Enjoy 1


Enjoy #1


110 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Toni Ribas

THEMES: Euro-Babes

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Julyia, Monika, Barby, Black Widow, Tolly Cristal, Dora Venter, Suzy Dark, Patricia Pompadour, Rita Faltoyano, Claudia Jamesson, Toni Ribas, David Perry & Nick Lang.


Toni Ribas is behind the camera for Sineplex, a new company with some promising directors and sharp looking box covers. Though you can’t get much from the title, this line is sub-titled a “teen fantasy line.” It also says that it caters to “every man’s fantasy…Two girls for every guy.” I imagine that is over stating it a bit. There are probably some guys out there who don’t fantasize about taking two beautiful women and fucking them both at once. Then again, there are some men who eat tofu, drive electric cars and get sympathy menstrual cramps once a month. (And I guess some other guys are just greedy enough to want more than two girls at once.) This teen line is packed with Euro-babes so I’m sure we are going to see a lot fewer tats than we would in an American line. Hey, that’s a pretty good start and when you throw in the natural boobs and great faces, we have the makings for a great sex flick.

The first two girls, Julyia and Monika look so similar that they could be sisters. They lie side by side on the bed in lingerie, stroking their slits and kissing. Toni joins them and gets in the middle for a little mutual oral fun. He is in a really good position, fingering and licking pussy while they take turns servicing his dick. Much of the action is shot form a high angle which lets us get a good look at these two well put together babes. Some of the editing feels a bit choppy so the scene never really finds a good rhythm, but there is plenty of eye candy. The anal is pretty good with Toni rearing back and slamming all the way to the base inside tight Euro-asses. After all that, the girl jerks Toni’s cock off onto his belly. Not finished, he fucks the other until it’s time to blast a second wad. The girls in this scene are hot and there is great action, but it’s a little to choppy for my taste.

Two more brunettes, Barby and Black Widow, make their way down a staircase into a bar. Toni and David Perry are waiting for them. They pair off and start slipping the women out of their clothes. Barby, who has shorter hair and smaller tits, sucks Toni slowly, working him with her fingers. Black Widow is prettier and jerks him off as hard as she can in between deep strokes with her mouth. With the girls still partially in their little cocktail dresses, the guys start fucking them on and over barstools. BW is bent over with her firm tits shaking under her body as Perry slams her from behind. Both of these girls look really good and show great energy so the action never slows for a second. They switch partners right at the end so that the girls can take big popshots and then share a sticky kiss.

Dora becomes our first blonde of the movie, teaming with Tolly for some hot tease footage. Tolly is a skinny Asian girl who has a really good time rubbing her new friend’s shapely backside. The guys come in and take over the rubbing duties. Dora has a really sexy ass that gets crammed full of fingers before the girls go down for side by side blowjobs. Once on their knees, Tolly takes over and gives a really hot looking blowjob. They move too quickly to the sex. Dora gets bent over so her face is as close to Tolly who is getting busy in reverse cowgirl. The two couples get on the floor where Dora shows off her ass as she rides dick. For the best action, the girls go at it side by side. The anal is pretty hot with Dora’s shapely butt getting stuffed full of hard meat. Tolly keeps fucking right along next to her friend before finally loaning Dora a second cock for DP. The guy stops fucking long enough to shoot a big load onto her pretty face. Dora also takes a blast and then they kiss each other as the camera fades.

Suzy and Patricia take us back onto the brunette express. They begin by grinding crotches and licking tits. The toys come into play as they break out a big fat dildo to keep things warm until the real meat is ready to go. Like the first scene, this one just feels a bit choppy as the girls take turns riding dick. Both girls open their asses right up and things progress almost too quickly to sphincter stretching butt boning. Thanks to the toy, we get some A2M as he passes the dong from one girl’s ass to the other’s mouth. After he sprays them down with cum, the girls sit side by side and play with themselves.

Claudia joins the gorgeous Rita for the final scene. The girls are both in skimpy little outfits and take a seat on the table. As they sip drinks, their men stare lustfully at their nearly exposed bodies. Claudia starts sucking dick while her blonde companion is licked to full froth by her lucky guy. Rita’s perfect tits come into view as she loses her tiny top, but the real treat comes when we get to watch her pretty face stuffed with meat. She’s got some freaky eye shadow on, but still looks stunning. There is an interesting contrast going on here. Claudia really works hard to fuck her guy while Rita seems content to lean back and grant the guy access to hot little hole. There are bars in the room so we get a little through the iron fucking as Claudia stands on one side and gets poked. Once Rita gets on top and starts shaking her tits with every stroke, I don’t want the camera moving back to the other girl. She’s not bad to look at, but Rita is all the eye candy we need. The anal action is great, and the DP is even hotter as the guys settle in to double stuff the beautiful blonde. Rita’s face makes a great sperm target and after Claudia gets some on her smile, they kiss as a final bit of pretty filth.

This is a good looking collection of Euro-babes. All of them get pumped full of hard cock. The eye candy factor if very high and more often than not, the sex is good as well. Without dialog to guide the action, I found myself looking for a little bit more tease or something, but what is there is just fine. The scene with Tolly and Dora had really good tease footage and it stands out for me. More stuff like that would make future volumes of this series even more enjoyable.

The bonus material on this disc consists of some trailers, photo galleries, a behind the scenes reel, fetish menus and a cumshot loop. Nothing earth-shattering, but pretty decent at bonus material goes.

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