Nasty Nymphos #1


Nasty Nymphos #1


140 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Chris Alexander

THEMES: Anal Sex

CONDOMS: Some Noted



STARS: Sierra, Vixxen, Cash, Tabitha Cash, Wednesday, Krista, CJ Bennett, Tom Byron, TC, Damien, Derrick Taylor, Adam & Sean Michaels.


It took Anabolic long enough to start putting these movies out on DVD. It’s a very simple line that may very well have spawned couch-porn. There are probably a dozen lines that have followed Chris Alexander’s lead and cut out the bullshit. The line has evolved a bit, but it’s still just basically hot girls, a guy or two, a camera and little else. Folks who remember this line when it came out know that it’s brought us some of the hottest women in all of porn. Those of you who weren’t around for the early volumes, there are a couple of girls you may have missed when you were playing with your Power Rangers. Take a look at Sierra and Tabitha Cash. These two women had guys stroking themselves raw in the mid-90’s and will have a chance to reach a whole new audience now that their work is find its way to DVD.

A long-haired Tom Byron sits on the couch with Sierra while Alexander interviews her. He spanks her ass for a bit before turning her loose on his dick. The fresh faced brunette uses her mouth like she loves it more than anything else in the world. Tom is impressed and rewards her with a short, two-hole tongue fuck before sticking his prick into her. The picture is a little spotty here, reminding us just how far video cameras have come in the past few years. The vag is good, but the anal footage is really top notch. Sierra is an energetic ass fuck who looks sweet and innocent even as she gets her ass drilled and creamed.

Vixxen is a thin, tiny titted blonde who scored big points with fans as a do-anything girl who could slut it up with the best of them. She warms up with a small dildo that barely even fills her up. TC shows up and takes over the toy action while she turns her attention to his prick. She gives a great looking blowjob and then gets on her hands and knees to get nailed from behind. Vixxen backs up on his prick, taking it all the way to the base and showing good energy the whole time. She bounces hard on his rod, and then pulls her legs back to let him fuck her raw. TC shoots a big sticky load on her face and Vixxen rubs it in, licking her fingers clean.

Cash and Damien are an amateur couple who don’t look at all familiar. She is an average looking brunette and they don’t exactly light up the screen. After a very short blowjob, Cash spreads her thighs to let him pound away. Damien fucks her pretty hard from behind, but the lighting is a bit spotty during the standing doggy. In the middle of a pretty solid movie, this scene is utterly forgettable.

Tabitha Cash is anything but forgettable and she looks beautiful sitting next to Derrick Taylor. She strips down and lets him work between her legs with his mouth. The energy is low at the start, but when Derrick whips out a big cock, Tabitha lights up. Her full lips wrap tightly around his shaft. The smile on her pretty face if priceless as she works the entire length of his cock and sucks his balls. This is the best oral action of the movie by far. Tabitha wants him to put a condom on so he can fuck her. She looks great in doggy and moans louder and louder as his strokes get harder. Once they get going, the energy is great in this scene. Tabitha looks really good riding dick and the tight shots show her pussy being stretched by his fat cock. She asks to be fucked in the ass and gives an enthusiastic anal scene. There are some lighting issues, but overall, this is a really hot scene.

Wednesday and Adam (John Decker with a ponytail.) are ex boyfriend and girlfriend who are getting together one more time to fuck on film. She is a tall, thin, nice looking girl with beautiful curly hair. Wednesday didn’t have a long career in porn, but she won some fans with a few very memorable scenes. This one starts out with her on her hands and knees being spanked and paddled by Adam. This gives us a great view of her ass, but the best is yet to come. Still in her stockings and heels, Wednesday turns around and starts sucking his dick. Adam keeps paddling as works her mouth down his shaft. We get better coverage of the blowjob when she climbs on top of him for 69, but her hair still gets in the way much of the time. Thankfully, she keeps sucking for a long time, giving us a good view as she lies on her back and then fingering her pussy as she sucks again on her knees. These two are very comfortable with each other and is shows as they begin fucking. Wednesday pushes back to take all of Adam’s cock and when he gets on top, he shoves her thighs back as far as they will go for maximum penetration. For those of you who like long legs in stocking and flexible girls, this is a really hot segment. Adam pulls out rather quickly and jerks off onto her face. The sucking, spanking and spooging is really good in this scene, but I am left wondering what ever happened to Wednesday.

Krista and CJ Bennett are a pair of brunettes who get to work with Sean Michaels. Both of these women like pro-am girls from the mid-90’s, not ugly, but certainly not stunning in any way. They strip down to their shoes, play with each other a bit and then turn their attention towards Sean’s growing member. As the girls pass his cock back and forth, Sean just smiles as he tries to figure out which chick to fuck first. He has them lie side by side with their legs high in the air as he pumps one, then the other. CJ gets points for being more enthusiastic of the duo, though Krista is happy to help out with some clit rubbing while Sean is lowing CJ’s cunnie. Both girls seem to have a lot of fun with Sean which really makes the scene better to watch. He gives it to CJ long and hard from behind before shooting all over the girls’ tits.

This movie is great to watch just to see how far this series has come. The lighting and sex is so much better now that it’s hard to believe that this was once as hot as porn got. Seriously, when these movies first came out, they were very popular with raincoaters and you can see why. Even with the occasionally lighting problems, there are still some very hot scenes here. Sierra and Tabitha are very hot girls who never failed to bring the heat. Wednesday gives a great oral scene and CJ Bennett has a ton of fun with her interracial encounter. I see that Anabolic has released the first two volumes of this line. Hopefully they will keep bringing us the classics, but also start releasing the new ones at the same time as the VHS. This is good, but Anabolic has come a long way.

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