Pocket Rocket-


Pocket Rocket

Reviewer MJ

Name Pocket Rocket

Overall Rating A

Type of Toy mini vibrator, used for clitoral and overall body stimulation

Bottom Line a little package that packs a lot of punch–perfect for

beginners or people with inhibitions

Manufacturer Doc Johnson

Price: $23.95

Size 4″ long (including handle) and 1″ diameter

Material hard plastic (and a soft sponge applicator attachment)

Best For overall body massaging, application of lubricant, clitoral

stimulation, foreplay, and just getting in the mood in general


Possibly the most powerful vibrator I’ve used, especially

considering the size, this thing is great for someone who might be having

problems getting in the mood or enjoying themselves, whether alone or with

someone else. First, the vibrator comes with 2 attachments that go on the

end and a silicone gel French tickler-type sleeve. The end of the toy,

without attachments, has three plastic bumps on the end that are great for

massaging muscles, head, feet, etc to relax, not to mention that it feels

great on nipples, clit, labia, and butt. One of the attachments has a small

sponge applicator, to gently lube up areas to massage. The third attachment

is a plain, rounded, slight extension for a gentle, teasing penetration.

This is a sweet, inviting little toy that helps increase creativity in bed

with all its many uses. Its also great if your male partner is in the mood

to experiment himself. (It wont make your man feel threatened either.)

Perhaps even naughtier is the fact that it has a cord loop that could easily

be hooked to a key ring or the like, resembling a flashlight or something

inconspicuous, so it does in fact live up to its name and is great for

relieving stress in the bathroom at work or spontaneous romantic rendezvous

in dark, though public corners.

Weaknesses There isn’t much as far as weaknesses go. The sponge

applicator will come unglued from the attachment after several uses with

certain kinds of lubricant. This can probably be fixed with a dab of

superglue. The battery installation is a little tricky at first but is

truly no problem at all once you get it. Also, I think it would have been

preferable if the knobby stimulators on the end were made of a softer

material, like rubber. It’s not as quiet as some specialized vibrators,

though I do not feel the noise to be distracting. The intensity is not

adjustable, but once again, this is not too big a deal for this item.

Although it says that it’s a waterproof massager, as it is battery operated

and it doesn’t look water tight, I wouldn’t try submersing it.

Batteries Needed one AA (choose the longest-lived brand, this thing is

strong for its size)

Clean Up mild soap and damp cloth

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