari’s solo is great, but it only makes me want to see her full debut. The POV sex is still among the best in the business and the rest of the cast isn’t hard on the eyes. Hopefully Mari and Avy can add the spark that McKayla, Taylor, Samantha, Alisha and Shane used to provide. Flower and Brook just don’t quite have it and this move suffers somewhat because of it.

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