Gangland #27


Gangland #27


87 Mins.

Devils Films


THEMES: Interracial Sex, Gang Bangs




STARS: Jessie J, Layla Jade, Bamboo,


I guess that Gangland is officially a gang bang line, though the groups of guys is smaller than in most of the others. The interracial set ups can be fun sometimes, though lately no one even tries. It’s basically just a chick in a room with three to six black guys. The male talent is a mixed bag, not the top shelf guys, but usually good enough to get the job done. When the girls are hot and the action is well lit, this is a very solid raincoater line for people looking specifically for interracial group action. In this volume, British blondes Jessie J and Layla Jade should be more than reason enough to look forward to at least most of the next ninety minutes.

Jessie J is a sexy cop who brings her K-9 into a warehouse. (No, this is not one of those movies.) She is there to evict the guys in the ratty apartment, but the guys aren’t too wild about leaving. Of course what she really wants is to get fucked. There is some choppy editing as she makes her way around the room, teasing the guys and starting to lose her clothes. The sexy blonde eventually gets naked and finds her place on her knees. All of the action picks up when she is bent over, a dick in her mouth and Mandingo fucking her slit from behind. Jessie looks good and takes every inch. Mr. Marcus sits down and makes Jessie ride his dick while sucking the other three and shaking her sexy little tits. Somehow Wesley Pipes manages to shut up long enough to let us enjoy the action a bit. They get the anal going pretty well and then let Jessie face the ceiling to DP her tight holes. There are some great anal shots later as she rides on Mandingo’s long pole before leaning back to take a second. The cumshots are pretty good, mostly landing on her face, finishing out a pretty solid opening scene.

Bamboo is home alone when she sees three guys hanging around outside of her house. After calling the police, she goes out to see what they want. She runs back into the house and calls the cops again. Going back out to make the guys stay long enough to get busted (I think, it’s impossible to understand her.) Bamboo is pawed and stripped. They put her on her knees and Mandingo’s cock looks obscenely oversized in her tiny hands. All three guys take turns and even with Wes talking way too much, the action is pretty damn hot. Bamboo isn’t super pretty, but she takes a lot of inches in her pussy so if that’s what you’re looking for, she will light up your day. I actually like her more after this scene than before because she actually tells Pipes to shut up. After a slow start on the anal, they start to DP her. The action has slowed down quite a bit, but she never stops trying to take every last inch. She takes Pipes and then Mandingo in the ass, but by now things have slowed to a crawl. After the Wes Pops on her face, Bamboo has to stroke Mandingo for a long time to get his load. The story never really goes anywhere, but I don’t think she had the energy after all that dick.

Layla Jade plays a young singer who wants a break. She is way down and out who doesn’t even have a place to live. Wesley shows up and gives her a ride to a party. He lets her know that if she wants a contract she might want to consider sucking some dick once they get there. Layla looks great in her short denim skirt and tiny red top that shows off her big, new (at the time) boobs. She gives Wes a little preview and then goes into the house to meet the rest of the crew. Marcus drags her outside and puts the hot blonde to work on her knees. He reads the newspaper while she bobs her pretty head on his throbbing rod. They take her into another room where Mandingo is playing pool. He keeps playing while Layla sucks Marcus and Wesley. When he finally moves in, it looks like Lay may have met her match. She does her best with that huge thing, but has the other guys break her in when the fucking starts. They put her on the table and Marcus small fucks that pretty little pussy as hard as he can. We get some great looking reverse cowgirl where Layla leans all the way back to shake her tits. She bends over the table so Marcus can take her ass as well. The guys take turns and Wes trash talks her while taking that pretty white ass. After taking both of these guys at once. Layla lets Mandingo have her ass. I love the way she backs up on that thing, taking it as deep as she can. By the time the guys shoot their wads, they leave Layla dripping in cum and looking great.

The first and last bangs in this movie are the best. Jessie is very cute and bounces really hard on those big cocks. Layla looks even better and proves once again that there aren’t many women in porn who can fuck like she can. Her table top mini-bang is one of the best I’ve seen from this series in a long time. Even Bamboo does some nice work, taking those huge cocks in her tiny holes and living to tell about it. If you like petite little blondes (or Asians) getting rammed full of big black cocks, you’ll get plenty of that in this movie.

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