Specs Appeal 9


Specs Appeal #9


105 Mins.

Kick Ass Pictures


DIRECTOR: Andre Madness

THEMES: Glasses




STARS: Jessica Darlin, Taylor Rain, Kaylani Lei, Honey, Athena, Alex Sanders, Tony Tedeschi, Jay Ashley, Lee Stone & Pat Myne.
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By now everyone knows the format for these things right? Cute little scenarios where chicks in glasses play smart chicks and guys try their best to score with them. The hapless guys write letters to Specs Appeal magazine and then get help. It’s very simple formula that gives fans of chicks in glasses their best look at what they love. The dialog is getting silly lately, but the girls all look good. The sex is very well shot, but somewhat tame so it’s not likely to hit big with raincoaters or scare away couples.

Jessica Darlin is back and looking really hot as prim and proper real estate agent. Alex Sanders is her client and is looking for any way to get into her skirt. He helps her with a splinter and before you know it, Jessica is stripped down to nothing but her specs and stockings. She bends over so he can play with her ass and shows us just how fucking good her body looks these days. He takes her stockings off slowly, rubbing and kissing her feet a bit on his way to her pussy. Alex does his best to get her lips nice and wet with his tongue before Jessica stretches out on the couch for the good stuff. She slips her lips around his cock and slowly sucks him down. The blowjob looks fantastic, but when Jessica spreads her smooth legs and lets Alex start pumping up into her we see why everyone missed her so damn much. When he starts fucking her doggy, she still looks spectacular, but is overdoing the sexual squealing just a little. He puts it in her butt and she is still screaming away with stroke. She gives us great eye candy during the anal and does A2M a few times before squatting for more oral. Alex manages a really big popshot that covers her glasses and face. Jessica takes off the specs, licks them and still has a lot of jizz on her pretty mug.

The death of Tony Tedeschi’s great grandmother leads him to want to score with sexy morgue babe Athena. He gives her a massage and soon has her perky tits in this hands right there next to the freezer. They kiss and grope for a very long time which is nice to see. Once again, she strips down to her stockings before Tony takes them off, plays with her feet for a while and moves in to focus on her clit. Her glasses stay on as she writhes on the table beneath his oral expertise. Athena gets on her hands and knees and leans her head over to take as much meat as she can into her mouth. She is a pretty girl, but an average cocksucker. Her energy picks up again when she starts pumping into her slit. The sex is really well shot here, with Athena’s tight little body on display as she pushes back to meet his thrusts. She shows off her ass in some pretty good cowgirl before Tony has a chance to shower her specs with his load.

Kaylani Lei is one of my favorite little cuties and she is only hotter with her glasses on. She plays a hot little dentist who has Jay Ashley looking forward to a little drilling in her office. Kaylani slips out of her clothes with surprising ease. Once Jay gets her naked, we get a great look at her smooth, perfect skin and petite body. He works his way down to her tight pussy and doesn’t come up for air until the lovely dentist is so crazed that she’s ready to be that one hold out who still recommends sugared gum for her patients who chew gum. When Kaylani goes to work with her mouth the eye candy factor is super high. In the long shots we get to watch her on her hands and knees and when the camera moves in close we can stare at that pretty face as she inhales dick. A longer blowjob would have been good, but Kalyani wants to ride. She looks good in reverse cowgirl and even better in doggy. (Actually it’s a toss up, this girl is very hot from every angle.) Jay gets on top to pump out a load onto her glasses, Kaylani licks the specs clean and ends a very hot scene.

Honey has a couple of really tough acts to follow but at least she gets to take on Lee Stone. As a travel agent, Honey has the power to make or break her clients’ vacations. Lee doesn’t even have to leave home to feel like he’s being treated like a king. He works on Honey’s hands, getting her relaxed as he removes her clothes. Her body is very thin and her nipples are pierced. Honey has a decent body and an average face, but shows decent energy when he goes down on her. Lee has plenty of cock and Honey looks pretty good trying to take it. It all manages to slip up into her pussy during reverse cowgirl. In another collection of girls, this tiny titted girl might be hotter. Measured against Kaylani and Jessica she is a step down even during the hard pounding mish fuck. Lee lifts her off the desk for some interesting spinner fun. The pop is right on the glasses and not too bad at all.

Gorgeous Taylor Rain stars in a socially relevant scene. She is a UN weapons inspector who catches the eye of Pat Myne. He does a really painful southern accent while hamming it up, but I’m too busy watching Taylor to notice how annoying Pat is in this scene. She looks great in the glasses and blue suit. With just a few lines, he gets her on her knees. I love the full clothed blowjob here, and Taylor is stunning in glasses. Pat moves her too quickly to her feet so he can strip her down and lick her toes. Her pussy and ass also get a lot of oral attention and the skinny brunette has a big smile on her face as Pat penetrates her tight folds. He has a lot of fun stroking her pussy and teasing her clit with the tip of his rod. During the doggy, Taylor keeps looking off camera and is more eye candy than sexual dynamo. He plays with her ass and fucks her on her side, but never puts his dick up her tight but. Instead he saves up a good load for her glasses and cheeks.

This is another good collection of scenes from Kick Ass Pictures. Jessica Darlin, Taylor Rain and Kaylani are the best of a pretty good bunch and they all give really good scenes. The sex is nicely shot and the glasses angle is really well done in this volume. I like the popshots on the specs, but really wish they would hire some better male talent. The same tired crop of guys is starting to drag the line down a bit. Thankfully the girls are good looking and make this a really solid stroke vid.

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